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Dietbet Round 2: Spring Break Shape Up & Operation Red Bikini

Last time we did a Dietbet it was a HUGE success. We had a pot of $7300! So many people got on board and lost the weight they had been wanting to lose for a long time. And you know what is even more awesome? We did it over the holidays! So, I decided to host another round! Even though it is cold and dreary outside now, we all know that Spring Break is going to be here soon. It’s time to crack the whip and get into spring break shape! Bring on the Spring Break Shape Up!


It starts on Monday February 4th. Weigh in opens up 48 hours before. So here is how it works…

1. Go to www.dietbet.com/journeyofadreamer and sign up for the game. You pay $35 for the buy in, which goes into the pot. (Right now the pot is at $910 with 26 players)

2. Once the weigh in opens you will be given a secret weigh in word. When you weigh in you will write that word on a piece of paper and take a picture of your scale with the word next to it. You will also take a full length picture of you on the scale (Don’t worry, you can keep your weight private if you want!)

3. Once you weigh in, get moving! You can keep checking into the game and seeing updates, get encouragement/tips (or talk smack if your parents so happen to be playing… Hi Mom & Dad!) You can weigh in “unofficially” as much as you’d like.

4. After 4 weeks you have your final weigh out. If you have lost at least 4% of your starting weight you will be given a different secret word to use for the weigh out and asked to take pictures to verify. Everyone who loses at least 4% of their starting weight shares the pot! 

So, you can have fun, lose weight AND win cash! Who is in?!

Last time I thought it would be easy to lose my 4% so I didn’t push very hard in the beginning and had to work like crazy those last weeks to make it. This time I plan on staying on point the whole time. I am still in the process of reading through It Starts With Food and hope to start my #whole30 sometime during February. I have no problems with the workouts between CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance Half Marathon training, I just need to be more in tune with what I am putting in my body.

I’m also linking up with Kassie From Southern Girl Gets Fit for her Operation Red Bikini Challenge.


I absolutely love the idea behind this challenge. It’s not just about a bikini, cause I sure as heck ain’t ready to sport one in public yet (You’re welcome, general population, for not subjecting you to that sight… though you probably have a mental picture already… oops). It is about picking a goal and going after it. For some people it may be actually running in running shorts, fitting into an old dress, or not looking like a grandma at the pool. This challenge started this month and goes all the way through May 31st. Which should make it really easy to follow a plan and hit your goals!!

Right now I’m averaging from 187-190lbs at any given time. I hope to end this dietbet around 175. That is my next big “goal weight” it is really significant because I remember weighing nearly 240lbs after having my daughter thinking 175 would be a good final weight for me to get down to. I thought that somehow that number would make me happy. At the same time I doubted I could ever get there. Now it is so close. Not only that, but I know that once I get there I will be even closer to my ultimate “healthy weight” and being in a normal BMI/weight range for my height.

My Red Bikini goal is to fit into a pair of size 12 pants/shorts. 

You see, I’m pretty certain I went from a size 14-16 in the girls department to a 14-16 in the womens department. That is the smallest size I ever remember being. In high school I shared clothes with my Best Friend, which I was SO excited about because most of the girls in high school were rail thin. I was happy that I became BFFs with someone my size, mostly because her clothes were cooler than mine. Anyway, we mostly wore 16 but I remember squeezing into her Size 14 Old Navy Khakis and feeling like a busted can of biscuits a million bucks. Well I now have a handful of size 14 pants I can wear, some of which are a little tight depending on the cut. A size 12 is important to me because I think that is what most regular stores consider “regular” sizing as opposed to “plus” sizing.

So, there you have it. I’m going to combine the Dietbet and Operation Red Bikini to get myself ready for Spring Break/Summer. And I’m going to rock it.

Are you gonna join us for these challenges?


9 thoughts on “Dietbet Round 2: Spring Break Shape Up & Operation Red Bikini”

  1. I’m totally on board with Operation Red Bikini too!

    I’m scared to do another Dietbet since I’m getting close to my goal weight. I’m just waiting for the slow loss process to start (not that it has been fast to begin with)


  2. I have no doubt that you will reach and exceed your red bikini goal Courtney!! You have such great motivation and inspiration and I love following your journey. Dietbet is such a great idea -your rounds are so successful! 🙂
    Accountability is key! Especially when your parents are doing it too! My mom is on a weight loss goal right now and I definitely reach out to her every day to see how it’s going.


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