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Training Update and thoughts on “Goal Weight”

It’s been awhile since I talked about my training, so I thought I’d give you an update on that! It is really hard to organize and recap all my workouts each week since I feel like I’m always doing something. Being a CrossFit Affiliate owner means I’m at the gym on average 6 or so hours a day (at least). I spend a lot of that time coaching, but for those of you who have worked in the fitness world you know that coaching doesn’t mean just sitting there! We are always on the move and demonstrating movements. I work up a sweat just from coaching! We workout at 7am. I’m usually doing about 6 days a week of Strength and MetCons (Metabolic Conditioning workouts, or WODS). During some of the slower class times I may work on a strength or skill. I really feel like I’m making huge strides in my progress! I feel stronger than ever! I have even been doing things I didn’t think I’d ever do like kipping pull ups and rope climbs!


A lot of my success has to do with my nutrition coaching with Precision Fitness (seriously, if you need a nutrition coach – Let me know and I’ll get you his info!) With Jamie’s help I’m finally fueling my body instead of just feeding my body. I’ve had huge changes in my mental approach towards food. I am still trying to find balance. I know that I won’t always be this strict with my diet, but for this season it is what I need. I know that I am fit, but I want to be able to look fit too. I feel good, I am performing well, and I’m seeing results. They may not be coming as fast as I like, but I am successfully losing fat and gaining muscle… which is what my goal has been all along. I didn’t want to just lose weight (aka fat AND muscle) – I wanted to lose fat and gain strength. I’m seeing PRs and developing skills. It is working. Sometimes I just need to remind myself of that.


When I first started nutrition coaching back in June I weighed 192lbs. According to the pincher I had 148.61 lbs of Lean Mass and 43.39 lbs of fat. My last check in, as of a week ago I weighed in at 184lbs with 150.55 lbs lean mass and 33.65 lbs of fat. So I have lost just 8lbs on the scale, but I actually lost 10lbs of fat and gained 2lbs of muscle. Another reason to remember the scale doesn’t tell the whole story! Seeing these numbers also reminds me that having a “goal weight” doesn’t mean a thing. While I’ve said several times before that 175 was my “safe” goal – the one I set when I first started on this journey because I thought it was the best I could do. I, ultimately, wanted to be at 135. No real reason, it just seemed like a good number. But looking at that breakdown above… I have 150lbs of lean mass. I don’t want to lose that. So that 135 goal weight is out the window. I’m now more focused on being at a healthier body fat percentage than being 135lbs. I want to be strong. If that means I weigh more, than so be it.

What are your thoughts on “goal weight” – Do you have one? 



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Addicted To Progress

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Yesterday was my check in with my nutrition coach. To be honest, going into the check in I wasn’t feeling all the confident about my progress. I spent a few days in Texas and had a few more cheats than I should have. I also had a pretty stressful week last week with Chris being gone and had a hard time fitting in my 5th meal, which I normally eat in between coaching the 5pm and 6pm classes. Anyway, the good news is I still saw change. I lost 2lbs of fat, but unfortunately I also lost almost a pound of muscle. NOT what I want to see. I had less than a 1% change in my body fat. I’ve been averaging about 1.3% every 2 weeks. So, not horrible considering I was off plan a few days. But I still walked away a bit disappointed. We did some tweaking with my macros and I’m hoping to see positive changes from it over the next few weeks.

But it got me to thinking… I think I’ve become addicted to progress. It is easy to do on a health journey like this. You start out making small changes and seeing big results and you just get used to it. When I first started CrossFit I was setting huge PRs every week. Now I have to work my butt off to see even a small PR. It is hard to find the balance between being driven to be better and being obsessed with it. Seeing some not so great results may have frustrated me yesterday, but you know what? They were still results! Today we did a workout with double unders and I was the last one to finish by a long shot. But you know what? I still did the WOD with Double Unders and RX weight, Something I wasn’t able to do even just a few months ago. I’m making progress. I just need to learn to be happy with the progress I’m making. I’m making myself better every day, if the scale says so or not… if the PR board says so or not…. Each day I’m making healthy choices. and those small bits of progress add up.


This is about 4 months difference. Not only can you see the huge changes in my shape, but uhm, let’s talk about my form. Straight feet and elbows up. Also, look at my butt. Yes, I just told you to look at my butt… but seriously #ThisIsWhyISquat

Anyway, wherever you are in your journey be proud of your progress no matter how big or small it may be, mmk?

What are you proud of this Week?
Are you addicted to progress?

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Surprising Myself

This week feels so weird. Maybe because we traveled last week or because the hubs is gone for a few days this week also… I don’t know. Either way, it just feels weird this week.

Today is Weigh In Wednesday and while I don’t have much to report in the way of numbers on the scale. After our trip to Texas last week I was actually up 3lbs, but came back down to 186.8 as of this morning. I’ve been around 185-186 for the last few weeks. Even though I know better it will always be a bit disappointing not to see the scale move. It does, however, make me all the more thankful for other signs of progress when they come. I take progress pictures often. Sometimes I find it harder to see changes than others. Here is one of the most recent comparisons…


I can see my whole midsection area has gotten smaller, as well as my upper arm. I wish I had a more dramatic picture, but results are results no matter how small!

On top of that I’ve been seeing some massive performance improvements. There have been several times this week I have really surprised myself with my performance. I jumped up on the rope and was able to actually climb up a ways, a few weeks ago holding on was a struggle. Today I did my first ever legit Toes2Bar. I jokingly tried it and actually did it! I was shocked. These are things I’ve struggled with for the longest time and now I’m finally seeing them happen! Those are things I can get excited about! Now if I can just get more consistent with my pull ups and work on my handstand push ups… and then on to muscle ups! Bring it on!

This week I’m planning on staying on point trying to make up for lost ground from our Texas trip. Which wasn’t really lost ground, it was a prescribed “refeed” to shock my system. My coach also changed up my macros on a few days increasing protein and decreasing carbs. I can’t wait for my check in next week to see where I’m at. In the meantime, I’ll keep surprising myself!

Rocking my WOD Gear Crops and Wrist Wraps
Rocking my WOD Gear Crops and Wrist Wraps

When was the last time you surprised yourself?

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My Nutrition Plan and Goals (Weigh in Wednesday)

Happy Wednesday, Friends! I’m so glad we’ve made it half way through the work week. This month… heck, this year… is flllllying by. I actually had a fleeting thought of working on Christmas lists. Then I started getting excited because that means January is coming. January is like our summer, it’s when we take our big vacations. 2012 was Disney, 2013 was Costa Rica, and 2014 is our Disney Cruise! Speaking of the cruise – that is one of my HUGE motivation factors for staying on course with my fitness. I’d love to rock a 2 piece confidently on the cruise.

Confession… I actually bought a bikini a few weeks ago. I’ve rocked it around the house. I’ve even laid out in my back yard in it. I’m still not 100% comfortable in it, but you have to start from somewhere. I’ve come a LONG way. I still have a ways to go, but I’m pushing my own comfort zone on this one. Also, I love the Rhonna Designs App on my iphone. Such awesome quotes on there. This is my new iphone wallpaper. Gotta keep reminding myself this is a process!


Anyway, I wanted to share a little bit more about my nutrition program since a lot of you have asked about it. Since I am paying for this service and because it is such an individualized program I’m not going to share all the details and recipes. I just want to give you all an idea of what and when I’m eating, as well as how I prep all my food.

I have 2 different “days” of food – High and Low calorie days. When I started I had 4 high calorie (2000!) and 3 Low calorie (1600) days. One of the biggest problems I see with people who are working out like a beast is that they are NOT eating enough. The lowest you should go ever for any reason is 1200 calories a day. If you are working out a lot you need far more calories to sustain that level of activity. I do CrossFit 6+ days a week. I need those calories to have the energy and fuel to sustain me through those workouts.

I eat within 30 minutes of waking up. Your body needs to know that you are up and running. Since I workout first thing most mornings I have a protein shake with egg whites and berries or some kind of oatmeal/protein sludge mash up.

I (try to) eat within 20-30 minutes of working out. Depending on the day this can include oatmeal, berries, egg whites or ezekiel bread. I also have my supplements with breakfast. This usually includes a multi vitamin, fish oil, calcium magnesium, and Cytogreens.

Lunch is around 11:30-12 and is 4oz of lean meat, a complex carb like rice, sweet potato, or red potato and a green veggie.

I have what I call second lunch around 3pm. Similar to first lunch in the Macros. I take more fish oil and vitamin B, D, E supplements with this meal.

Around 6pm I’ll have first dinner, a small salad with hard boiled eggs/egg whites, lean meat, and spinach. This is usually eating in between coaching classes at CrossFit so the time varies a lot depending on when I have time to eat.

Once we get home I’ll have my second dinner, usually around 8:30. More lean meat and veggies (asparagus!). And a deliciously awesome salad dressing made out of walnut oil and apple cider vinegar.

The last thing I have is a protein shake. I’ve recently been using Casein protein since it has a slower digestion rate it feeds my muscles while I sleep all night.

I’m seeing results. Today I weighed in at 185.6. The lowest I’ve ever remembered being as an adult. Only 10lbs from that 175 that has been looming over me forever. I eat the same thing nearly every other day. I pack my own food when we hang out with friends. I rarely eat out. I spend my sundays grocery shopping and cooking outrageous amounts of Chicken, Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Rice, and Boiled eggs. But it is worth it. It’s not always fun. It doesn’t always taste good. But i’m willing to sacrifice that right now to reach my goals. I remember where I came from and I don’t want to go back.


This nutrition program is NOT for everyone. Heck, this may not be for me forever, but it is what is working right now. I’m working with an amazing Nutrition coach who helps adjust my plan as needed, he reminds me of why I’m doing this, and pushes me to reach my goals. He does some distance coaching too, so let me know if you’re interested and I’ll hook you up! If you are looking for a nutrition coach in your area ask friends for recommendations. And don’t feel bad about shopping around. Finding a nutrition coach is a lot like finding a church, you have to find one that lines up with your beliefs about food. There are SO many different ideas about nutrition, so find someone who you can agree with on major things AND someone who has a good reputation and history in the industry.

What motivates you? Are you working towards any big goals?


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Confused Confessions

I don’t know it all.
I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist.
I’m just a girl on a journey to lose weight and live my dreams.

When I first started blogging I did it to simply share my journey with others and inspire them to find their own journey. I was struggling to find my way on this weight loss journey and I know that if I was, others were too. Then somewhere along the way I started seeing progress, little by little. And for some people it may have seemed like I found the answers. The truth is, I haven’t. I still struggle. It almost seems like the more I learn the more confused I am. The funny thing is I put myself in this place. I’m my own biggest enemy sometimes.


I’m at a place in my weight loss journey where I just feel stuck. I have lost around 25lbs in the last year, which is amazing and something to be proud of. But I’ve also been in the same 5-8lb range for the last 6 months. Yes, I’m building muscle. And no, I shouldn’t care what the scale says… but I still do. I feel like with all the work I’ve put in I should see some kind of change on the scale. It may be a lying whore… but does it really lie that much for that long?

Sometimes I feel like people who say don’t worry about your weight are the ones who are within sprinting distance of their goal or healthy weight. Reality is that I am obese. At 5’3″ and 190lbs my BMI is calculated at 33.7 – which is in the Obese category. I know these scales are flawed as well… but it still shows that I have a ways to go before I get into the “healthy weight” category. Based on my height I would have to weight 169 to get into the “overweight” category… and down to 140 before getting into the healthy range. Again – I know these scales aren’t perfect and don’t take into account muscle and what not. I’m just trying to give you a picture of how far I still have to go…


The thing I’m honestly struggling with right now is my relationship with food. Everyone has an opinion on it…. Eat this, don’t eat that… Count Calories… points… macros… Just eat clean… It’s just SO much to take in. I preached for awhile that Paleo worked for me… and it did when I was I was strict… but the truth is I just don’t like being strict Paleo. Not because it doesn’t work, but because I struggle with crazy guilt when I eat something not Paleo. The whole30 didn’t help with that either. It was great and I felt good – but I didn’t feel like it was sustainable long term. I feel like the guilt I struggle with when going “off plan” is more harmful than eating that way 80% of the time is helpful.

So what does all this mean? It just means I’m taking the labels off myself. I’m going to start tracking my calories and keeping them within a reasonable range. I still will make healthy food choices, mostly likely using the framework of Paleo eating as a guide for good choices… but by taking the label off myself (which I put on myself in the first place) I’m giving my mind a little freedom. If I want a taco instead of a taco salad, I’ll eat it without guilt. It is that guilt that derails me every time. Well, if I’m gonna cheat… I may as well cheat big… blah blah blah. So by allowing myself some freedom I’ll be more at peace with myself. And I need that.

Have you experienced food guilt?


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Happy Hydration! EcoJarz Review & Giveaway

It’s Weigh In Wednesday.
and I weigh the exact same as I did last week: 190.
Which is great, considering my weekend was like a non stop all you can eat buffet.
but i’m not letting a no-loss week steal my thunder. I’m focusing on things I can do to make next week different.

Like Hydration!

When it comes to health and weight loss the one thing we hear constantly is how we should be drinking water.  But if we are honest, we usually don’t drink enough water despite the fact that we know we should. I find that I just simply forget. I needed something to help remind/motivate me to drink my water! Enter the Plant Nanny App!


I bought this app with my own money after seeing some other people post about it on facebook and instagram. Basically it helps you determine how much water you should be drinking and it reminds you throughout the day to drink them. If you don’t record that you drank it your poor little plant starts to wither away. As you keep hitting your water goals your plant grows. This totally reminded me of a Tomagotchi or Nano Pet! I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I actually have a little plant garden of all the plants I’ve raised so far.


So cute, right? This app has helped me hit my water intake nearly every day for the past few weeks. And I feel great!

You know what else helps me drink more water? Awesome cups to drink out of. Enter: EcoJarz


This was another awesome product that I found thanks to Instagram (Do you follow me? I’m @courtnorm) and I totally loved the idea of this. So instead of drinking from a plastic water bottle this handy dandy little contraption turns a mason jar into a to go cup! I received the regular mouth lid in both the stainless steel and silicone, as well as the regular stainless steel straws, the smoothie straws, and a straw cleaner. They just recently came out with the wide mouth version of the lids too!


I made a smoothie and loved having it in my mason jar with my protein waffles. mmm.


I use it for drinking water with my meals, as well as at my desk. I try to keep a jar of water chilled in the fridge for when I need a refill and just switch out the lid.

I love that this takes something so common, like the mason jar, and makes it super useful. No more disposible water bottles and no plastic bottles that contain BPA or Phthalates, EcoJarz is safe for you and good for the environment!

And remember how I told you this week would be filled with fun and giveaways? Well we are still going strong! The Inner Strength Apparel and Bestowed Box giveaways are still open… but I’ve got another! One of you will get to win your own EcoJarz Lid!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

How Do you stay Hydrated? 

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Homemade Coconut Creme Larabars, WIAW & Weigh In Wednesday

Guys. This is freaking brilliant. So, I’ve know that making “lara bars” seemed relatively easy. I liked regular Lara Bars, but it wasn’t until I tried the Coconut Creme ones that I was hooked. I’m pretty sure the only reason I survived my last week of Whole30 was because of those puppies. Thing is, at $1.25ish a piece… I was droppin a lot of dough on these little treats. So I decided to try to recreate them at home… and man oh man, they were spot on!



I did a ton of food prep on Sunday so that we would be well prepared for the week. Since feeling confused about my eating I realized I do better with a plan. Also with running the CrossFit we are gone most mornings, then have to come home and jump right into our “day” jobs then we are gone a lot of evenings too – when we come home and have to eat dinner later than I’d like. So I’ve been prepping lots of breakfast food like breakfast casserole and protein waffles


With the hubs on a quest to gain muscle and Little P on some kind of huge growth spurt eating kick, the breakfast casserole lasts about 3-4 days. It is seriously so good. Pop it in the microwave for about a minute, add some tabasco, tomato and avocado… the perfect breakfast in a pinch. and my kitchen stays clean. win-win.


For dinners I’ve been keeping it simple lately. For awhile I got all fancy with my meal planning and was trying something new (and most likely complicated) almost every night. Between coaching CrossFit classes, making sure my 3 year old gets to bed at a decent time, and school/house work I just don’t have the time for that. I’m relying on the crock pot a lot. I used one of my old favorites last night, Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken.

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken

Instead of making it on a bun I put mine over roasted cauliflower and ate it with celery. Fulfills my buffalo chicken craving without the breaded and oil friend boneless buffalo wings.

I’m also trying to make an effort to keep most dairy out of my diet. I have been using canned coconut milk since the whole30 – and then I found this beauty and had to try it…


I’m not sure what makes this “Barista Style” different from the other coconut creamer I’ve tried… It seems a bit smoother. I noticed this one has pea protein and the regular one didn’t. Either way – It’s good!

Since we talked about all this amazing food, let’s also take a minute to talk weight. I know the scale is a lying whore. I also know that the last 2 weeks of food choices have been less than stellar. That is one of the reasons i’m trying to get more on board with prepping/planning so I don’t make bad choices. Since my last Weigh In Wednesday Post where I shared my Whole30 Results, I’m up 3 pounds. So, yup. I’m back to 190. I know, After eliminating dairy/grains/legumes for 30 days and then essentially bingeing on them is going to cause weight gain. Now I’m just striving to find balance. And pushing SO hard to get to my next mini goal of 175. Why are these 15lbs SO. DANG. HARD. to lose? UGH.

Linking up with Erin and Alex for Weigh In Wednesday and Linking up with Jenn for WIAW

Do you love LaraBars? Do you food prep? What have you been eating lately?



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Weigh In Wednesday: Whole 30 Week 1 Results

Two posts in one day, aren’t you lucky! Time for a check in on my Whole30 Progress so far!


Weigh In Wednesday

Since weighing yourself is not allowed on Whole30 I’m going to stick to some measurements. I wasn’t sure how this week was going to go with the GO STL half marathon on Sunday. I usually tend to bloat after a race, holding on to water and what not. I ended up doing a pretty intense lifting session Monday night and  a WOD on Tuesday morning so today is my first total rest day since the race. I haven’t got back out to run yet, I just haven’t been feeling it, and that’s ok. Less than a month until the Pittsburgh Half so I need to get back out there ASAP though! I was mostly on point with Whole30 this week, but I just did’t know what kind of results to expect. Here is what I found when I measured this morning:


Uhm- WHAT?! I’ll freaking take that.

I want to get the most out of this program so I’m trying to be more careful this week about not relying on nut butters and fruits so much and choosing more nutrient dense vegetables, especially as snacks. I’ve also been slacking on my water the last 2 days, so time to slurp it up.

I’m pretty thrilled with these results being 1/3 of the way through the program. I can’t wait to see what the before and after look like!

How was your week? Any NSVs to share?

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Weigh In Wednesday: How to Motivate Yourself {giveaway}

Weigh In Wednesday

What up, homies! It’s Wednesday, that means it is time for Weigh In Wednesday! I’m linking up with Erin and Alex again, love the motivation of the community that comes with this link up! Monday was the last day of the Dietbet Spring Break Shape up, and I’m proud to say I finally weighed in under 190 and I’m still there today (even after last night’s cookie binge… Thanks Aaron!)


So, I won the dietbetAlong with several other people. The buy in was $35 and we won $48.30. Not a HUGE win, but a win nonetheless!

Remember the last few weeks I’ve talked about being in a funk? Well over the last week I have been slowly finding my way out of it. I found a few things that really helped and if they can help me get out of my funk maybe they can help you to. Here are some tips on How to Motivate Yourself to lose weight


1. Remember Where You Started

Whether you couldn’t walk for more than a few minutes and now you can, you started in a size 20 and are now a 14, or you have stopped drinking soda and started drinking water – those are all things to be celebrated. I got frustrated about these last few months being the same up and down of 10 lbs or so. But what about before that? THIS is why you should take progress pics!



2. Set Achievable Goals

This is one of the reasons I love doing the Dietbet Challenges. There are achievable concrete goals that you can measure. Tell yourself you can jog for 1 minute and then walk for a minute. Next time go 5 seconds longer. Instead of focusing on cutting unhealthy things, try to add in more healthy things. Set a goal to drink 100 ounces of water, track it and celebrate it! Lose 5 lbs. Fit into a certain pair of pants. Just deciding to be generally healthier is a great thing, but having achievable and trackable goals make it easier to stay motivated because you can SEE the progress. It’s not to late to jump in on Operation Red Bikini either – set goals and let your friends help keep you motivated to reach them!


3. Get new Workout Clothes!

For me NOTHING is more motivating than getting new workout gear. I love feeling cute when I work out. For the longest time I have been eyeing Lululemon stuff but thought there was no way I’d fit into it. They go up to size 12. Right now I’m in a 14ish depending on the brand in jeans. Well, last week the hubs drove me out to the store. I was nervous going into the fitting room. I tried on a pair of size 12 Wonder Unders and BAM fit like a glove. I felt amazing.


(lulu wonder unders and HRM All Sports Bra)

Aside from those awesome finds, I was also lucky enough to get to try out some crazy cool WOD Addiction gear. They sent me  the Keep Calm and Lift Heavy Tank and the Skull Burnout Hoodie. Both are awesomely comfortable. I love the thin burnout material. It is great to WOD in! I wore it to WOD last week and it held up great. Not only is comfortable and functional, it is cute! It is totally possible to be Cute and Beast at the same time. Just Sayin…


Oh, hello muscles.

The burnout hoodie has the classic WOD Addiction Kettlebell Skull with Bow and the words WOD Addiction across the left sleeve in a cute font. This is something that you can wear to WOD or even just out and about, it is versatile and cute.

The Keep Calm tank has the classic kettlebell skull as well as the saying “Keep Calm and Lift Heavy” in PINK. I love pink. The back is a racerback and is printed with WOD Addiction down the middle of the racerback. WOD Addiction has CrossFit Apparel for everyone, even dudes AND kids!


Since I am climbing my way out of this weight loss slump – WOD Addiction wants to help motivate one of you too! One lucky reader will win their choice of a WOD Addiction T-Shirt or Tank. Use the Rafflecopter below to get in on this!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What are some of your favorite tips for staying motivated to lose weight?

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Weigh In Wednesday: In a Funk

Weigh In Wednesday

Oh yay. Time for another Weigh In Wednesday. If I were to be really honest with you I would tell you I’m struggling right now. Sure, I’ve managed to meet my dietbet goal and stay under it… But I have been stuck lately. Mentally I am just in such a funk. Meal planning has been hard, we’ve eaten out more than we should, indulged in too many cheats… but when I realized that I have only lost 7 lbs in the last 6 months I got kinda frustrated. I work my tail off. I know the scale doesn’t tell all, but when I feel like I work so hard and don’t see the results I’m going after it is tough. People who say the number on the scale doesn’t matter are lying. For me, it does. It’s not about being a certain weight, but it is about seeing progress. I haven’t been seeing amazing improvements in my workouts and my clothes are still fitting the same. My eating hasn’t been completely on point every day of the last 6 months, but I have more good days than bad. I have been trying to track everything I eat to try to figure out where I’m going wrong here. Something’s gotta give. More than anything I need to get my head back in the game.

Not to use it as an excuse, but it is time to get my thyroid levels checked again. Thank you, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis for jacking up my hormones and metabolism. Now for the down and dirty details.


Last week: 190.4
This Week: 190.6

There ya have it folks.

Do you ever find yourself in a funk? 

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