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Addicted To Progress

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Yesterday was my check in with my nutrition coach. To be honest, going into the check in I wasn’t feeling all the confident about my progress. I spent a few days in Texas and had a few more cheats than I should have. I also had a pretty stressful week last week with Chris being gone and had a hard time fitting in my 5th meal, which I normally eat in between coaching the 5pm and 6pm classes. Anyway, the good news is I still saw change. I lost 2lbs of fat, but unfortunately I also lost almost a pound of muscle. NOT what I want to see. I had less than a 1% change in my body fat. I’ve been averaging about 1.3% every 2 weeks. So, not horrible considering I was off plan a few days. But I still walked away a bit disappointed. We did some tweaking with my macros and I’m hoping to see positive changes from it over the next few weeks.

But it got me to thinking… I think I’ve become addicted to progress. It is easy to do on a health journey like this. You start out making small changes and seeing big results and you just get used to it. When I first started CrossFit I was setting huge PRs every week. Now I have to work my butt off to see even a small PR. It is hard to find the balance between being driven to be better and being obsessed with it. Seeing some not so great results may have frustrated me yesterday, but you know what? They were still results! Today we did a workout with double unders and I was the last one to finish by a long shot. But you know what? I still did the WOD with Double Unders and RX weight, Something I wasn’t able to do even just a few months ago. I’m making progress. I just need to learn to be happy with the progress I’m making. I’m making myself better every day, if the scale says so or not… if the PR board says so or not…. Each day I’m making healthy choices. and those small bits of progress add up.


This is about 4 months difference. Not only can you see the huge changes in my shape, but uhm, let’s talk about my form. Straight feet and elbows up. Also, look at my butt. Yes, I just told you to look at my butt… but seriously #ThisIsWhyISquat

Anyway, wherever you are in your journey be proud of your progress no matter how big or small it may be, mmk?

What are you proud of this Week?
Are you addicted to progress?


14 thoughts on “Addicted To Progress”

  1. Looking great! Way to go!

    I would say that i am addicted to progress. It’s the motivation that keeps me going.

    This week, I’m proud to see my miles going up. It’s been a while since I felt positive about my running progress, but this week is good!


  2. You always rock and looking awesome I might add!!! I am addicted to progress too. I always think I should be further, lifting heavier, etc etc lol You still are’re one off my biggest inspirations! I hope you, Chris, and Payton are well. See you in September xoxo


  3. You rock! You look fabulous and your journey is amazing to follow! You’re a HUGE inspiration for me! Keep it up! Small change is still change! Your butt looks superb – this is totally why we squat! πŸ˜‰


  4. Whooo… Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere..

    Totally agree about the obsession.. when you’re new it’s like PRs and new skills happen ALL THE TIME.. and now it’s like okay.. why can’t I do 5 more pounds?!

    Keep it up chickie!


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