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Surprising Myself

This week feels so weird. Maybe because we traveled last week or because the hubs is gone for a few days this week also… I don’t know. Either way, it just feels weird this week.

Today is Weigh In Wednesday and while I don’t have much to report in the way of numbers on the scale. After our trip to Texas last week I was actually up 3lbs, but came back down to 186.8 as of this morning. I’ve been around 185-186 for the last few weeks. Even though I know better it will always be a bit disappointing not to see the scale move. It does, however, make me all the more thankful for other signs of progress when they come. I take progress pictures often. Sometimes I find it harder to see changes than others. Here is one of the most recent comparisons…


I can see my whole midsection area has gotten smaller, as well as my upper arm. I wish I had a more dramatic picture, but results are results no matter how small!

On top of that I’ve been seeing some massive performance improvements. There have been several times this week I have really surprised myself with my performance. I jumped up on the rope and was able to actually climb up a ways, a few weeks ago holding on was a struggle. Today I did my first ever legit Toes2Bar. I jokingly tried it and actually did it! I was shocked. These are things I’ve struggled with for the longest time and now I’m finally seeing them happen! Those are things I can get excited about! Now if I can just get more consistent with my pull ups and work on my handstand push ups… and then on to muscle ups! Bring it on!

This week I’m planning on staying on point trying to make up for lost ground from our Texas trip. Which wasn’t really lost ground, it was a prescribed “refeed” to shock my system. My coach also changed up my macros on a few days increasing protein and decreasing carbs. I can’t wait for my check in next week to see where I’m at. In the meantime, I’ll keep surprising myself!

Rocking my WOD Gear Crops and Wrist Wraps
Rocking my WOD Gear Crops and Wrist Wraps

When was the last time you surprised yourself?


15 thoughts on “Surprising Myself”

  1. You look fabulous babe!! And you’re a constant reminder of how keeping on track pays off! Congrats on the rope climb – I know that feeling totally and I did the same thing with my first T2B just recently. Was explaining to a newbie about it and magically just popped one out šŸ™‚ keep up the hard work! And send me some of your awesome clothes hook up =p


  2. Love reading about your progress. Just curious about how you track everything. I have a hard time staying consistent with tracking my WOD stats, weight etc and I think it would motivate me more if I could see that. What do you do?


  3. Since I started juicing my veggies this week, I’ve felt a huge improvement. I have so much more energy, especially at the gym. Lately my performances have been surprising me too! That’s always so encouraging to see!


  4. Is your box doing the LuRong Paleo Challenge in September? We are…and I’m totally on the fence. I went Primal from March-May and lost NOTHING. Added whole grains back in and BOOM! Lost 15 pounds. Anyway, wanted to know your thoughts!

    Lookin’ good, Mama! Keep up the hard work!


    1. We aren’t doing the challenge. I’m not 100% in agreement with strict paleo. If you talk to any of the games athletes you’d be hard pressed to find any of them that do strict Paleo. I did Whole30 in April and was pretty strict paleo for the first few months I did crossfit. I did see some weight loss, but during my whole30 I lost a lot of strength. I find it hard to sustain my level of training and build strength without adding in some carbs. Currently I eat oatmeal, jasmine rice, and Ezekiel bread along with my protein and veggies.


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