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WIAW # 12 and a Food Should Taste Good Giveaway!

I’ve been having these weird shoulder pains recently. Like my shoulder hurts throughout the day, but not horribly. Then at night when I wish I was sleeping it hurts SO bad. I just can’t get comfortable. So I don’t sleep well. I sometimes cry in frustration. Then I wake up kinda cranky and super emotional. This has happened since last Thursday night… I figured it would just go away with rest. I didn’t go to CrossFit on Friday and took rest days Saturday and Sunday as well…. but no change. I guess I need to go see the chiropractor… or doctor… not sure which one is supposed to take care of this type of thing. All that to say I’m kinda emotional and slightly cranky this morning.

Enough grumbling. Let’s talking about food. It’s What I Ate Wednesday!

Thanks again to Jenn for hosting WIAW every week – seriously my favorite day.

My morning started with a mix of my Muscle Gauge Nutrition Whey Protein with a teaspoon of my Nutrex-Hawaii Spirulina. You can actually enter to win a $500 supply of supplements from Nutrex-Hawaii! I’m going to write a more in depth post about the Spirulina after I have used it for a little while longer.

Post WOD Breakfast was another round of Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes, but this time I used Danielle’s recipe (Sidenote- you need to check out her website! She is like a Paleo Recipe Magician). I liked the addition of Flax. I topped it with some Organic Peanut Butter and had a slice of bacon on the side.

Lunch was just random leftovers. We had a ton of baked beans leftover from this weekend, plus some Spinach Garlic Sausage and sweet potato fries. Also ketchup. I love ketchup.

I kinda lost count of how many cups of coffee I drank yesterday. Obviously Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice has reappeared in my cabinet and I can’t restrain myself. That and I was super tired.

I was starving when I started making dinner so I pulled out my Food Should Taste Good chips and Clint’s Salsa (Seriously – one of my favorite snacks!) I’ve been pretty vocal about my love of these sweet potato chips since I discovered them. Obviously that doesn’t go unnoticed… I’ll get to that in a minute… first, dinner!

Yummy Taco Salad!

Now- Back to the Food Should Taste Good Chips…

I had inquired on their website about blogger programs and in a few weeks I received a package!

It included 4 different flavors of chips: Cheddar, Olive, Multigrain, and Sweet Potato! It also had chip clips and an awesome notebook.

Notice how the Multigrain and Sweet Potato Chips are in Pink bags? That’s because the company doesn’t just believe that Food Should Taste Good – They also believe that Food Should DO Good. They are teaming up with Ellen Degeneres and donating $150,000 to Ellen For The Cure to help find a cure for Breast Cancer. So, In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month they turned their bags Pink!

And guess what? The wonderful people at Food Should Taste Good want to give YOU the opportunity to win an awesome prize pack!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What are some of your favorite snack foods?


28 thoughts on “WIAW # 12 and a Food Should Taste Good Giveaway!”

  1. So i’ve been a secret reader of your blog for a while now 🙂 Way to go for this huge lifestyle change!! I lost 60lbs this last year so I am totally cheering you AND getting inspired as I read 🙂 You are a rockstar! As far as those Chips go…The Olive Chips look fantastical!! I’m a total sucker for Olives…and Sweet Potato’s…and Cheese…so basically I’m just a sucker, lol! Grace and Peace on your journey!


  2. I have tried their sweet potato chips, and they are amazing. I would love to try out the lime, hemp or chocolate flavors. I could think of different uses for all of them. Guacamole for the lime… a sweet cinnamon cream cheese fluff for the chocolate… yum!


  3. Sweet Potato for sure as they are my favorite flavor of chips! These would be yummy to take to work with me too! Thank you!


  4. I would love to try the Jalapeno tortilla chips, but really they all look good. I love chips and salsa but haven’t found a healthy way to have it, and looks like I could with these chips!!


  5. I LOVE the sweet potato but need to try the olive!
    And please see a dr about your shoulder- and/or try acupuncture (seriously)


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