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Weigh In Wednesday {link up}

Weigh In Wednesday

We just finished week 2 of our dietbet and Let’s be totally honest, I was not looking forward to stepping on the scale this morning. After last week’s big loss I felt a little over confident I suppose. I didn’t track my food, my tailors bunion has been acting up so I haven’t been running, and I went to Five Guys Burgers. And had pizza. And cookies (they were (mostly) paleo!) I still worked out like a beast at CrossFit (using 85lbs for Hang Cleans during the WOD yesterday!) – but wasn’t expecting a big loss. It’s the biggest loser second week on the ranch curse. Let’s just get to in… the magic number this week is…..


Last Week: 190.2Dietbet Goal Weight: 188.2
This Week: 189.6
I was honestly surprised to even see a loss. I will take my half pound loss and celebrate!and HELLLLLLO 180s. Haven’t seen you since… like 9th grade. YES!I’m close to my dietbet goal… which I’m excited about. But here is the deal…. I want to be in the 170’s by the time we go to Costa Rica next month.
So I have some work to do.
I’m going to be focused.
I will track my food.
I will track my food.
I will track my food. Christmas is next week. I’m making homemade cinnamon rolls.
I will taste and enjoy but not over indulge.Who wants to be my texting accountability partner?
I don’t trust myself around cinnamon rolls. I swear they jump into my mouth without my consent. Your turn! Link it up. How was your week? What worked and what didn’t work?


I HAD to update to include this once I found out…


Hubby Jack has jumped on the blogging train because he was jealous of how popular his wife got. And he wanted an excuse to flirt with all the bloggers he stalked anyway. Check out his post to see why I was nominated. It’ll make you laugh. I’m still laughing. I eat real bacon, by the way.



17 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday {link up}”

  1. Yay 180s! You can make it to the 170s, just remember that goal when the cinnamon rolls are calling! My work party and 2 dinners all in 2 days is gonna kill me this week!


  2. Congrats on your award and getting into the 180s. I am making Monkey Bread Christmas morning and I am going to need some serious willpower to not over indulge. We can do this!


  3. Proud of you! I saw 199.8 and now I am slacking. I am in Kansas visiting my family for Christmas for the next 2 weeks so I am hoping to get my butt in gear being that they are both level 1 crossfit certified personal trainers and I am able to workout for free while I am here!!! I got up at 4 and went with my mom this morning! We got this! My dietbet goal is 199.1! We can do it!!!! I will be your texting buddy if you want!


  4. A loss is a loss! Weigh to go (lol!)! 🙂 I love how you threw in that 2nd week at the biggest loser ranch comment — isn’t that how it is though? You have one stellar week, to follow with a not so stellar one? Well that just means another fabbbbulous week next week! You can do it!


  5. Congrat’s to getting into the 180’s that is super exciting 🙂 I have been doing well with my eating, it has been hard but I am proud! I haven’t work outed alot and I am going to step it up in the next two week..


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