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Training Update and thoughts on “Goal Weight”

It’s been awhile since I talked about my training, so I thought I’d give you an update on that! It is really hard to organize and recap all my workouts each week since I feel like I’m always doing something. Being a CrossFit Affiliate owner means I’m at the gym on average 6 or so hours a day (at least). I spend a lot of that time coaching, but for those of you who have worked in the fitness world you know that coaching doesn’t mean just sitting there! We are always on the move and demonstrating movements. I work up a sweat just from coaching! We workout at 7am. I’m usually doing about 6 days a week of Strength and MetCons (Metabolic Conditioning workouts, or WODS). During some of the slower class times I may work on a strength or skill. I really feel like I’m making huge strides in my progress! I feel stronger than ever! I have even been doing things I didn’t think I’d ever do like kipping pull ups and rope climbs!


A lot of my success has to do with my nutrition coaching with Precision Fitness (seriously, if you need a nutrition coach – Let me know and I’ll get you his info!) With Jamie’s help I’m finally fueling my body instead of just feeding my body. I’ve had huge changes in my mental approach towards food. I am still trying to find balance. I know that I won’t always be this strict with my diet, but for this season it is what I need. I know that I am fit, but I want to be able to look fit too. I feel good, I am performing well, and I’m seeing results. They may not be coming as fast as I like, but I am successfully losing fat and gaining muscle… which is what my goal has been all along. I didn’t want to just lose weight (aka fat AND muscle) – I wanted to lose fat and gain strength. I’m seeing PRs and developing skills. It is working. Sometimes I just need to remind myself of that.


When I first started nutrition coaching back in June I weighed 192lbs. According to the pincher I had 148.61 lbs of Lean Mass and 43.39 lbs of fat. My last check in, as of a week ago I weighed in at 184lbs with 150.55 lbs lean mass and 33.65 lbs of fat. So I have lost just 8lbs on the scale, but I actually lost 10lbs of fat and gained 2lbs of muscle. Another reason to remember the scale doesn’t tell the whole story! Seeing these numbers also reminds me that having a “goal weight” doesn’t mean a thing. While I’ve said several times before that 175 was my “safe” goal – the one I set when I first started on this journey because I thought it was the best I could do. I, ultimately, wanted to be at 135. No real reason, it just seemed like a good number. But looking at that breakdown above… I have 150lbs of lean mass. I don’t want to lose that. So that 135 goal weight is out the window. I’m now more focused on being at a healthier body fat percentage than being 135lbs. I want to be strong. If that means I weigh more, than so be it.

What are your thoughts on “goal weight” – Do you have one? 




12 thoughts on “Training Update and thoughts on “Goal Weight””

  1. I swear you’re inside my head. Everything that you have posted lately is spot on and what I need to hear.
    As for goal weight, I feel the same. I’ve been plateaued for a few months and it’s driving me insane, even though I’m getting smaller and my clothes are looser. My trainer and I did a follow up body comp. Turns out that I am down 10 lbs of fat, and up 8 lbs of muscle. I am absolutely ok with that and that stupid scale is going to go out the window soon!!


  2. I always have had the ultimate goal weight when I was younger I wanted it to be 100 pounds then I upped it to 120 and while i realize I COULD get that weight I would lose all my muscle I have worked so hard to have. So now I am trying to focus less on the scale and not tell myself that I need to lose 80 pounds to be happy…..


  3. You can really see the improvement! Keep up the good work.

    I’ve been struggling with this too – darn scales refusing to budge, but I get satisfaction from my clothes getting looser.


  4. Congrats on the progress! It took me a long time to realize that the number on the scale means nothing. Even now I still have to remind myself of that. I weigh more than some of my ‘unhealthy’ friends and no one can comprehend that. I also weigh maybe 30 pounds more than my taller, beautiful, skinny, yet never works out cousin. When I tell them what I weigh they look at me like I have 5 heads and with a look of disgust. Just keep doing what you’re doing though, it’s definitely working and you look great!


  5. What a great truth to share! It’s all about body composition, not the numbers we see on the scale. I had hydrostatic weighing done a couple years ago when I was first getting consistent with working out. Looking forward to getting it done again to see where I’ve made progress!


  6. I’m the same as you, before crossfit I wanted to be 135-145, now I realize that theres no way that would work for me. I love being strong and I’m ok with the extra lbs that come with it. I def need to work on my BF% though to help show off those muscles and to help accomplish some bodyweight movements. Getting rid of that extra fat would be a huge help.


  7. I started CF back in the end of May. I seriously felt a little discouraged when I would look at the scale and see that the number would slowly go down and then was like back up and I’m like WTF and kicking the scale.
    But without realizing it, my clothes weren’t fitting so tight anymore and my belly fat was going away (after 2 kids this was worthy of a victory dance)
    This is such a great journey, I can’t wait to keep seeing you through it too!


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