Reebok Cardio Ultra Review & Giveaway

Disclaimer: I am an Affiliate with Reebok and was provided with Product in exchange for my honest review. This post may contain affiliate links. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Remember on my last post how I talked about living life outside the box? Well thanks to my Friends at Reebok I was given the opportunity to try out a shoe made for something other than CrossFit. Obviously I love my Nano‘s, but Reebok has so many other shoes made for different activities. They recently came out with the Reebok Cardio Ultra, the perfect shoe for your Studio Cardio classes.


I wanted to put them to the test and try out a fun new class so I joined my friends over at Pink Lemon Studio for a BUTI Hoop class.

I didn’t realize it when I picked this class, but it wasn’t the traditional hoop class I was thinking – turns out it was more of a yoga type class. I did wear the Cardio Ultra’s for the first part of the class and found that it was awesome to have the AdaptAMove Upper with bonded mesh and a flexible cage for multidirectional support, the shoe moves with you! It was also pretty light for a shoe of it’s type.


These shoes move with you during your class. If this had been a more dancing/hooping focused class it would have been great to use the TurnZone that allows you to spin around 360 degrees. They have more cushioning than I’m used to which would be great for higher impact cardio classes.

It was super fun to get out of the box and try something new with my fitness. I’ll definitely go back… and maybe even try out the Twerking class!

Do you want to win a pair of Reebok Cardio Ultra’s? All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me what your favorite type of fitness class is! Entries will close at midnight on Thursday 3/19 and winner will be chosen on 3/20. 

What is your favorite type of fitness class?



Level 1 Apparel Review & Giveaway

CrossFitters are know for a lot of things… knee socks, sweat angels, & epic shirts are just a few. When it comes to CrossFit shirts the most common ones are those with hilarious sayings that seem to be in a foreign language (and may be slightly offensive to those who are unfamiliar with the terminology). Now, I’m one of the most immature people around and will be the first to make a “that’s what she said” joke but I can also appreciate a really well done graphic design. Level 1 Apparel goes beyond the hilariously inappropriate/motivational quote and incorporates some amazing graphic design into their apparel.


When I first saw their work I was instantly drawn to all the detail. The neon Death by Barbell tank is just as comfortable as it is cool. I fit comfortably in a large. I paired mine with my pink Fabletics Lima Capris


I also wore it during a humid day when the WOD included bear complexes… so yea, it was nearly death by barbell… The tanks they print on are super soft and have a looser fit, so if you are between sizes size down.

They have guys apparel also! One of my favorite guy designs is the Bear Complex t-shirt


I mean- how hard core is that, right? How can you not feel strong wearing something like that! Brian and his wife started this company in the Fall of 2012 after helping design shirts for their box. It turned out so well they started their own line and have continued to design for other boxes as well. I love what he has to say about designing apparel – “Our goal is to provide apparel for CrossFit athletes that includes more than just a catchy slogan, but is also a work of art. Each design is meticulously drawn and revised, with close attention paid to every detail.”

So if you are looking for a rockin tshirt or tank to wear during your next WOD be sure to hop over to the Level 1 Apparel site and check it out. Not only was Brian kind enough to send me a tank to try out, he wants to give away a gift certificate for one of you to pick out your own tank or tee from his line! Giveaway will be open through 4/15 and winner will be announed on 4/16.

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The Parking Spot GIVEAWAY

Hey Friends! How are you doing? Things are still crazy busy over here, but in a good way! We are still working on moving to our new location with CrossFit. Can you believe there is 1 week until Christmas Eve? Me either.

In all the craziness and hustle and bustle of the holidays it helps to have some of the smaller details taken care of for you. If you are planning on taking a trip and don’t want to worry about finding a ride to the airport check out The Parking Spot.


We have used them before and have never been disappointed. We aren’t traveling over Christmas or New Years, but we are heading out on our very first Disney Cruise in January and plan on parking there for the week we will be gone. It’s nice not to have to think about getting a ride, paying a taxi, or wondering if your car is safe. With The Parking Spot drop off is easy, riding a polka dot bus is fun, and pick up is a breeze. They even offer chilled water and a free copy of USA Today if you’d like it! They also offer competitive pricing, along with Car Care options like Car Wash, Oil Change, and detailing. With one less thing to worry about you can enjoy your trip even more. Check out their location directory to see if there is a Parking Spot at your local airport.

If you are traveling over the holidays (or anytime in the next year) and want a voucher for FREE parking at any of the Parking Spot locations you are in luck! The Parking Spot has offered to give away a voucher to THREE lucky readers. Enter with the rafflecopter below. Good Luck!


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Where are you planning on traveling?


Fitness: Fashion and Function

Owning a CrossFit Affiliate means a huge part of my day is spent in workout gear. Ok, let’s get real… even when I’m not at CrossFit I’m still in my workout gear. So having workout gear that is functional is a must, but I want it to be fashionable too! When I look good, I feel good. When I feel good I perform better. So today I want to share some of my favorite finds when it comes to Fitness Fashion and Function!

First I want to tell you about Ellie. You may have heard of it previously as PV Body. I know a lot of bloggers have worked with them and had mixed experiences. I did a review when they first came out with the PV Body Subscription. I liked the idea but the execution was off. Since then they have rebranded and come out with their own line of activewear. With Ellie you can buy the pieces individually or you can sign up for the Fit Fashionista Club, which allows you to pick any 2 pieces a month for $49.95. They are coming out with new collections each month. When it debuted my major reservation was that it only went up to size Large, which previously was a tad on the tight side for me. They just recently expanded to offer most styles in XL. I got to try out the Emerald Envy Tank and Cut Above the Rest shorts in XL.




I loved that the tank comes with removable cups. The material is quality. I have not had any issues with my recent orders so it seems they have the whole shipping/ordering process figured out. One of the things I didn’t like about their previous PV Body service is that you’d get something random each month. This new program allows you to pick the pieces you want. Want 2 pairs of shorts instead of a full outfit? Done. 2 Shirts? No problem. It is a fun way to add to your fitness wardrobe!

20 percent of Ellie

Click the banner above to get 20% of your first order!

When it comes to shoes I’m pretty picky. I have different shoes I like for different things, so my shoe collection is pretty large. I love the Nano for everything CrossFit. It is a versatile shoe but I still like to try new things. Recently I was given the opportunity to try out the new UnderArmour Speedform. These shoes are pretty legit. They are made in a bra factory! They wanted to have a shoe that would really mold to your foot and give you the perfect fit. They have a seamless heel cup and are super light and great for running. I broke them in at the track. They have plenty of cushion and mold around the toes. They breathe really well. If you are looking for a light fast shoe, definitely check these out.


When it comes to CrossFit, you can never have too many tshirts. There are tshirts for daaaays. And for me, they never get old. They may smell old after a workout… but I still love them. I recently game across G2OH. They have some pretty epic shirts. They offered to send me one to test out and I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this one:


Of course, I wore it to the box on Squat day. I am often known for yelling out “Get that depth” or “Deeper!” in the middle of squat workouts #squatnazi


This is my post workout mean face. I have no idea what I’m even thinking.

They have some other pretty epic designs including the Sweat Angel, “I RX’d The Warm Up”, and most recently a shirt to benefit the Hotshots19 Hero WOD.


And because they are awesome, G2OH wants one of you to win a tank or tshirt of your choice!

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Do you look for fitness function? or fashion? Or both?

Disclaimer: I was sent some of these products for the purpose of reviewing them. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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Strong Confident You

I love workout gear. I spend 90% of my time in workout gear. Between working out and coaching classes I’m always in my sweaty clothes. Thing is I still like to feel cute too! I want workout apparel that is fun and functional. When I found the Etsy Shop Strong Confident You I fell in love. They have the awesome burnout tanks that are so comfy, but they also have cute designs! Add a bow, ruffles, or glitter and I’m sold. They were kind enough to send me a shirt to try out. I had my eye on this one:


This isn’t Sweat, It’s Sparkle.

I couldn’t wait to put it to the test.


I’m happy to report it stood up through lots of “sparkle” and I seriously cannot get over how cute the bow is. It is removable for washing. It also came with a cute little tag giving washing instructions.



They have a wide variety of themes from CrossFit and lifting, to running, even customizable wedding tanks! So fun. I’ve already got a list of ones I want to buy. My next one is gonna be this one:


I’m a girl, and yes I have muscle.

Pink,bows, and sparkle? The perfect combination if you ask me!

Want to win one of your own? Strong Confident You has been gracious enough to offer a tank of your choosing to one lucky reader! Yipee!

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What design would you love to have?


Lunatik Athletics Review & Giveaway

Hey Friends!

Sorry for my absence these last few days. My computer totally died. While the hubs (aka my IT department) was out of town. It was crazy. Anyway, I’m back in business with a brand new Macbook Air! While I love getting new things it was still a huge hit to the checkbook… ugh. Such is life I guess! Sometimes being a grown up sucks.

Enough about that, let’s talk about something fun…. Like bright knee socks!


Remember when I first talked to you about Lunatik Athletiks? I have worn my Rockin Dots Compression socks ALOT since then. Most notably during the GO! STL Half Marathon, where I got a ton of compliments on them out on the course. They just recently came out with a whole new line of designs, Zuza Performance Compression Socks. They were gracious enough to send me a pair to try out.


I decided on the Nirvana Design. It is a neon yellow/green and a teal blue. I loooove the color. I also noticed that these socks had way more give to them then the previous pair I had. They still offer a comfortable level of compression but also the flexibility and ease of movement that I like to have when working out. I love using compression socks for running, double unders, box jumps, and rope climbs. They don’t dig into the back of my knees. I have pretty large calves, so finding socks that fit is tough. These do the job.

Good news is, you don’t have to take my word for it. Lunatik Athletiks wants to offer one lucky reader the chance to try it out!

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Vitacost ARO Review

What’s up friends? First of all, thank you for all the love and advice on yesterday’s post. It’s SO good to know I’m not the only one who struggles with these issues.

Second of all – Journey of a Dreamer is now accepting Sponsors! Use the code “Dreamer” at check out and save 10% on your first Sponsor Spot!

Disclaimer: I was provided these products free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

And now I have something cool to share with you…. a review of the new Vitacost ARO Black Series Products! I have worked with Vitacost before and loved it, so I was excited when they offered me the opportunity to try out their brand new line of supplements.


They sent me a whole collection of products to try. I’m going to tell you about them individually. Let’s start with the Pre-Workout Concentrate (not pictured above because I left it at the gym)


I have used pre-workouts off and on before. I find that working out early in the morning I sometimes need a little oomph to face the WOD. I have used coffee simply for the caffeine, but sometimes it’s hard to down a cup in the rush of getting out the door. This helps me wake up and get energized, ready to work out hard. I’m not a huge Pink Lemonade fan, but this doesn’t taste that bad.


ARO Glutamine is a great supplement to help support recovery and defend against muscle fatigue. This isn’t something that you need but it is something that can help. With tough WODs back to back some days I need a little extra help with recovery. It’s easy to mix and the fruit punch flavor is nice too.


ARO Creatine is a supplement to help enhance muscle performance during high-intensity exercise. To be honest I’ve previously stayed away from creatine because it sounded so manly. I gave it try though. I like what Vitacost has to say about it: “Creatine, found in meat and animal products but also made naturally by the body from amino acids l-glycine, l-arginine and l-methionine, serves as an important source of chemical energy for muscle contraction. Once it reaches the muscles, creatine is converted to phosphocreatine (creatine phosphate) and ultimately becomes ATP (adenosine triphosphate)—the body’s primary source of energy” This flavor was one of my favorites out of the bunch and it mixed easily with water.


ARO Amino plus BCAA is probably the supplement I used the most. I notice a significant difference in my soreness/recovery time without Aminos. I drink it during and after my workout. It helps maintain optimal performance during exercise and promotes muscle recovery following exercise. The Price on this is a steal – we were using Aminos that costed nearly TRIPLE this!


ARO Whey Protein Complex in Chocolate Peanut Butter – Holy yum. Most of the protein I’ve tried before is either chocolate or vanilla. I love that this was chocolate peanut butter! I used this within 30 minutes of waking up to get me through my workout before breakfast. Having the protein in your system first thing jump starts your metabolism. It has 20g of protein and 200 calories per serving. Sad to say this one is almost gone, I loved it that much. ha.


ARO Casein in Natural Chocolate – Casein is something I’ve just started experimenting with. It is a slow releasing protein, as opposed to Whey which is a quick digesting protein. I take it before bed so my muscles get fuel even while I’m sleeping. Casein is far thicker than Whey, so I just mix it with water.

All in all I really love the whole line of products – and I love that they are at affordable price points. Vitacost has been so awesome to provide me with these products to review AND they want you to try them out for yourself. One of you will win a $25 gift card to spend on Vitacost.com!

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Have you tried any supplements? 

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Skora Running Shoes Review & Giveaway

Isn’t this such a fun week?! Seriously, I LOVE organizing giveaways for you guys. When I find products that I like I love to share them with you guys. Because what fun is it to just read about something I try… don’t you want to try it for yourself? So to recap this week we have giveaways for Inner Strength Apparel, Bestowed Box, & EcoJarz. All will be open until Monday! Today we have another fun one, one that I’ve been excited to share with ya’ll for awhile now…


Oh yea, we’re talking shoes today. In full disclosure- Skora Running Shoes offered me a discount in exchange for a blog review. Just so you know I still spent some of my own money to buy these. And I don’t regret it for a second.

These beauties were another amazing find thanks to Social Media. I saw some friends posting about them and was intrigued. Then when I saw Courtney from Treadmill Runway start raving about them I knew I had to try them. See, Courtney and I seem to be alike in a lot of ways (besides our awesome name!) So I figured if they were amazing for her I would love them. Which was absolutely true. When my ordered came I had to try on both, of course.


I ordered the White & Teal Phase and the Charcoal Base. All of Skora’s shoes are more of a minimalist design.The Phase is super light and flexible, which is perfect for CrossFit/Weight Training. It is their most minimal and lightest design with a single mesh upper layer. It is super breathable and has plenty of reflective material to make you visible if you’re running in the dark.


I had to take advice from Courtney and match my outfit to my shoes. Cause it is about function AND fashion, isn’t it ladies? LOL. So I took these out on several short runs and really loved how light they were! Obviously you don’t want to go from a normal running shoe to a minimal running shoe too fast as you have to adjust to a different type of stride (no heel striking!) Don’t you love how I got my 3 year old to take my picture for you?


I took the Skora Base’s out on a few test runs also. Let’s be real, I totally loved having velcro shoes. The Base are a more suitable option for those transitioning from a thicker cushioned shoe to a lower profile shoe. It has a comfortable stretch mesh upper and is easy to slip on and off.


While these shoes are great for running, these are also GREAT CrossFit shoes. I personally prefer the phase, as it is a lighter and thinner option. When you are looking for shoes for CrossFit you want a shoe with a low profile/heel drop. When you are lifting you want your feet glued flat to the ground. Regular running shoes have somewhat of a curve to help you roll from your heel to your toe when running… you do NOT what to roll from your heel to your toe when you are lifting! Keeping the posterior chair engaged as you drive your heels into the ground is going to help you with your form and execution. These shoes are SO versatile. If a WOD calls for 200m repeats, cleans, and box jumps – I feel confident that my Skora Phase can handle all of that.


They have been my go to casual shoe as well. I wore them walking around Pittsburgh, to Six Flags, and just running more normal every day errands and they keep my feet happy. I have had problems with other shoes having too tight of a toe box, but these shoes give my toes lots of breathing room and they don’t feel tight on my wide feet.

I love my Skora Shoes. and I want YOU to try them. So the folks at Skora have been kind enough to offer one of you a pair of your choice! (winner must be in the continental US)

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Visit SkoraRunning.com and tell me which pair you’d pick!

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Happy Hydration! EcoJarz Review & Giveaway

It’s Weigh In Wednesday.
and I weigh the exact same as I did last week: 190.
Which is great, considering my weekend was like a non stop all you can eat buffet.
but i’m not letting a no-loss week steal my thunder. I’m focusing on things I can do to make next week different.

Like Hydration!

When it comes to health and weight loss the one thing we hear constantly is how we should be drinking water.  But if we are honest, we usually don’t drink enough water despite the fact that we know we should. I find that I just simply forget. I needed something to help remind/motivate me to drink my water! Enter the Plant Nanny App!


I bought this app with my own money after seeing some other people post about it on facebook and instagram. Basically it helps you determine how much water you should be drinking and it reminds you throughout the day to drink them. If you don’t record that you drank it your poor little plant starts to wither away. As you keep hitting your water goals your plant grows. This totally reminded me of a Tomagotchi or Nano Pet! I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I actually have a little plant garden of all the plants I’ve raised so far.


So cute, right? This app has helped me hit my water intake nearly every day for the past few weeks. And I feel great!

You know what else helps me drink more water? Awesome cups to drink out of. Enter: EcoJarz


This was another awesome product that I found thanks to Instagram (Do you follow me? I’m @courtnorm) and I totally loved the idea of this. So instead of drinking from a plastic water bottle this handy dandy little contraption turns a mason jar into a to go cup! I received the regular mouth lid in both the stainless steel and silicone, as well as the regular stainless steel straws, the smoothie straws, and a straw cleaner. They just recently came out with the wide mouth version of the lids too!


I made a smoothie and loved having it in my mason jar with my protein waffles. mmm.


I use it for drinking water with my meals, as well as at my desk. I try to keep a jar of water chilled in the fridge for when I need a refill and just switch out the lid.

I love that this takes something so common, like the mason jar, and makes it super useful. No more disposible water bottles and no plastic bottles that contain BPA or Phthalates, EcoJarz is safe for you and good for the environment!

And remember how I told you this week would be filled with fun and giveaways? Well we are still going strong! The Inner Strength Apparel and Bestowed Box giveaways are still open… but I’ve got another! One of you will get to win your own EcoJarz Lid!

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How Do you stay Hydrated? 


Bestowed Box Review & Giveaway

When I told you guys this would be a fun week of giveaways I wasn’t lying! Yesterday’s Inner Strength Apparel Giveaway is still going on, so be sure to check it out! Today I’m going to share with you about a fun new subscription service called Bestowed Box.


Bestowed Box was started by nationally recognized nutritionist and author Heather Bauer. There are tons of subscription services out there, but this one is different. Rather than just throw a bunch of stuff in a box and call it a day, each month Heather and her team of experts hand select different health product samples to include. The box is shipped right to your door. I was SO excited when mine arrived.


When I opened it I was probably most excited about the Suncups. They barely lasted long enough for me to take a picture.


Dark Chocolate + Sun Butter = WINNING

The box came with a explanation of what all was included as well as tips for using them.


I truly love the idea of this kind of subscription box because it introduces you to products you may not have known about otherwise. I can tell you for sure that I will be on the lookout for SunButter cups now when I want a sweet treat!

One lucky winner is going to win a free month of Bestowed Box! But if you can’t wait that long, you can get $5 off your order by using the code 5OFFBSTOWED01 at check out!

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Have you tried a Subscription Service before?