#PrettyMuddy Tampa – November 10th

So I don’t know if you knew this or not – but I’m not a native Missourian. Obviously I don’t have a Midwestern accent, So that kinda gave me away. I actually grew up in Clearwater, Florida. Well, Dunedin if we are being specific. Mostly I just tell people I’m from Tampa, since that is the area most people know.

Why are we talking about where I grew up? Good question!

Remember that awesome Women’s Mud Race I ran last month? Well – They are going to be in Tampa on November 10th! I’ve been working with them to find local bloggers in Tampa (Richmond, VA and Miami, FL

too!) to work with. Let me tell you-

The people behind Pretty Muddy are awesome. They have a HUGE vision for this. I am so excited to be able to work with them!

Anyway- back to why I am talking about this… There is a Groupon for a discounted race entry to the Tampa Event! It expires tonight though. So if you want to have a Pretty Muddy (and awesome!) time AND if you want to see this beautiful mug:

sign up for the Tampa Race!


I’ll be there onsite coordinating with local bloggers. I’d love to see a ton of you come out and join us!

Also – If you are (or know) any lady bloggers in Richmond, VA; Tampa, FL; or Miami, FL who would be interested in something like this – Send them my way!

Don’t get all stressed out about the actual “race” part – it’s not timed. Pretty Muddy is designed to be beginner friendly. You can walk the whole thing if you want and you can walk around any obstacles you may not be comfortable with! This is just a day for you to get out and have a good time with your friends, so make sure you bring some! There are no barbed wires or elecroshock – more like bubbles, mud, & slides.

So – Who is in? Whatdyda Say, Tampa, Get Muddy with me… Maybe?


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