Reebok Cardio Ultra Review & Giveaway

Disclaimer: I am an Affiliate with Reebok and was provided with Product in exchange for my honest review. This post may contain affiliate links. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Remember on my last post how I talked about living life outside the box? Well thanks to my Friends at Reebok I was given the opportunity to try out a shoe made for something other than CrossFit. Obviously I love my Nano‘s, but Reebok has so many other shoes made for different activities. They recently came out with the Reebok Cardio Ultra, the perfect shoe for your Studio Cardio classes.


I wanted to put them to the test and try out a fun new class so I joined my friends over at Pink Lemon Studio for a BUTI Hoop class.

I didn’t realize it when I picked this class, but it wasn’t the traditional hoop class I was thinking – turns out it was more of a yoga type class. I did wear the Cardio Ultra’s for the first part of the class and found that it was awesome to have the AdaptAMove Upper with bonded mesh and a flexible cage for multidirectional support, the shoe moves with you! It was also pretty light for a shoe of it’s type.


These shoes move with you during your class. If this had been a more dancing/hooping focused class it would have been great to use the TurnZone that allows you to spin around 360 degrees. They have more cushioning than I’m used to which would be great for higher impact cardio classes.

It was super fun to get out of the box and try something new with my fitness. I’ll definitely go back… and maybe even try out the Twerking class!

Do you want to win a pair of Reebok Cardio Ultra’s? All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me what your favorite type of fitness class is! Entries will close at midnight on Thursday 3/19 and winner will be chosen on 3/20. 

What is your favorite type of fitness class?



34 thoughts on “Reebok Cardio Ultra Review & Giveaway”

  1. My favorite type of cardio class would have to be my zumba/hip hop classes. I never took organized dance classes growing up and it wasn’t until I was 15 and learning a dancing part in a drama for a mission trip that I realized I could keep an 8 count and on beat too! I am constantly buying new shoes for these classes because it seems like nothing works well for me (lightweight, supportive and able to glide across the floor).


  2. I love Crossfit and (don’t tell!) Zumba classes! The Zumba thing is kind of a dirty little secret, but they’re so much fun!


  3. In grad school I took a Core Circuit Class with “the Hermanator” and it was the best! This guy had an accent and pushed us so hard through our circuit. I had amazing results and that class pushed me. I love to hula hoop – that class sounds great!


    1. Congrats! You are the winner!! Email me Courtney (at) ChrisNorman.org with your size/color preference and shipping address and I’ll get them out to you!


  4. I used to love taking spin classes! But I haven’t taken one in forever. I love my sessions with my trainer though! 🙂


  5. I love boot camp classes, somehow I feel guilty if I miss one and that keeps me going. Hot yoga, Pilates and group swim classes are great if I’m doing lower impact things (the last two were my pregnancy go tos).


  6. Although not as on trend as it once was, I still love a good Cycling (aka Spinning) class. They always fly by and I feel like I get such a good workout!


  7. I’ve honestly never done a class, I’ve been wanting to try a Zumba class. Getting back into the swing of working out again this week 🙂 Time to get back in shape!!!


  8. I try to stay active through CF and sessions with a personal trainer, but I am always up for trying new things. I think my favorite fitness class that I tried recently outside of my usual fitness routine would have to be antigravity yoga! If you haven’t tried it, you really should!


  9. I love bikram yoga and I’m now just getting into spin! I’ve been doing Insanity and the 21 Day fix at home and I love it!


  10. My Crossfit gym does a class called Shred that is a great change up from the traditional Crossfit format. These shoes would be great for wearing when I do DVD workouts at home too. Thank you.


  11. I love love love hot yoga. It makes me feel like a weird combination of a bendy straw and a (sweaty) rubber band – I guess that’s a positive thing haha but for realz, it’s great and makes me feel hella good at stuff!


  12. I love a variety of fitness classes. I like to mix it up so I dont get bored. I do everything from yoga, bodypump, spinning, to workouts at home – running, p90x to even just running around with kids.


  13. I have always loved group classes. I am doing Crossfit now (for past month and a half), but I love bootcamp too. I want to try a Barre class. In the past, I was a HUGE fan of Step classes – the dancier the better, but I haven’t been to one of those in probably 12 years! Do they still offer Step classes? Oh – and I like Zumba too (it was a lot harder than I thought the first time I tried it!)!


  14. I’m late to the party, but outside of Crossfit I love swimming. I swam competitively from 6-17, and while I never had a long, lean swimmer’s physique, I did thoroughly enjoy it and was slightly better than ok at it. I started back again last summer after we bought a house in a neighborhood that has a 25 meter pool. It meant getting up at 5 in the morning and having the local PD come check on a “floating body” a couple of times during the summer (we live in a pretty small town, obviously), but it was good to be back at it. I can’t wait to see how much CF has helped me improve this summer. The goal is to get back to where I could do some Masters competing, at least on the local level.


  15. And can I tell you that I completely nerded out when I saw you followed me on Instagram? I swear, I told my husband it’s like Beyonce did or something, only way better.


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