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Weigh In Wednesday: Whole 30 Week 1 Results

Two posts in one day, aren’t you lucky! Time for a check in on my Whole30 Progress so far!


Weigh In Wednesday

Since weighing yourself is not allowed on Whole30 I’m going to stick to some measurements. I wasn’t sure how this week was going to go with the GO STL half marathon on Sunday. I usually tend to bloat after a race, holding on to water and what not. I ended up doing a pretty intense lifting session Monday night and ย a WOD on Tuesday morning so today is my first total rest day since the race. I haven’t got back out to run yet, I just haven’t been feeling it, and that’s ok. Less than a month until the Pittsburgh Half so I need to get back out there ASAP though! I was mostly on point with Whole30 this week, but I just did’t know what kind of results to expect. Here is what I found when I measured this morning:


Uhm- WHAT?! I’ll freaking take that.

I want to get the most out of this program so I’m trying to be more careful this week about not relying on nut butters and fruits so much and choosing more nutrient dense vegetables, especially as snacks. I’ve also been slacking on my water the last 2 days, so time to slurp it up.

I’m pretty thrilled with these results being 1/3 of the way through the program. I can’t wait to see what the before and after look like!

How was your week? Any NSVs to share?

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10 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday: Whole 30 Week 1 Results”

  1. Great job!! It took me a whole month to lose that many inches ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I wasn’t on the Whole30. curious how my week1 whole30 will go.

    You are ROCKING IT!! So proud of you!!


  2. Wow that’s a great first week! I’m mostly paelo as well (95%) and when I first read the Whole30 I was a little scared. I think I may give it a go on my trip to Florida as I’ll be there for almost 30 days!


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