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Weigh In Wednesday: Whole30 Before Stats

So it’s the start of Day 3 of the Whole30 and I’m still alive. I’m still not sure if I’m going to post daily updates throughout the week or if I’ll just do a weekly update post. There are several other bloggers who are doing the Whole30 this month so I am going to host a weekly link up for us to check in with each other. Every Monday we will link up our recaps of the week. This way we can stay accountable to each other and get meal/planning ideas! So be sure to come back on Monday for our first link up!whole30linkup

Now let’s talk “before” stats. Here is the deal… I wanted to do this for so many reasons. One of the main ones being that I needed something to boost me to the next level with my weight loss. See, I lost like 20lbs when I first started CrossFit. Those first several months of mostly Paleo eating and CrossFit really shook up my body in a good way. I felt good. Then the 60 day Fat Loss challenge was over and I relaxed with my eating. I was still working out like crazy so I thought it was ok if I had a little bit of this here and there… some FroYo… Ice Cream… ChickFila…. All those things were fine in moderation. But suddenly my weight loss stalled. Then thanksgiving. Then Christmas. Then Costa Rica. Then February was a combination of lots of travel and stress. Then March was my birthday. In between there I did 2 dietbet challenges and lost 5-6lbs both times – only to gain it back with my celebratory splurges. When I ended the 60 Day Fat Loss Challenge in August I was 197. These days I hover from 191-195. So in the last 6-7 months I’ve lost TWO POUNDS. Granted, I have gained a TON of strength since August – but with my body added strength should also shed those pounds. The scale is NOT the only factor in determining progress or health, I know that. But it is still a number that needs to go down for me to be healthier, stronger, faster. And while I’m killing it on workouts it really all comes down to the food.

I read Emily’s blog post today and could totally relate to where she was at. Most importantly I realized that weight loss of this caliber comes in waves, at least for me. When I start losing weight I am super motivated and strict for awhile. I’ll see amazing progress and then start to let up on myself saying well I’ve come so far already… at least I’m not back where I was then! Which is true, but being content stalls progress. I’m not saying to not be PROUD of your PROGRESS. I’m just saying if you want to change where you are, you have to be dissatisfied with your current status.


If I’m Satisfied at 195 there is no motivation for me to lose more weight. If I’m satisfied with a 110 pound Clean & Jerk there is no motivation to work on getting a higher Clean & Jerk. If I’m satisfied with my 8 minute Fran time, there is no motivation to work on getting a faster Fran time. If I’m satisfied with feeling bloated and gassy after eating gluten, there is no reason for me to stop eating gluten.

But I’m not satisfied with any of those things. I want to be a healthy normal weight. I want to have a heavier Clean & Jerk, and a Faster Fran time. So I’m going to do what it takes to get there. This month is my month. I’m going to kill it at the gym and in the kitchen.

In order to track my progress I have to start somewhere. So here is my weigh in and before pictures in all their glory…




I’m going to be doing measurements and pictures each week to chart my progress. I’m also doing another dietbet – it starts today! It’s not to late to jump in, just $25 and you have to lose 4% of your start weight in 4 weeks to win a part of the pot! Sign up now!

How do you motivate yourself? Are you doing a Whole30? Joining the dietbet?

Let me know how your weigh in went this week!

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Coffee Date

Coffee Date & Dietbet

Good Morning Friends! I’m so excited to share a cup (or 3) of Coffee With you!


Things are crazy around here. SO much is going on right now. I seriously feel like 2013 has been a whirlwind already… And we are only 1/4 of the way in! Today’s coffee date vlog was recorded in the living room, so excuse the chaos going on around me. Just keepin it real, peeps!

So just a few reminders – The Sparkly Soul Headband giveaway is still open! Be sure to get in on that.

Also- I forgot to mention in the video… I’m starting a new Dietbet! This is the third one I’m hosting and I’m SO excited for it. April is my month of getting serious about my fitness. Along with the dietbet I’m going to be doing a Whole30 Challenge. These dietbets are working. People are losing weight and keeping it off. One of the best success stories I’ve seen is from my dad. You have to understand my dad has some crazy heart/health issues and getting healthy has been something he has struggled with off and on over the past few years. What motivated him? Putting his money out there! Check out his awesome 4 week transformation:


So proud of you, dad! As if that isn’t enough to convince you to sign up now, the Today show did a piece on this a few weeks ago. Just more PROOF that it works!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

So what are you waiting for? Go Sign Up Now! Click HERE to Sign up!

If we were having Coffee, what would you tell me?
Are you joining our Dietbet?


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Weigh In Wednesday: Stuck in a Holding Pattern

Weigh In Wednesday


Whew- Wednesday already? It has been a whirlwind of a week for sure. I just realized that since last week’s weigh in I have only worked out twice! We left at 2am on Friday morning and spent the whole day in the car driving some equipment down to my family in Florida. Spent Saturday and Sunday with my family and left to drive home at 2am Monday. So we spent close to 40 hours in the car, had a short time to get things done while in Florida which meant no workouts and less than stellar food choices. Not to mention road trips always make me dehydrated. I don’t ever drink enough because I don’t want to have to stop to go to the bathroom.

So, all that to say I wasn’t expecting a huge loss this week… I was just hoping I wouldn’t gain a ton like I did on our last road trip.


Whew. I can handle this. Of course I would have preferred a loss… but I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I didn’t do the work this week. As much as I tried to make good food choices I still had some of my daughter’s birthday cake and didn’t stress over food while enjoying the short time I had with my family. I call that a win.

I have been kinda stewing over things in my mind regarding weight loss recently. I really feel stuck in a holding pattern. I’ve gained and lost these same 5-10lbs a lot in the last few months. When I did the 60 day Fat Loss Challenge I lost a ton of weight and made huge strides in my fitness. After the challenge was over I was sitting at 197. That was like 6 months ago. How is it that I have stayed in the 190’s for the majority of 6 months?! I know I have worked hecka hard, and seen some great improvements in my fitness… But it is still SO frustrating  to know I’ve worked so hard and don’t have a lot to show for it. I feel like I get super motivated and kick those LBs in the butt, then just get mentally (and physically) exhausted… and super busy… and get stuck. I don’t know what to do about it. I’m still trying to figure out my relationship with nutrition. I want to find balance… but I also want to see progress. Because I believe it is possible. For the longest time I said that my “goal weight” would be 175. Because I didn’t think I could ever do more than that. Now that 175 is just 15 lbs away – I feel more confident than ever that I can reach that, and go beyond it. I just have to get over this hump… physically and mentally.

So there you have it. A weigh in and a brain dump. ha.

How was your week? How do you get over the humps that come with a long weight loss journey?

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Weigh In Wednesday: Dietbet Round 2!

So it is the first week of the Spring Break Shape Up Dietbet. That means it’s weigh in time!

Weigh In Wednesday

So this weigh in is actually from Monday, the official start of the dietbet. Let’s just say coming into this weigh in I was NOT looking forward to it at all. Last week was just crazy stressful and I didn’t do any meal planning or grocery shopping really. We ended up eating out way more than I’d like to admit, and eating stuff I wouldn’t exactly endorse for a healthy lifestyle. The truth is sometimes that happens. I’m not always perfect. It isn’t always green juice and grilled chicken. On top of that I spent this weekend traveling 6 hours to TN and 6 hours home. While I was there for my CrossFit Level 1 and we did work out a bit, the eating was still way off base. I wasn’t hydrated. I weighed in on Monday night after spending most of the day in the car and eating on the go. So I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. I’m not making excuses, I’m just telling you that the way you eat will absolutely reflect on the scale. and dang, did it ever.


ugh. seriously, i was borderline depressed. it was just the motivation I needed to kick it into high gear. I’ve been on track eating clean, drinking water, and saying no to extra treats. I’m also trying to get back on track with my CrossFit Endurance Half Marathon Training plan since I got off track last week with all the travel. The extra running really does help with my weight loss. Also, keeping up with my juicing makes a huge difference as well.

So this week, I’m working on getting rid of that bloat and back down to my “normal” morning weight of 192ish and then going from there to get down to my next big goal: 175.

How was your weigh in? What are your goals this week?

Link up with us so we can all encourage each other!

Also linking up with Erin and Alex

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Dietbet Round 2: Spring Break Shape Up & Operation Red Bikini

Last time we did a Dietbet it was a HUGE success. We had a pot of $7300! So many people got on board and lost the weight they had been wanting to lose for a long time. And you know what is even more awesome? We did it over the holidays! So, I decided to host another round! Even though it is cold and dreary outside now, we all know that Spring Break is going to be here soon. It’s time to crack the whip and get into spring break shape! Bring on the Spring Break Shape Up!


It starts on Monday February 4th. Weigh in opens up 48 hours before. So here is how it works…

1. Go to and sign up for the game. You pay $35 for the buy in, which goes into the pot. (Right now the pot is at $910 with 26 players)

2. Once the weigh in opens you will be given a secret weigh in word. When you weigh in you will write that word on a piece of paper and take a picture of your scale with the word next to it. You will also take a full length picture of you on the scale (Don’t worry, you can keep your weight private if you want!)

3. Once you weigh in, get moving! You can keep checking into the game and seeing updates, get encouragement/tips (or talk smack if your parents so happen to be playing… Hi Mom & Dad!) You can weigh in “unofficially” as much as you’d like.

4. After 4 weeks you have your final weigh out. If you have lost at least 4% of your starting weight you will be given a different secret word to use for the weigh out and asked to take pictures to verify. Everyone who loses at least 4% of their starting weight shares the pot! 

So, you can have fun, lose weight AND win cash! Who is in?!

Last time I thought it would be easy to lose my 4% so I didn’t push very hard in the beginning and had to work like crazy those last weeks to make it. This time I plan on staying on point the whole time. I am still in the process of reading through It Starts With Food and hope to start my #whole30 sometime during February. I have no problems with the workouts between CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance Half Marathon training, I just need to be more in tune with what I am putting in my body.

I’m also linking up with Kassie From Southern Girl Gets Fit for her Operation Red Bikini Challenge.


I absolutely love the idea behind this challenge. It’s not just about a bikini, cause I sure as heck ain’t ready to sport one in public yet (You’re welcome, general population, for not subjecting you to that sight… though you probably have a mental picture already… oops). It is about picking a goal and going after it. For some people it may be actually running in running shorts, fitting into an old dress, or not looking like a grandma at the pool. This challenge started this month and goes all the way through May 31st. Which should make it really easy to follow a plan and hit your goals!!

Right now I’m averaging from 187-190lbs at any given time. I hope to end this dietbet around 175. That is my next big “goal weight” it is really significant because I remember weighing nearly 240lbs after having my daughter thinking 175 would be a good final weight for me to get down to. I thought that somehow that number would make me happy. At the same time I doubted I could ever get there. Now it is so close. Not only that, but I know that once I get there I will be even closer to my ultimate “healthy weight” and being in a normal BMI/weight range for my height.

My Red Bikini goal is to fit into a pair of size 12 pants/shorts. 

You see, I’m pretty certain I went from a size 14-16 in the girls department to a 14-16 in the womens department. That is the smallest size I ever remember being. In high school I shared clothes with my Best Friend, which I was SO excited about because most of the girls in high school were rail thin. I was happy that I became BFFs with someone my size, mostly because her clothes were cooler than mine. Anyway, we mostly wore 16 but I remember squeezing into her Size 14 Old Navy Khakis and feeling like a busted can of biscuits a million bucks. Well I now have a handful of size 14 pants I can wear, some of which are a little tight depending on the cut. A size 12 is important to me because I think that is what most regular stores consider “regular” sizing as opposed to “plus” sizing.

So, there you have it. I’m going to combine the Dietbet and Operation Red Bikini to get myself ready for Spring Break/Summer. And I’m going to rock it.

Are you gonna join us for these challenges?


I’m Back!

Hellllllo Friends! I’m alive!! I’d like to thank all my amazing blogger friends who shared some awesome guest posts while I was out last week. Be sure to check them out:

Allie @ Counting our Cupcakes

Kacie @ Savvy Sassy Me

Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn

Gabby @ Gabby’s Gluten Free

Chuck @ Perfect Couplet

Pamela @ A Renaissance Woman

Last week was amazing. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I needed some time away. Costa Rica was beautiful. Absolutely Beautiful.


Travel was a bit of a nightmare, but more on that later this week. Our rental house was beautiful. The people were amazing. We went on some amazing adventures. ATV’s in the jungle, waterfall repelling, a private catamaran, and white water rafting! The food was simply delicious.


They ate lots of beans and rice with a protein of either fish or chicken. This particular meal had a small cabbage salad and cauliflower, along with the Costa Rican Staple of Yucca Fries. Oh man, so good. It wasn’t fancy or anything, just good.

I plan on writing up full recaps on all our activities, there is too much to share in one post so you’ll probably see a lot of Costa Rica this week!!

In other news… I’m excited to announce that I am hosting another DietBet!


Last time we had over 300 people sign up for a pot of $7300!! I ended up doubling my money! I put in $25 and won $53. This time the buy in is $35 and the dietbet starts on February 4. If you want in be sure to sign up and invite your friends. The more people that join the more money you can win!!


That’s all for now. Be sure to look for some fun posts this week! I already miss the hammock…

What is your favorite vacation memory?

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Weigh In Wednesday: Final Dietbet Weigh In

Ooooh Man… it’s here! The Final Dietbet Weigh In!!!

Weigh In Wednesday

This was tough. When this started 4 weeks ago I thought it would be easy. I could crush it on my workouts and just clean up my eating a little. But dang. That’s hard during Christmas and New Years! I usually gain at LEAST 5lbs over the holidays and vow to start fresh for the new year… or monday… but not this year! So, let’s get to the numbers…


Last week: 191.6
This week: 187.6
Loss/Gain: -4lbs

DietBet Goal: 188.2 <— BAM! 



Starting Measurements (12/4)

Waist (Belly Button) – 41″
Hips- 45″
Thigh- 25″
Chest- 34″

Ending Measurements (1/2)

Waist (Belly Button)- 39″
Hips- 43″
Thigh- 23″
Chest- 34″

Totally doesn’t look like that much progress in the pictures, but I swear I measured like twice. I’m SO excited to finally have my belly button measurement be in the 30’s. Another big milestone for me!

I’m actually pretty relieved that the dietbet is over. I want to continue to make progress, but it was stressin me out this last week. I’m going to take a bit of a breather, still keep making healthy decisions (except for the chickfila I’m having for lunch) and I will be getting back at it towards the end of this month/beginning of next month with another dietbet to get us ready for SPRING BREAK! Also- I’m going to Costa Rica next week and I am going to be enjoying the local fare. ha.

Alright- Let’s link it up… How did you do this week?!

Also- I’ll be back later today with an awesome story and giveaway, so be sure to check back!

Linking up with another Weigh In Wednesday too!


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Weigh In Wednesday: Assess The Damage

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I plan on doing a fun recap but wanted to make sure I got the Weigh In Wednesday Post up so we could all link up, since I know how eager we all are…

Weigh In Wednesday

This week I wasn’t expecting a loss. I was just hoping I didn’t gain like 5lbs. I worked out like a champ, but my eating was WAY off base. Cookies, Cinnamon Rolls, and Dirt Cake… OH MY! I used “lightened up” recipes for the scalloped potatoes and green beans (although I wasn’t a fan of how the green beans turned out…) but I don’t think there was any undoing the damage done by all the desserts. I stepped on this scale begrudgingly this morning. Here is the damage: 1226weighin

Last week: 189.6
This week: 191.6
Loss/Gain: + 2lbs

DietBet Goal: 188.2 

So, this week I have to lose like 3 lbs. Which is totally doable. I just have to crack the whip on my eating. I am totally golden on workouts – With my new Polar Heart Rate Monitor I have been watching my burn and it has been usually around 600 calories per workout. I need some serious help in the eating department. More protein and veggies, less “other”

We have ONE week left to go.
What are you going to do to make it count?!

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Weigh In Wednesday {link up}

Weigh In Wednesday

We just finished week 2 of our dietbet and Let’s be totally honest, I was not looking forward to stepping on the scale this morning. After last week’s big loss I felt a little over confident I suppose. I didn’t track my food, my tailors bunion has been acting up so I haven’t been running, and I went to Five Guys Burgers. And had pizza. And cookies (they were (mostly) paleo!) I still worked out like a beast at CrossFit (using 85lbs for Hang Cleans during the WOD yesterday!) – but wasn’t expecting a big loss. It’s the biggest loser second week on the ranch curse. Let’s just get to in… the magic number this week is…..


Last Week: 190.2Dietbet Goal Weight: 188.2
This Week: 189.6
I was honestly surprised to even see a loss. I will take my half pound loss and celebrate!and HELLLLLLO 180s. Haven’t seen you since… like 9th grade. YES!I’m close to my dietbet goal… which I’m excited about. But here is the deal…. I want to be in the 170’s by the time we go to Costa Rica next month.
So I have some work to do.
I’m going to be focused.
I will track my food.
I will track my food.
I will track my food. Christmas is next week. I’m making homemade cinnamon rolls.
I will taste and enjoy but not over indulge.Who wants to be my texting accountability partner?
I don’t trust myself around cinnamon rolls. I swear they jump into my mouth without my consent. Your turn! Link it up. How was your week? What worked and what didn’t work?


I HAD to update to include this once I found out…


Hubby Jack has jumped on the blogging train because he was jealous of how popular his wife got. And he wanted an excuse to flirt with all the bloggers he stalked anyway. Check out his post to see why I was nominated. It’ll make you laugh. I’m still laughing. I eat real bacon, by the way.


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Weigh In Wednesday: Dietbet Week 1 {link up}

Hey Friends! It is Wednesday so that means it is time for our Weigh In Wednesday Link Up!

Weigh In Wednesday


Whether you are doing the Holiday Weight Loss Challenge or not feel free to link up with us. There is NO judgement here. Let’s be honest and open. Share what is working and what isn’t working. Feel free to make a vlog and talk about it…. or just write it out. I made a vlog because I like to talk. ha.  Either way, lets link it up!


And now for the numbers…I weighed in for the Dietbet on Monday of last week, so it has been a little over a week. 
Last Week: 196
Dietbet Goal Weight: 188.2
This Week: 190.2

Total Lost: 5.8

Ok, so this is craaaazy. I knew that I would lose a lot the first week. I always do when I tighten things up. But 5.8lbs?! WHOA. I didn’t change too much in my workouts, besides Saturdays 5k and lifting class, I really just got on track with what I was putting in my mouth. Guess it is true that you cant out exercise a bad diet.

I’m really excited to keep this momentum this week. I am SO going to see the 180s this week. I haven’t seen them in forever. I have, however, officially surpassed my high school weight. I found my physical from senior year and I was 195! BOOM. This is my official lowest weight of my adult life. WHOOOO!!

Your turn. How did your week go? What is working and what is not working? LINK IT UP!

Don’t forget you still have time to enter for a pair of Under Armour Spine RPM Shoes AND to enter the Therafit Shoes Giveaway!

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