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Weigh In Wednesday: Dietbet Week 1 {link up}

Hey Friends! It is Wednesday so that means it is time for our Weigh In Wednesday Link Up!

Weigh In Wednesday


Whether you are doing the Holiday Weight Loss Challenge or not feel free to link up with us. There is NO judgement here. Let’s be honest and open. Share what is working and what isn’t working. Feel free to make a vlog and talk about it…. or just write it out. I made a vlog because I like to talk. ha. ย Either way, lets link it up!


And now for the numbers…I weighed in for the Dietbet on Monday of last week, so it has been a little over a week.ย 
Last Week: 196
Dietbet Goal Weight: 188.2
This Week: 190.2

Total Lost: 5.8

Ok, so this is craaaazy. I knew that I would lose a lot the first week. I always do when I tighten things up. But 5.8lbs?! WHOA. I didn’t change too much in my workouts, besides Saturdays 5k and lifting class, I really just got on track with what I was putting in my mouth. Guess it is true that you cant out exercise a bad diet.

I’m really excited to keep this momentum this week. I am SO going to see the 180s this week. I haven’t seen them in forever. I have, however, officially surpassed my high school weight. I found my physical from senior year and I was 195! BOOM. This is my official lowest weight of my adult life. WHOOOO!!

Your turn. How did your week go? What is working and what is not working? LINK IT UP!

Don’t forget you still have time to enter for a pair of Under Armour Spine RPM Shoes AND to enter the Therafit Shoes Giveaway!

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16 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday: Dietbet Week 1 {link up}”

  1. Congrats Courtney!! That’s an amazing loss in the first week! You’re going to hit your goal! I need to weigh in more and get on the ball. I’ve been so bad this week with all the cookies and holiday treats. I guess that’s the purpose of doing this right now, huh?


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