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Lightened Up Ranch Tuna Salad #BeeHealthy

It is already 3 weeks into the New Year. There is a saying that goes around saying that it takes 21 days to form a habit. So, have you made your New Year’s Resolutions into habits or have you already forgotten what they were? This is your year to become who it is you want to be. It’s still a New Year, and there is time to become that new you that you’ve always dreamed of. Many people set health related goals. As a CrossFit Gym owner and Coach the most common goals I see people setting this time of year are to lose fat and/or gain muscle. When I talk to clients about their food there is one thing that is missing in most of their diets: protein. Most people do not eat enough high quality, lean protein or good healthy fats. Bumble Bee Tuna offers a super affordable healthy option full of lean protein, healthy fat, and important vitamins and minerals.

I picked up a few of the pouches of Bumble Bee Omega-3 Albacore Tuna. I love that they offer pouches, it saves some time from having to drain the can. If the can is more your jam, they have that too! I used the pouch and a few other ingredients to make one of my favorite lunches, Lightend Up Ranch Tuna Salad.


I started with some chopped onions, about 1 tablespoon, and half of a green pepper. Here you can really make it to fit your preferences, maybe some celery, pickles, or any of your other favorite fresh vegetables. I used 1 pouch of Bumble Bee Omega-3 Tuna, Plain Greek Yogurt, and Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning.


Poor it all in a bowl and mix thoroughly.


You can put it on top of a bed of lettuce and some tomatoes and cucumbers or put it in a whole grain wrap if you want to add in some carbs. This is a super easy and delicious way to add in protein when you are in a pinch for time. Now that I think about it, I’m sure you could add a dalop of greek yogurt and a pinch of seasoning right to the pouch and eat it on the go – another way to avoid the drive through! See, adding protein doesn’t have to be complicated… or bland. This is your year to reach your goals. Let’s do it.

What are some of your favorite healthy meals you fix up in a pinch?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Weekend Recap & Menu Planning Monday 10/6

Another week has come and gone already. Worse yet, the weekend came and went even faster! We seem to be on this trend of having one busy weekend followed by a not busy weekend. When we have a busy weekend it is stupid busy. When we have a not so busy weekend it is such a breath of fresh air. The hubs’ family wanted to spend some time with Payton so we were on our own Friday night. So we had a random date night. An early Happy Hour dinner at Bar Louie in St Charles followed by coffee at Picasos. It was fun and spontaneous!

Saturday we had a great morning workout and brunch with friends. Then we met up with the family to pick up Payton. We got to relax at home for a few hours before going to meet up with friends for dinner. While Saturdays are usually go go go, I try to take Sundays to get stuff done. That is when I normally do my meal planning.


I looked at this week’s eMeals Clean Eating Slow Cooker Plan and decided that 3 of the dishes looked really good, so I added them into our weekly plan. I super duper puffy heart love my crock pot.

Sunday- Smoked Meat and Dip
Monday- Chili
Tuesday- Chipotle Pork and Garlic Potatoes (eMeals)
Wednesday- Cuban Sandwiches & Artichoke Dip (eMeals)
Thursday- Gingered Broccoli & Beef with Glazed Carrots (eMeals)
Friday- OUT

Saturday- Leftovers

I love planning ahead, it makes it so much easier! For example, the Chipotle Pork on Tuesday doubles as the meat for the Cuban sandwiches on Wednesday. Cook once, eat twice. Also with the eMeals app on my phone I can skip the meals I wasn’t planning on making and it automatically updates the shopping list for me. I’m all about working smarter, not harder.

After putting together the menu I headed to the grocery store. I usually shop for 80% of my groceries at Target and get the 20% of specialty items, meat, and produce from Dierburgs (a local grocery store). Target has an awesome app for your phone called Cartwheel, I use that with Coupons, sales, and the Red Card and end up saving a good amount of money. I love saving money.

What are you eating this week? Did you have a good weekend?

I’m linking up with OrgJunkie for more Menu planning tips and inspiration! 


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Menu Planning Monday 9/29

Not too long ago I wrote a post about how I meal plan. Since menu planning is such an important part of my routine I decided to try to make it a regular part of what I share here on the blog. I hope sharing my meal planning tips and ideas helps you find new recipes or meal planning ideas. So, here goes Menu Planning Monday! I’ll be linking up with OrgJunkie for her Menu Plan Monday Link up!

Sidenote: For the last year or so I was following a strict meal plan from my nutrition coach. It was extremely helpful for the season I was in, but it was so stressful to try to keep up with that meal plan and still have something different for the husband and kiddo. Planning/cooking 3 separate dishes at every meal time just hasn’t been feasible in the last few months since my surgery, so I’ve just been doing my best to make smart, balanced, and healthy decisions… Just living out #WYCWYC.  I’ll update ya’ll on my future nutrition plans in more detail in another post. IMG_6762Just like yours probably is, my life is crazy busy. Here is a very generic example of my day:

5:15am- Wake Up, Get Dressed (unless it’s Tuesday, then I’m up at 4:15!)
5:30am- Wake Payt up, get her dressed and ready to leave
5:45am- Head to CrossFit
6:00am- Work out
7:00am- Coach
8:00am(ish)- Head Home for Breakfast and work
8:30am-12pm- Work from home…. Emails, spreadsheets, stats, more emails
12pm- Lunch/Chores
1:00pm-4:45pm(ish)- More work.
4:45pm- Finish up work, pack up to head back up to CrossFit to coach
5:00pm-7:30pm(ish)- Coach
7:30pm- Head home to eat. Clean up after dinner.
8:30pm- Put Payton to bed. Chores. Prepare for next day.
9:00pm- Bed.

There is not much time built in for cooking or running to the store for forgotten ingredients. Since there is literally an hour from the time we get home to when it is time to get ready for bed I do my best to have dinners already prepared. I live and die by my crockpot during the week. Usually when I’m making lunch I’ll go ahead and put dinner together as well. I have some family favorites that I will have in the rotation ever few weeks, but coming up with meal ideas that are healthy and quick is the most stressful part of meal planning. Thank goodness for eMeals! I’ve been a member off and on for the last couple years. I used it back when we were eating more paleo-ish, I’ve done the store specific plans, but most recently I’ve discovered their Clean Eating Crockpot Plan. The weekly plan gives you 7 meal options with sides. I pick and choose a few of the meals to try out each week, mostly because I don’t want to try something new every single night. There are also a few meals that don’t jive with our personal taste, mainly the fish meals. I fill in the holes with those rotating favorites. The meal plans come with shopping lists and estimated costs, which is really helpful for budget planning as well. This kind of planning help is especially useful for back to school season as you try to get back to a routine.

Now on to the menu…

Sunday- Teriyaki Grilled Chicken//Coleslaw//Asian Salad
Monday- Crockpot Orange Chicken
Tuesday- Pasta Sauce and Meatballs (eMeals)
Wednesday- Smokey Chicken Fajitas  (eMeals)
Thursday- Texmex Rice Bowls using leftover Smokey Chicken (eMeals)
Friday-  Family Date Night Out
Saturday- Leftovers

If you are interested in checking out eMeals, use the code SCHOOL to get 20% your plans.

What’s on your menu this week?

Discliamer: This post contains affiliate links where I may earn a tiny portion of commission if you choose to purchase through my link, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Out of the Ordinary Day

Hey Guys!

How is your week going so far? Seems like my week has been SO long. How is it only Wednesday? Today is a super special day… It’s my husbands 29th birthday! So we decided to take the day off. Payton had school so after working out this morning we went to breakfast with some friends then headed home to clean up before making the trip out to Sump Coffee… Mid-Week Coffee Date for the win!


Obviously I love coffee, so a new coffee experience is always welcomed. It was a great ambiance. It was really all about the coffee. They buy their beans green and roast them. The flavors are out of this world. It is not a frilly coffee shop. They carry only whole milk and soy milk and have no syrups or cream. Coffee truly is an art to them and I enjoyed it.


After that we went down to the Central West End and found a cool place for lunch. I forgot to take a picture, what kind of blogger am I?! I had a great Chipotle Chicken Salad and lots of chips and salsa. After we picked Payton up we went to get cupcakes. Because every birthday deserves a good cupcake!

When we arrived home I was super excited to see that my text book arrived for my Precision Nutrition Certification Course!!


I have been wanting to do some sort of nutrition certification for a long time now. I’ve looked into lots of different options but when I found this one I knew it was the one. It is not just about nutrition in general, but sports and exercise nutrition. I love that it combines the science and the application. They have a Level 1 and a Level 2 certification. I’m doing the Level 1 now and plan on getting the Level 2 next spring. I’ll share the journey with you along the way, of course.

After sneaking in a little bit of work we decided to go out and celebrate some more. We ended up at the local kids party place. I am not usually a big fan, mostly because lots of small children make me feel stressed… but on a Wednesday evening it was empty! Score!


We played lots of Ski Ball


Chris won the jackpot on Deal or No Deal


And I beat Chris twice in the Sink It game.

It was such a fun spontaneous day! I love spending time with the hubs and kiddo. And I love being able to celebrate another birthday with the man I am lucky to call mine. He is my best friend and biggest supporter. He is my sanity and keeps me grounded. Plus he has a pretty epic beard. I mean, look at it…


Can’t argue with that, can ya? #BeardStrong

Happy Birthday!

How do you celebrate birthdays?
Are you Pro or Anti beard?

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Meal Planning and Staying on Track

I don’t dread Mondays as much as some people do. I usually look forward to getting back to my workouts after a day off on Sunday. This week I’m still pretttttty sore from Saturdays WOD. It was the Hero WOD DT which is:

5 rounds of
12 Deadlifts 155/105
9 Hang Cleans 155/105
6 Push Jerks 155/105

105 is a light deadlift for me, but 105 hang cleans would get tough after a few rounds and 105 push jerks were going to be tough. I did it. And I was SO proud that I was able to do it RX. But man, oh man, did I feel it the next day. Like tender to the touch sore. I also had some awesome battle wounds from the cleans and jerks…


They were still a little tight this morning but I got them good and warmed up before I jumped into this gem:

6 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
5 Thrusters 95/65
5 Pull Ups

Oh yea, that burns. It’s like Mini-Fran. And it gave me the same hard to breathe sock in the gut as Fran does. Yay!

Anyway, Lately I’ve been feeling a little lost when it comes to staying on track with my meal plan. I had one plan that just wasn’t working for me, those dang no carb days are killers and I can’t function. So I switched back to my previous plan. In between I was kind of winging it with what I had left on hand. And then there was Halloween… Where I may have snagged a few pieces of candy… and a night out with friends where I had some cheesecake… and well, it turns into a slippery slope of “Just a bite” or “I’ve been pretty good” and then it’s hard to find the groove again.

I’m still learning this whole balancing act between buckling down to reach my goals and enjoying life without guilt. Moderation is a beautiful thing, but I feel like it is SO hard to do it right. I am far too often the “all or nothing” kind of girl. Like I will stick to my meal plan 100% or not follow it at all. The last few weeks I’ve been more on track during the day and then weekends have been a little tough.

The good news is my weight has maintained around the same few pounds. So, I’m good at maintaining my weight. I know that if I want to keep losing I realllly need to stay on track. So, for this week I’m going to do my best to have a “No Cheat Week” – Follow the plan 100% – Including drinking my water!

For those of you that are curious I am following a meal plan from my Nutrition Coach, Jamie from Precision Fitness STL,  that is currently a 45% Protein, 40% Carbs, 15% Fat Macro Breakdown. I have around 6 meals a day. To be honest I have no idea how many calories it is or even how each item breaks down because he gives me a whole meal plan with recipes to follow. I prefer it that way because I don’t have to think about what to eat, I just eat what is on the schedule. That doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for me. Remember, you have to do what works for you!


My husband and daughter aren’t doing the same eating plan I am, so I often have to make several different meals. I’m ok with that. The hubs is trying to gain muscle so he eats a lot more than I do and the kiddo eats pretty clean for the most part (though she would live off PB&J if I let her…) My typical process for meal planning for the week starts in Evernote. I looooove that it syncs with my phone so my shopping list and meal plan is always right there. I list out the days of the week I need to plan for and have a few staples I keep in mind for their meals like shredded buffalo chicken, Tacos, Chili, and Italian Beef Sandwiches. I always ask the hubs what he is in the mood for even though every time the response is the same “You do a good job, you know what I like” – I also think of meals that are easy to pre-prep or do in the Crockpot since we are at the CrossFit late. Thanks to Pinterest for keeping the inspiration fresh! I also have a subscription to the emeals clean eating crockpot meals. This provides me with good ideas, though I don’t follow it to the T every week. Click on the banner below to check out other emeals options including Paleo, Clean Eating, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Natural & Organic and tons more. Each week they send you a meal plan and grocery list.


Enter the code HOLIDAY at checkout to save 15% on your meal plans
Good until 11/6

As far as my meal planning goes I usually just make sure to have all ingredients on hand and lots of chicken pre-cooked. I also try to chop my veggies and roast them if need be. It all depends on whats on the plan for that week. The more a pre-prep the less likely I am to slip up! Preparation is key!!

Sunday is my grocery day. I get a lot of my groceries from Target and use coupons and the Cartwheel app to save a TON. Yesterday I saved about $8 on things like milk, cheese, eggs, peppers, & canned goods just by using the Cartwheel app. I get a lot of my more unique “health food” type items from Dierburgs. It would probably be cheaper at Trader Joe’s, but that is like a 40 minute drive. I clean out the fridge of old foods and prep anything I can on Sundays. That sets me up for the week. Let’s hope this week is a good one and I can break free from the curse of 183!

How do you handle meal planning and staying on track?

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Weigh in Wednesday: The Nutrition Plan

So, remember my Under Armour What’s Beautiful Goal? It was to train for my first CrossFit Competition. I had my goal competition debut scheduled as the Gateway Garage Games in September, so I had plenty of time to work on my strength and skill… but then another local competition popped up so I’m going to be actually doing my first CrossFit competition on Saturday! Eeeek! A huge part of me continuing to make strength and skill gains is figuring out my nutrition. If you don’t eat well you can’t perform well.

I’ve been so stinkin confused about my nutrition lately. I had hit a plateau and was really struggling mentally. So, I went to see a nutrition coach. We sat and talked for awhile and he was really supportive of my goals to both lose fat and gain strength. He sent me my meal plan and I spent the weekend shopping, cooking, measuring, and prepping food.


My kitchen was a mad house. So, this new plan is based on Macros. For me it is 45-35-20 Carbs, Protein, Fat. I have 4 high calorie days and 3 lower calorie days. I am eating 7x a day including my night time protein shake before bed. I am eating a lot of the same things over and over, which makes prep work a ton easier. I used my food scale and measured out all the right amounts of each part of the meal.

I also visited with the folks at Supplement Superstore to get all my supplements.

When Monday morning rolled around everything was ready to go! I have a mix of oatmeal, chia seeds, blueberries, protein powder, mixed with water before heading to CrossFit in the morning and then I come home and immediately eat up some breakfast, which includes cinnamon raisin Ezekiel Break French Toast… yum!


Obviously there is a whole crapton of egg whites and a Cytogreens mixture too.

I eat every 2-3 hours with the remainder of the meals being protein heavy and the majority of the carbs being in the early afternoon time. 2 days in and I can’t say I’ve felt hungry or deprived at all. It has been super easy to do and you know what? I’m already seeing shocking results. When I weighed in at our first appointment last week I was at 192. Now – just after 2 full days of following this plan to a T… I’m down to 187.8 – this is the lowest I’ve been in a long time! I think the biggest change was actually eating more, so weird right? We are always taught to eat less to lose weight but thats just not the case. Eat more quality, real, whole, foods.

Let’s hear about your week – Any “wins” you want to share?

 Linking up for Weigh In Wednesday and WIAW!


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Homemade Coconut Creme Larabars, WIAW & Weigh In Wednesday

Guys. This is freaking brilliant. So, I’ve know that making “lara bars” seemed relatively easy. I liked regular Lara Bars, but it wasn’t until I tried the Coconut Creme ones that I was hooked. I’m pretty sure the only reason I survived my last week of Whole30 was because of those puppies. Thing is, at $1.25ish a piece… I was droppin a lot of dough on these little treats. So I decided to try to recreate them at home… and man oh man, they were spot on!



I did a ton of food prep on Sunday so that we would be well prepared for the week. Since feeling confused about my eating I realized I do better with a plan. Also with running the CrossFit we are gone most mornings, then have to come home and jump right into our “day” jobs then we are gone a lot of evenings too – when we come home and have to eat dinner later than I’d like. So I’ve been prepping lots of breakfast food like breakfast casserole and protein waffles


With the hubs on a quest to gain muscle and Little P on some kind of huge growth spurt eating kick, the breakfast casserole lasts about 3-4 days. It is seriously so good. Pop it in the microwave for about a minute, add some tabasco, tomato and avocado… the perfect breakfast in a pinch. and my kitchen stays clean. win-win.


For dinners I’ve been keeping it simple lately. For awhile I got all fancy with my meal planning and was trying something new (and most likely complicated) almost every night. Between coaching CrossFit classes, making sure my 3 year old gets to bed at a decent time, and school/house work I just don’t have the time for that. I’m relying on the crock pot a lot. I used one of my old favorites last night, Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken.

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken

Instead of making it on a bun I put mine over roasted cauliflower and ate it with celery. Fulfills my buffalo chicken craving without the breaded and oil friend boneless buffalo wings.

I’m also trying to make an effort to keep most dairy out of my diet. I have been using canned coconut milk since the whole30 – and then I found this beauty and had to try it…


I’m not sure what makes this “Barista Style” different from the other coconut creamer I’ve tried… It seems a bit smoother. I noticed this one has pea protein and the regular one didn’t. Either way – It’s good!

Since we talked about all this amazing food, let’s also take a minute to talk weight. I know the scale is a lying whore. I also know that the last 2 weeks of food choices have been less than stellar. That is one of the reasons i’m trying to get more on board with prepping/planning so I don’t make bad choices. Since my last Weigh In Wednesday Post where I shared my Whole30 Results, I’m up 3 pounds. So, yup. I’m back to 190. I know, After eliminating dairy/grains/legumes for 30 days and then essentially bingeing on them is going to cause weight gain. Now I’m just striving to find balance. And pushing SO hard to get to my next mini goal of 175. Why are these 15lbs SO. DANG. HARD. to lose? UGH.

Linking up with Erin and Alex for Weigh In Wednesday and Linking up with Jenn for WIAW

Do you love LaraBars? Do you food prep? What have you been eating lately?



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Whole 30 April: Week 3 Recap (Link Up!)


Ok- Since sugar isn’t allowed on the Whole30 I’m not going to sugar coat this… This week was tough. My thoughts on the First 3 weeks of the whole30:

Week 1 – It’s new and exciting – we can do this!
Week 2- The newness wears off and it is hard. The end seems so far away.
Week 3- Longest. Week. Ever. End is near.

I expected it to get easier, but it has just been dragging on. I’m still making good eating decisions, but almost begrudgingly. The week wasn’t too bad. I prepped some food to have on hand like hard boiled eggs and an egg bake for breakfast. Sadly, the egg bake doesn’t taste good, but I don’t want to waste food so I keep eating it.

Friday we went out to a brazilian steak house to celebrate our CrossFit opening. It’s one of those places they bring out all different kinds of meat on swords. I had a lot of meat. It was good. Some of the meat had sauces on it, that most likely had added sugar, but it wasn’t a lot so I let it slide. I also had a bite of a fried banana and immediately felt guilty about it.

Saturday was the hardest day by far. I was just stressed out. I’m struggling to find a new “normal” with the changes in our schedule. We had a busy day of training new clients, school started up again this week, Payton had a birthday party (where I didn’t eat the cake… but ate dates I had in my purse), and I was lacking in patience (mostly due to a certain time of the month… TMI I Know…) and all I wanted was wine and ice cream. I refrained from both. But I found myself increasingly irritated, tired, and just wanting to be done.

Sunday I had a long run on the schedule for my training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. After going through the GO! STL Half Marathon a few weeks ago I knew I needed some fuel during the run. I had some Clif Shots and Nuun, not whole30… but I didn’t want to try to do it without since I’ll be using them for the race. I felt good during the run. I could definitely tell I was feeling lighter on my feet!


(ignore that nasty cold sore. apparently the stress of this week decides to make itself known in the most irritating way possible)

I have seen amazing progress so I will press on another week!


I have no plans of going crazy on day 31 and beyond… but I will for sure add in some things that I’ve been missing. Like dessert. and Paleo Pancakes.

How Did Your Week Go? Link up if you’re doing Whole30!

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April Whole30 Check In: Week 2

First of all I wanted to say THANK YOU all for your response to Friday’s post on Friendship– It is SO refreshing to know I’m not alone in this struggle. Hopefully we can all just learn to be friends to each other and no one will have to be lonely anymore! Als0- Don’t forget to enter the U Design Jewelry Giveawy!!

THE HALF WAY POINT!!! WHOOO! So I’ve officially made it half way through the Whole30! And let me tell you, it has NOT been easy. I seriously thought I ate “pretty clean” before this, but I gave into my cravings far more than I realized. There are a ton of other bloggers doing the Whole30 this month, so this is a place to link up and see how others are doing, to find ideas and inspiration, and to know you’re not alone.


So this week was tough. Tougher than week 1, I think. Week 1 I was all hyped up and “This is going to be amazing hooray!” Then I ran a half marathon – and when I do that I usually want to eat everything I see. I stayed on track and felt fine on Days 8-9. Kinda boring. Then comes Day 10.

Day 10 deserves its own paragraph. Because it was that miserable. I was constantly hungry. I was emotional. I was exhausted. I wanted everything I can’t have. Chai Latte from Starbucks, creamy latte, Chocolate Chip cookie, muffins…. I wanted it all. I had a hugely emotional moment of telling myself I “deserve” it and that having something – anything- would satisfy those cravings. I had black coffee… tried to make my own chai latte with my homemade almond milk (it wasn’t nearly as good without the sugar), had some rasins and cashews… nothing was cutting it. I ended up laying down for a bit in the afternoon and it helped. But I was still kinda cranky.

I thought week 2 was supposed to be kick butt awesome?! Day 11 was tough too, but not nearly as bad as day 10. I realized that I have, in fact, been sleeping way better. I know when I wake up and am utterly confused as to what day it is and why my alarm is going off that I have slept good. Things with my schedule have recently changed and now I’m working out at 7am instead of 5am and let me tell you those extra couple hours make ALL the difference. I have been sleeping deeper (according to my Sleep Cycle app) and longer. My body is thankful.

Now for the food! I have been staying true to the spirit of Whole30 and sticking to the program as much as possible. I have not, however, been worrying about the sourcing. I try to get organic and local as much as possible but when it comes to meat sometimes that isn’t an option. I have been eating breakfast meat like bacon and sausage that is not technically whole30 approved…. but that is just a small detail I’m willing to overlook for the results I want to get. As much as there are so many technical Whole30 rules, there are certain things that you have to decide for yourself if they will help you reach your goals, and for me eating those kinds of meats is fine.


Power Steak Bowl from Panera – Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce – Salad with Oil/Vinegar dressing – Eggs, Sausage, Broccoli, Spinach & Mushrooms, Tomatoes – Bison Burger topped with Homemade Avocado Dressing on a bed of Spinach, Asparagus, Broccoli – Roasted chicken and veggies – Lettuce Wrapped Chicken Breast with Bacon & Guac, Sweet potato fries from Red Robin – Breakfast bowl with eggs, broccoli, tomato, avocado, bacon – Texas Chocolate Chili with Avocado

We did eat out a lot more this week and I felt good about the choices I made. I stayed away from any processed sauces/dressing and picked mostly meat and veggies. I’m not sure what kind of oil the sweet potato fries were made it… but they were good. ha.

Overall I’m feeling good about my body. I am noticing myself looking smaller in the mirror. Mostly, I just miss the aspect of community when it comes to food. We are very much social eaters. While we still have been going out we have avoided some of our favorite places to go with friends because there would be too much temptation for me. Speaking of temptation – when we went out on Friday the hubs and daughter split a piece of cheesecake. It looked amazing. I was SO tempted to have just a bite. But I didn’t. HUGE points for that one.

I’m ready for week 3. I hope there aren’t any days like Day 10 – I want to be smooth sailing from here on out! If you are doing Whole30, link it up!

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How are you doing? How do you deal with those days you struggle with making healthy decisions?

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Whole30 April Week 1 Recap

I left my computer in the office for the whole weekend, and it felt great! I’m still recovering from yesterday’s Half marathon – It was a memorable experience. I’ll recap it in detail tomorrow. Today is time for my week 1 Whole30 Recap!

So, here we are at the beginning of Week 2 of our April Whole 30. How are you doing?


Days 1 & 2 weren’t that terrible for me. I found myself having a headache at the end of day 2 and 3, but still feeling pretty good. I was drinking water like it was going out of style. I down like 6 of these a day – at least.


I’ve kept my meals pretty simple… eggs & veggies for breakfast, Tuna or Chicken for lunch, usually over spinach. And steak/chicken/veggies for dinner. Here is a sample of some of my meals from this week


Slow cooked Chicken Breast over Spinach, roasted carrots, buttercup squash & asparagus – Organic Girl Greens Sample at the Exp0 – Salad from the Salad Bar at Jason’s Deli – Eggs, Bell Pepper, Onion, Mushrooms over spinach with Avocado – Spaghetti Squash and Tomato Sauce with chicken tender – Steak from Little Hills Winery – Eggs over Medium, Spinach & Mushrooms, Sausage Patty

My snacks have been Cashew’s & Rasins or Raw Veggies.

I didn’t really think I ate that “bad” before this – and for the most part I didn’t. I just didn’t realize how easy it was to talk myself into treats/splurges. There have been so many times I’ve had a craving for a sweet/dessert and had to use the steamed chicken and broccoli trick to talk myself out of it.

The hardest thing for me to adjust to has been coffee! I never ever ever thought I would drink black coffee. But I have been, and I’m still alive! I have been using Canned Coconut milk as creamer when I want a treat but I drink it mostly black now and I’m ok with it! Day 1 I did mess up by using the boxed Almond milk, apparently that is overly processed and “off plan” as well. I did some research throughout the week and figured out how to make my own almond milk. It’s actually really easy!


I just put one cup of whole almonds in 4 cups of water and let it sit in the fridge for 48 hours, then poured the old water out – put the almonds in a blender with 3 cups fresh water and blend until frothy and well blended. Pour mixture through a nut milk bag (I bought mine on amazon for a few bucks) and squeeze all the liquid out. Then I let the almond pieces dry out and plan on using it for other cooking. I frothed up my homemade milk in a cup of coffee and it was great!

This week went by fast and I honestly felt great most of it. I slept better and just felt lighter and happier. Going into this challenge the thing I was most concerned about was my half marathon. I had a friend coming in town to run it with me and we planned on going to meet up with another friend of ours in Columbia on Saturday night and I just wasn’t sure if I should do normal carb loading or try to stay on plan. I ate a ton of sweet potato at breakfast and had that spaghetti squash for lunch before we left. When we got to Columbia I still didn’t know what I would eat for dinner. Well, I ended up getting smoothie from this organic juice place – not the best whole30 choice but better than any of the other options. It was full of whole fruits and veggies with added Spirulina (and Payton had some of it too).

main squeezeMain Squeeze In Columbia, MO

Then we headed to Shakespeare’s Pizza. While I have eaten Pizza before most of my races, I just didn’t know how the gluten/dairy would affect my run after not having it for so long. So I passed on it and went for a spinach salad. The dressing was not whole30 so I just ate the salad dry. And no, that wasn’t my Red Stripe. I had plain black tea.


My biggest accomplishment was when we went to the FroYo place. I didn’t have a lick of it. I just watched them enjoy theirs.


I had planned on eating some more sweet potatoes when we got home, but we got home late and in the chaos of getting everything together for the race I forgot and went to bed. Whoops.

Then came race day. I had a banana and SunButter before heading out the door. I had some Honey Stingers with me but still wasn’t sure I would use them. I wanted desperately to stay on plan, but I also wanted to stay on course with the Whole30. It was a hard decision, but I knew as soon as I started running I wasn’t fueled enough, despite my best efforts. My legs were heavy. I ended up eating the whole pack of Honey Stingers, drinking some gatorade, eating a popsicle that some amazing people were handing out around mile 11 (I am pretty sure I would have eaten anything at the point) and I had a small bite of Ice Cream at the finish. At our post race meal all I wanted was a burger and fries, but I ordered a steak and veggies. I had some sweet potato fries as an appetizer and I’m sure they weren’t cooked according to Whole30 Standards. It wasn’t the worst choice, but it wasn’t the best. Technically according to Whole30 rules I should restart, but I’m just going to keep chugging along. I know its about elimination and reset, and I may have disrupted that process but with what I put my body through I don’t think I would have made it without the things I ate/drank throughout the day. Lesson learned – don’t do a major diet change the week before your half marathon! I’m still SUPER proud of the decisions I made. Usually running gives me the free pass cheat card where I eat like crap the rest of the day because I “earned it” – but I didn’t do that. I got technically off plan with some of the things I used, but I didn’t use that as an excuse to go wild. I did what I needed to do and I got right back on track.

Alright – Your turn! I know a ton of you are doing (or have done) a Whole30, so feel free to link up your Whole30 check in posts! How are you doing? 


If you’ve done a whole30 AND a long distance race – how did you fuel?