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Meal Planning and Staying on Track

I don’t dread Mondays as much as some people do. I usually look forward to getting back to my workouts after a day off on Sunday. This week I’m still pretttttty sore from Saturdays WOD. It was the Hero WOD DT which is:

5 rounds of
12 Deadlifts 155/105
9 Hang Cleans 155/105
6 Push Jerks 155/105

105 is a light deadlift for me, but 105 hang cleans would get tough after a few rounds and 105 push jerks were going to be tough. I did it. And I was SO proud that I was able to do it RX. But man, oh man, did I feel it the next day. Like tender to the touch sore. I also had some awesome battle wounds from the cleans and jerks…


They were still a little tight this morning but I got them good and warmed up before I jumped into this gem:

6 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
5 Thrusters 95/65
5 Pull Ups

Oh yea, that burns. It’s like Mini-Fran. And it gave me the same hard to breathe sock in the gut as Fran does. Yay!

Anyway, Lately I’ve been feeling a little lost when it comes to staying on track with my meal plan. I had one plan that just wasn’t working for me, those dang no carb days are killers and I can’t function. So I switched back to my previous plan. In between I was kind of winging it with what I had left on hand. And then there was Halloween… Where I may have snagged a few pieces of candy… and a night out with friends where I had some cheesecake… and well, it turns into a slippery slope of “Just a bite” or “I’ve been pretty good” and then it’s hard to find the groove again.

I’m still learning this whole balancing act between buckling down to reach my goals and enjoying life without guilt. Moderation is a beautiful thing, but I feel like it is SO hard to do it right. I am far too often the “all or nothing” kind of girl. Like I will stick to my meal plan 100% or not follow it at all. The last few weeks I’ve been more on track during the day and then weekends have been a little tough.

The good news is my weight has maintained around the same few pounds. So, I’m good at maintaining my weight. I know that if I want to keep losing I realllly need to stay on track. So, for this week I’m going to do my best to have a “No Cheat Week” – Follow the plan 100% – Including drinking my water!

For those of you that are curious I am following a meal plan from my Nutrition Coach, Jamie from Precision Fitness STL,  that is currently a 45% Protein, 40% Carbs, 15% Fat Macro Breakdown. I have around 6 meals a day. To be honest I have no idea how many calories it is or even how each item breaks down because he gives me a whole meal plan with recipes to follow. I prefer it that way because I don’t have to think about what to eat, I just eat what is on the schedule. That doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for me. Remember, you have to do what works for you!


My husband and daughter aren’t doing the same eating plan I am, so I often have to make several different meals. I’m ok with that. The hubs is trying to gain muscle so he eats a lot more than I do and the kiddo eats pretty clean for the most part (though she would live off PB&J if I let her…) My typical process for meal planning for the week starts in Evernote. I looooove that it syncs with my phone so my shopping list and meal plan is always right there. I list out the days of the week I need to plan for and have a few staples I keep in mind for their meals like shredded buffalo chicken, Tacos, Chili, and Italian Beef Sandwiches. I always ask the hubs what he is in the mood for even though every time the response is the same “You do a good job, you know what I like” – I also think of meals that are easy to pre-prep or do in the Crockpot since we are at the CrossFit late. Thanks to Pinterest for keeping the inspiration fresh! I also have a subscription to the emeals clean eating crockpot meals. This provides me with good ideas, though I don’t follow it to the T every week. Click on the banner below to check out other emeals options including Paleo, Clean Eating, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Natural & Organic and tons more. Each week they send you a meal plan and grocery list.


Enter the code HOLIDAY at checkout to save 15% on your meal plans
Good until 11/6

As far as my meal planning goes I usually just make sure to have all ingredients on hand and lots of chicken pre-cooked. I also try to chop my veggies and roast them if need be. It all depends on whats on the plan for that week. The more a pre-prep the less likely I am to slip up! Preparation is key!!

Sunday is my grocery day. I get a lot of my groceries from Target and use coupons and the Cartwheel app to save a TON. Yesterday I saved about $8 on things like milk, cheese, eggs, peppers, & canned goods just by using the Cartwheel app. I get a lot of my more unique “health food” type items from Dierburgs. It would probably be cheaper at Trader Joe’s, but that is like a 40 minute drive. I clean out the fridge of old foods and prep anything I can on Sundays. That sets me up for the week. Let’s hope this week is a good one and I can break free from the curse of 183!

How do you handle meal planning and staying on track?


2 thoughts on “Meal Planning and Staying on Track”

  1. I hope that this is the week you break that 183 level. Our body gets so comfortable at certain set points. It is so easy for it to stay exactly the same.

    Perhaps there is one little tweak that you could make to make the difference. Perhaps there is one little snack that you really don’t need, are you really hungry? Do you need that extra little “something”? That 100 calories may make the difference between 183 and 182!!!

    Good luck! It is a constant battle!!!


  2. I too am on a meal plan from a nutritionist. My husband and I cook together on Sunday for the week so that we have our lunches all packed up and ready to go. I have just started doing pre and post workout shakes as well. My goal is to lose fat and gain muscle so I use UMP, Musle Provider and Mass Maker. Our children keep us busy so we usually do crock pot meals for dinner or we cook a few extra of whatever meat on Sunday and eat off that. (this month is no carbs at dinner — only breakfast and lunch). Our kids eat what we eat so they are eating healthier as well (minus the Halloween Candy). I eat 6 times a day and can say I stay pretty full. My motto right now:Failing to plan is planning to fail!!!


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