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Skora Running Shoes Review & Giveaway

Isn’t this such a fun week?! Seriously, I LOVE organizing giveaways for you guys. When I find products that I like I love to share them with you guys. Because what fun is it to just read about something I try… don’t you want to try it for yourself? So to recap this week we have giveaways for Inner Strength Apparel, Bestowed Box, & EcoJarz. All will be open until Monday! Today we have another fun one, one that I’ve been excited to share with ya’ll for awhile now…


Oh yea, we’re talking shoes today. In full disclosure- Skora Running Shoes offered me a discount in exchange for a blog review. Just so you know I still spent some of my own money to buy these. And I don’t regret it for a second.

These beauties were another amazing find thanks to Social Media. I saw some friends posting about them and was intrigued. Then when I saw Courtney from Treadmill Runway start raving about them I knew I had to try them. See, Courtney and I seem to be alike in a lot of ways (besides our awesome name!) So I figured if they were amazing for her I would love them. Which was absolutely true. When my ordered came I had to try on both, of course.


I ordered the White & Teal Phase and the Charcoal Base. All of Skora’s shoes are more of a minimalist design.The Phase is super light and flexible, which is perfect for CrossFit/Weight Training. It is their most minimal and lightest design with a single mesh upper layer. It is super breathable and has plenty of reflective material to make you visible if you’re running in the dark.


I had to take advice from Courtney and match my outfit to my shoes. Cause it is about function AND fashion, isn’t it ladies? LOL. So I took these out on several short runs and really loved how light they were! Obviously you don’t want to go from a normal running shoe to a minimal running shoe too fast as you have to adjust to a different type of stride (no heel striking!) Don’t you love how I got my 3 year old to take my picture for you?


I took the Skora Base’s out on a few test runs also. Let’s be real, I totally loved having velcro shoes. The Base are a more suitable option for those transitioning from a thicker cushioned shoe to a lower profile shoe. It has a comfortable stretch mesh upper and is easy to slip on and off.


While these shoes are great for running, these are also GREAT CrossFit shoes. I personally prefer the phase, as it is a lighter and thinner option. When you are looking for shoes for CrossFit you want a shoe with a low profile/heel drop. When you are lifting you want your feet glued flat to the ground. Regular running shoes have somewhat of a curve to help you roll from your heel to your toe when running… you do NOT what to roll from your heel to your toe when you are lifting! Keeping the posterior chair engaged as you drive your heels into the ground is going to help you with your form and execution. These shoes are SO versatile. If a WOD calls for 200m repeats, cleans, and box jumps – I feel confident that my Skora Phase can handle all of that.


They have been my go to casual shoe as well. I wore them walking around Pittsburgh, to Six Flags, and just running more normal every day errands and they keep my feet happy. I have had problems with other shoes having too tight of a toe box, but these shoes give my toes lots of breathing room and they don’t feel tight on my wide feet.

I love my Skora Shoes. and I want YOU to try them. So the folks at Skora have been kind enough to offer one of you a pair of your choice! (winner must be in the continental US)

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Visit and tell me which pair you’d pick!


84 thoughts on “Skora Running Shoes Review & Giveaway”

  1. I have never had the pleasure of even trying these on so I’m not sure what I’d pick. I’ll have to do some research. They look amazingly comfortable!


  2. The grey/light blue/white CORE, I think. They look springy and comfortable for some reason, though I may be projecting, based on the fact that I think they’re also stinkin’ cute. 🙂


  3. I have a friend who loves these shoes and I would like to try a pair myself. I would choose the Form.


  4. Such a hard choice! I would LOVE to try several of these, but my first choice would be PHASE in pink/blue, although I may have to talk to someone to verify the differences. One thing I’d love to see on their website is one page comparing the different lines and talking about what each is appropriate for, etc. (Or maybe they had that and I couldn’t find it). It would make choosing much simpler.


  5. I would LOVE to try the Forms in white and pink! I’ve had my eyes on Skora since March, but don’t have the money! Hoping my hubs gets the thousands of hints I’m dropping to get a pair for my 30th bday in Aug haha! Buuuut winning a pair would be EVEN. BETTER!! xoxo thx for doing a giveaway!


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