Level 1 Apparel Review & Giveaway

CrossFitters are know for a lot of things… knee socks, sweat angels, & epic shirts are just a few. When it comes to CrossFit shirts the most common ones are those with hilarious sayings that seem to be in a foreign language (and may be slightly offensive to those who are unfamiliar with the terminology). Now, I’m one of the most immature people around and will be the first to make a “that’s what she said” joke but I can also appreciate a really well done graphic design. Level 1 Apparel goes beyond the hilariously inappropriate/motivational quote and incorporates some amazing graphic design into their apparel.


When I first saw their work I was instantly drawn to all the detail. The neon Death by Barbell tank is just as comfortable as it is cool. I fit comfortably in a large. I paired mine with my pink Fabletics Lima Capris


I also wore it during a humid day when the WOD included bear complexes… so yea, it was nearly death by barbell… The tanks they print on are super soft and have a looser fit, so if you are between sizes size down.

They have guys apparel also! One of my favorite guy designs is the Bear Complex t-shirt


I mean- how hard core is that, right? How can you not feel strong wearing something like that! Brian and his wife started this company in the Fall of 2012 after helping design shirts for their box. It turned out so well they started their own line and have continued to design for other boxes as well. I love what he has to say about designing apparel – “Our goal is to provide apparel for CrossFit athletes that includes more than just a catchy slogan, but is also a work of art. Each design is meticulously drawn and revised, with close attention paid to every detail.”

So if you are looking for a rockin tshirt or tank to wear during your next WOD be sure to hop over to the Level 1 Apparel site and check it out. Not only was Brian kind enough to send me a tank to try out, he wants to give away a gift certificate for one of you to pick out your own tank or tee from his line! Giveaway will be open through 4/15 and winner will be announed on 4/16.

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23 thoughts on “Level 1 Apparel Review & Giveaway”

  1. Honestly I love the Fit & Prego design! Not currently pregnant but will be trying for #2 soon and I love awesome maternity workout gear. 🙂


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