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Weigh In Wednesday: Final Dietbet Weigh In

Ooooh Man… it’s here! The Final Dietbet Weigh In!!!

Weigh In Wednesday

This was tough. When this started 4 weeks ago I thought it would be easy. I could crush it on my workouts and just clean up my eating a little. But dang. That’s hard during Christmas and New Years! I usually gain at LEAST 5lbs over the holidays and vow to start fresh for the new year… or monday… but not this year! So, let’s get to the numbers…


Last week: 191.6
This week: 187.6
Loss/Gain: -4lbs

DietBet Goal: 188.2 <— BAM! 



Starting Measurements (12/4)

Waist (Belly Button) – 41″
Hips- 45″
Thigh- 25″
Chest- 34″

Ending Measurements (1/2)

Waist (Belly Button)- 39″
Hips- 43″
Thigh- 23″
Chest- 34″

Totally doesn’t look like that much progress in the pictures, but I swear I measured like twice. I’m SO excited to finally have my belly button measurement be in the 30’s. Another big milestone for me!

I’m actually pretty relieved that the dietbet is over. I want to continue to make progress, but it was stressin me out this last week. I’m going to take a bit of a breather, still keep making healthy decisions (except for the chickfila I’m having for lunch) and I will be getting back at it towards the end of this month/beginning of next month with another dietbet to get us ready for SPRING BREAK! Also- I’m going to Costa Rica next week and I am going to be enjoying the local fare. ha.

Alright- Let’s link it up… How did you do this week?!

Also- I’ll be back later today with an awesome story and giveaway, so be sure to check back!

Linking up with another Weigh In Wednesday too!


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19 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday: Final Dietbet Weigh In”

  1. You killed it. I am so proud of you. I failed! I don’t think the stress or holidays helped. I hope the extra 48 hours that diet bet allows for weigh ins will help. I am so LAME! Have fun in Costa Rica!


  2. Nice job Courtney!! How awesome. I definitely did not succeed. I almost gained weight in fact. I think I’m only down 1.5. But huge kudos to you to lose this much during the holidays!!


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