U Design Jewelry Review & Giveaway

When it comes to Jewelry and accessories I have never really been on the cutting edge… I actually tend to be more sentimental about jewelry. I love having beautiful pieces that have a story behind them. Some of my favorite pieces are rings that got passed down from both of my grandmothers. They hold a story. Jewelry doesn’t have to be old to have a story, you can create your pieces that tell your story. That’s why I love U Design Jewelry!

U Design Jewelry is the brain child of one of my CrossFit friends, Jennifer. She founded the company with her husband in 2002 after learning from a friend how to make jewelry. As more of her friends saw her designs they became interested in it as well, so she hosted parties where people would come over and use her supplies to design and make their own jewelry. They eventually brought on some representatives to host their own parties and make jewelry. They now have a whole catalog of pre-made designs as well as offering personalized designing. You design it and they make it!

When Jennifer asked me to work with her she just asked some of my preferences and wanted a few important sayings to go off of when designing my Jewelry. When I picked up my pieces I was more than pleased! She took sayings that mean SO much to me and turned them into wearable reminders of love and motivation.


She created 3 unique designs. One boasting my favorite quote “Dreams Become Reality One Choice At A Time” on a plain silver necklace. Another in a gold that says “Weakness is a Choice I Choose Strength” and finally the delicate silver one that has Payton’s name and our good night saying “I love you to the Moon and Back” – The ideas are endless, plus with custom jewelry you will never have the same piece as someone else!


Each one of these carries a special meaning to me. I love how they can be stylish, but so full of my personality at the same time. My favorite one to wear right now is the Dreams Become Reality One Choice At A time. This is the perfect reminder to have when I go to make my meals during the Whole30! I’m choosing to make my dreams come true instead of making them happen.

Jennifer was kind enough to offer an amazing giveaway package to one of you! The winner will receive the package displayed below (and that picture is of Jennifer, isn’t she gorgeous?!)



 Gold Plated Ball Chain – 16 or 18”
Small Antique Gold coin
Medium Antique Gold coin
Large Antique Gold coin
Plus Gold Plated Kidney Earrings with coin Dangle
Each coin Hand Stamped custom for you
(also available in Antique Silver)

This package retails for $92!

So be sure to enter using the rafflecopter widget below.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

How would you personalize your jewelry?

I received these products free of charge for the purpose of reviewing them. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


39 thoughts on “U Design Jewelry Review & Giveaway”

  1. Oh geeeze, I NEED this! 😀 I would chose something like “fate favors the fearless” because it just resonates so much with me and this crazy journey.


  2. It would be hard to choose one quote, but I do have a John Lennon quote on my mind. “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”


  3. I would love one of these! I would put my initial and maybe a saying but I would have to think about what saying I would want to add! What a unique piece of jewelry!!


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