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Weigh In Wednesday: Whole30 Before Stats

So it’s the start of Day 3 of the Whole30 and I’m still alive. I’m still not sure if I’m going to post daily updates throughout the week or if I’ll just do a weekly update post. There are several other bloggers who are doing the Whole30 this month so I am going to host a weekly link up for us to check in with each other. Every Monday we will link up our recaps of the week. This way we can stay accountable to each other and get meal/planning ideas! So be sure to come back on Monday for our first link up!whole30linkup

Now let’s talk “before” stats. Here is the deal… I wanted to do this for so many reasons. One of the main ones being that I needed something to boost me to the next level with my weight loss. See, I lost like 20lbs when I first started CrossFit. Those first several months of mostly Paleo eating and CrossFit really shook up my body in a good way. I felt good. Then the 60 day Fat Loss challenge was over and I relaxed with my eating. I was still working out like crazy so I thought it was ok if I had a little bit of this here and there… some FroYo… Ice Cream… ChickFila…. All those things were fine in moderation. But suddenly my weight loss stalled. Then thanksgiving. Then Christmas. Then Costa Rica. Then February was a combination of lots of travel and stress. Then March was my birthday. In between there I did 2 dietbet challenges and lost 5-6lbs both times – only to gain it back with my celebratory splurges. When I ended the 60 Day Fat Loss Challenge in August I was 197. These days I hover from 191-195. So in the last 6-7 months I’ve lost TWO POUNDS. Granted, I have gained a TON of strength since August – but with my body added strength should also shed those pounds. The scale is NOT the only factor in determining progress or health, I know that. But it is still a number that needs to go down for me to be healthier, stronger, faster. And while I’m killing it on workouts it really all comes down to the food.

I read Emily’s blog post today and could totally relate to where she was at. Most importantly I realized that weight loss of this caliber comes in waves, at least for me. When I start losing weight I am super motivated and strict for awhile. I’ll see amazing progress and then start to let up on myself saying well I’ve come so far already… at least I’m not back where I was then! Which is true, but being content stalls progress. I’m not saying to not be PROUD of your PROGRESS. I’m just saying if you want to change where you are, you have to be dissatisfied with your current status.


If I’m Satisfied at 195 there is no motivation for me to lose more weight. If I’m satisfied with a 110 pound Clean & Jerk there is no motivation to work on getting a higher Clean & Jerk. If I’m satisfied with my 8 minute Fran time, there is no motivation to work on getting a faster Fran time. If I’m satisfied with feeling bloated and gassy after eating gluten, there is no reason for me to stop eating gluten.

But I’m not satisfied with any of those things. I want to be a healthy normal weight. I want to have a heavier Clean & Jerk, and a Faster Fran time. So I’m going to do what it takes to get there. This month is my month. I’m going to kill it at the gym and in the kitchen.

In order to track my progress I have to start somewhere. So here is my weigh in and before pictures in all their glory…




I’m going to be doing measurements and pictures each week to chart my progress. I’m also doing another dietbet – it starts today! It’s not to late to jump in, just $25 and you have to lose 4% of your start weight in 4 weeks to win a part of the pot! Sign up now!

How do you motivate yourself? Are you doing a Whole30? Joining the dietbet?

Let me know how your weigh in went this week!

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21 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday: Whole30 Before Stats”

  1. I am constantly motivated by how good I feel to keep on going!! 🙂 I have been living wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, soy & nut free for 10 years now and honestly feel amazing. Bounds of energy, and constantly smiling! It also helps that I am obsessed with salmon, lol!


  2. I get motivated when I have an upcoming race then after I slack off. I feel better when I dont eat crap food however I still end up eating it on some days.

    I need to get really motivated I have a fugituve run May 25 that scares the crap out of me and scares me more I am doing it alone! I don’t look like the girls on their facebook page and that is discouraging to me.


  3. I need some sort of plan to keep me motivated. I did a DietBet and Whole 30 in February and I ate SO clean for the entire thing. I got great results. But as soon as it ended I thought, ok, I’ll allow myself a treat here or there and I bet if I stepped on the scale, it would tell me I gained all of my loses back.

    If I have a meal plan, a workout plan, some sort of plan to follow, I’m motivated to succeed with it and it works. On my own, not so much. Also paying for stuff motivates me. There’s probably some weeks I would never make it to the box but because I pay good money to attend so many days a week, I’m more motivated to go.

    Also seeing results motivates me. When I start seeing that what I’m doing is working, I’m motivated to continue working hard.

    Good luck with your whole 30! I’m thinking of starting another one soon.


  4. I find that I have stalled too. I need a goal to push towards. Last year when I finished my “challenge” – I slowly started putting weight back on just from being lazy. Not eating terrible, but not being good either. I was down to 152 at the end of my challenge (November) and am now back to 165 (granted I got prego and lost it recently too). I want to try again (to get prego) but also want to be the healthiest I can during and until that happens. You motivate me to always keep pushing and keep trying!


  5. Girl, you look FIERCE in those photos. Let’s get that out there. I’m so in awe of how far you’ve come. It’s truly inspiring!

    I love what you’re saying about “not being satisfied”. I think too often in life, weight loss – relationships – office life, we settle. We settle because it’s comfortable and we’re scared of saying “I’m not okay with this”. I think you and I both seem to have hit a spot on our journeys where we realize that, while it’s important to LOVE ourselves, it’s also just as important to KNOW WE DESERVE BETTER and never settle for less.

    Can I get an AMEN?! 😉

    Love you, friend.


    1. Awww thanks. I look fierce if you are a carb then I’ll fiercely shove you down my throat. ha. Such true words. We deserve it,so let’s work it girl! AMMMMMEN!


  6. Being content definitely stalls progress and I found myself thinking a few times “Wow, I’ve come so far, even if I never make my goal weight at least I’m not where I started!” And I still feel that way with less than 5lbs to my goal, but I’m still not content with how I look and feel in my clothes so I keep going!

    You’ve got this! Use your progress to get greedy and want more!


  7. Needed this today! Thank you! I love that you said we have to be dissatisfied with where we are in order to be motivated to move forward. You motivate and inspire me, again, thank you xoxo


      1. No..for the most part we are still eating within the Whole30 guidelines – with the exception of a drink on the weekend. 🙂

        My plan as of now is to keep gluten out of my diet completely and I’m not really missing dairy or legumes.


  8. I love that quote.. and it’s so true. That is why I feel like I need to conquer running – I’m dissatisfied with my progress with it, so need that push to go beyond there.

    Thanks for sharing your progress pics, too, though I am sure you know if you look at those today compared to your other befores, you have come SO far! And crossfit likely is redistributing your weight, too. You’re a super strong girl! 🙂

    Good luck with the Whole30; you know it’s hard, but it will definitely leave no room for excuses 🙂


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