Coffee Date

Coffee Date & Dietbet

Good Morning Friends! I’m so excited to share a cup (or 3) of Coffee With you!


Things are crazy around here. SO much is going on right now. I seriously feel like 2013 has been a whirlwind already… And we are only 1/4 of the way in! Today’s coffee date vlog was recorded in the living room, so excuse the chaos going on around me. Just keepin it real, peeps!

So just a few reminders – The Sparkly Soul Headband giveaway is still open! Be sure to get in on that.

Also- I forgot to mention in the video… I’m starting a new Dietbet! This is the third one I’m hosting and I’m SO excited for it. April is my month of getting serious about my fitness. Along with the dietbet I’m going to be doing a Whole30 Challenge. These dietbets are working. People are losing weight and keeping it off. One of the best success stories I’ve seen is from my dad. You have to understand my dad has some crazy heart/health issues and getting healthy has been something he has struggled with off and on over the past few years. What motivated him? Putting his money out there! Check out his awesome 4 week transformation:


So proud of you, dad! As if that isn’t enough to convince you to sign up now, the Today show did a piece on this a few weeks ago. Just more PROOF that it works!

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So what are you waiting for? Go Sign Up Now! Click HERE to Sign up!

If we were having Coffee, what would you tell me?
Are you joining our Dietbet?



17 thoughts on “Coffee Date & Dietbet”

  1. I love that you named your dog Froning. I think you should get Rich to come and christen him. Or really just get Rich to your house somehow so you can stare at him. And don’t worry, he told me to call him Rich. We’re BFFs. Good luck with your DietBet!


    1. Ah – yes please. I’ll take Rich any day. When we told Payton we named him Froning she kept going around calling him Rich. She knows Alllll about Rich Froning and shes only 3!


  2. I think you’re talking about Team Hoyt! I meet them 3 years ago at Disney. They are AMAZING!! I love following you and your adventures! You’re so positive and just as crazy about running and CF as me! LOVE the new dog — he’s cute! I only have girls now — I had boy dogs growing up. But I don’t remember any differences haha. And your lil bit is adorable — I love all the pics of her — the snow one the other day on IG was my fav!


    1. YES! Team Hoyt! SO amazing. I love that you got to meet them!! So this new dog being a boy is all about his boy parts. So weird. Also – is it weird that I feel weird when he watches me in the shower. I don’t care about my other dog – I guess because its a girl. But he makes me feel creeped out.


  3. Your doggy is so adorable! And your lil one is precious too.

    If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my birthday is Monday lol I would also tell you that I’m going to TRY to do a video a day in April, so nervous. Mostly tech challenged but I haven’t done a lot of videos. Should be interesting.

    Happy Easter!


  4. Congrats to your dad!! I know my parents need to take a little bit better care of themselves in the exercise department, and they are making small changes at a time. I’m so supportive of that and hope that they continue on the right direction πŸ™‚ Happy Friday!


  5. I do most of my blog reading while at work but this week has been crazy busy (and I can’t watch the videos while working..) but finally watched one of your Coffee Date vlogs. Love it πŸ™‚

    You’re just so natural in front of the camera; do you keep a list of things to talk about? I feel like I would just ramble..

    Congrats on the puppy!!!


    1. Thanks! He is a cutie. Talking on camera gets easier the more you do it (I also was a part of an acting group that toured the country and did shows each weekend… so I’m used to the camera!) I don’t have a list of things to talk about most days… I just ramble. and try to avoid the chaos as seen in this video… ha.


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