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Today is 10-11-12! How fun is that?! I feel like we should have a party… or a day off… or an all expenses paid trip to a beach resort…

But we don’t. The closest thing I have to party right now is the Food Should Taste Good Prize Pack Giveaway – Don’t forget to enter!

What else is going on today? I have an appointment with my Chiropractor to see what’s up with my shoulder. I actually got some decent sleep last night, but it was still painful. If you are in the O’Fallon, MO area and need a Chiropractor you have got to go to Back Pain Center. Dr. Matt actually works out up at our CrossFit Box (which is how we met him). It is great to have a Chiropractor that is familiar with the type of workouts we do. He is such a friendly and knowledgeable guy! He also offers A.R.T (Active Release Technique). They are on Facebook too, so check them out and let him know I sent you!

Did I tell you guys that my husband got me an iPad? He is the best ever.

I’m totally loving it so far. Any must have apps? Please share!

Other random news… We went to the zoo yesterday!

and I actually have proof that I dress like a normal person and not a bum… but ignore the toys and blankets all around me.

Now I need your help: Best iPad apps? And do you like to dress up or bum around?



4 thoughts on “10.11.12”

  1. I’ve heard that they came out with Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter apps for the Apple store, so I would definitely get those! I love myfitnesspal on my ipod touch. My mom adores Temple Runner. <<<<Actually, maybe you shouldn't get that. Lol. It's addicting!

    My favorite app is the nook and kindle apps where you can download books to read.


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