Weight Loss

Plyometrics… Oh my.

Today I was feeling motivated. I woke up feeling pretty good, had a cup of coffee and a broccoli and cheese omelet. I saw the sun shining outside so I packed up Payton in her new sling, put on some Darius Rucker and headed out the door. I walked for 24 minutes, about a mile and a half, but I got concerned about Payton being in the sun and heat so I headed home. Still feeling a little overzealous I decided to try another one of the P90x dvd’s… Plyometrics. At the beginning of the DVD the instructor talks about how to have your “bucket handy” and not to eat a large meal before working out. Uh oh… what was I getting myself into. Plyo is a high impact cardio workout. He calls it “jump training”. Uh- has anyone told him white girls can’t jump?? Well I tried. I was pouring sweat and out of breath less than 15 minutes in… I had Payton in the bouncy chair, and I swear she looked like she wanted to laugh. I can’t imagine how rediculous I looked trying to to all these jumping lunges. My legs were burning. I had to stop with just 10 minutes left, i couldn’t move. By my estimates I burned over 500 calories!!

So what do I do to celebrate such a huge calorie burn? Have pizza for dinner! haha. One thing I’m trying to focus on is moderation. I totally believe its all about making the right choices, making smarter healthier decisions. Trade that full fat full sugar creamer for sugar free… have cup of sugar free jello in place of ice cream… eat pizza as a treat, not a regular meal. Even with eating 2 pieces of Papa Johns pizza (the best!) I was right at 1200 calories consumed. Hurray!

Aside from diet and exercise I’ve had a lot of other things on my mind. During youth tonight we had small group and I was telling the kids about how we have to trust God. Funny how it seems so easy to encourage those young ones to do so, while struggling to do that in my own life. I tell them about Matthew 6 and how if God can feed the birds and Clothe the lilies of the valley how much more will he take care of us… but I sit and worry about minute things like that all the time. There are times when I feel like my faith is so strong, and nothing can shake it… but days… heck, sometimes minutes or hours later I’m wondering “how” God is going to provide because the situation seems so desperate. It is such a battle of the mind, one I choose to win.

So, here’s to the fight…. the fight for a healthier life…. physically and spiritually!


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