Weight Loss

Look good, feel good.

Most of us women have thought it one time or another…. “oh i’ll buy new clothes when i’m a size ____” or “when i lose a few more pounds i’ll buy that dress i want”…. we are always putting off letting ourselves feel good. but what happens? we always feel blah… and when we don’t feel like we look good we don’t want to work on how we look… its a vicious cycle!!

Payton is now 2 months old, meaning I have been un-pregnant (is that a word?) for 2 months. No, I don’t fit in my pre-pregnancy pants. Sadly, when I gave birth to Payton the 43 pounds I gained didn’t just disappear. While I am well on my way back to the pre-pregnancy size (and smaller!), wearing my “comfy pants” all the time and the maternity jeans with the full panel just didn’t feel very flattering. So, I splurged. By no means did I buy a whole new wardrobe… but I bought a few versatile pieces that make me feel like I look good. When I feel like I look good I want to work harder to look better. It makes working out an easier decision and eating right doesn’t seem like such a chore. It’s important to look good so you feel good. And as an added bonus i’m sure the men in our life (along with the general public) will appreciate us going the extra mile to look good. A man loves a confident woman!

So there ya have it. Spend a little bit on yourself to feel good now, so you can be motivated to look even better in the future!


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