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Whole 30 April: Week 3 Recap (Link Up!)


Ok- Since sugar isn’t allowed on the Whole30 I’m not going to sugar coat this… This week was tough. My thoughts on the First 3 weeks of the whole30:

Week 1 – It’s new and exciting – we can do this!
Week 2- The newness wears off and it is hard. The end seems so far away.
Week 3- Longest. Week. Ever. End is near.

I expected it to get easier, but it has just been dragging on. I’m still making good eating decisions, but almost begrudgingly. The week wasn’t too bad. I prepped some food to have on hand like hard boiled eggs and an egg bake for breakfast. Sadly, the egg bake doesn’t taste good, but I don’t want to waste food so I keep eating it.

Friday we went out to a brazilian steak house to celebrate our CrossFit opening. It’s one of those places they bring out all different kinds of meat on swords. I had a lot of meat. It was good. Some of the meat had sauces on it, that most likely had added sugar, but it wasn’t a lot so I let it slide. I also had a bite of a fried banana and immediately felt guilty about it.

Saturday was the hardest day by far. I was just stressed out. I’m struggling to find a new “normal” with the changes in our schedule. We had a busy day of training new clients, school started up again this week, Payton had a birthday party (where I didn’t eat the cake… but ate dates I had in my purse), and I was lacking in patience (mostly due to a certain time of the month… TMI I Know…) and all I wanted was wine and ice cream. I refrained from both. But I found myself increasingly irritated, tired, and just wanting to be done.

Sunday I had a long run on the schedule for my training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. After going through the GO! STL Half Marathon a few weeks ago I knew I needed some fuel during the run. I had some Clif Shots and Nuun, not whole30… but I didn’t want to try to do it without since I’ll be using them for the race. I felt good during the run. I could definitely tell I was feeling lighter on my feet!


(ignore that nasty cold sore. apparently the stress of this week decides to make itself known in the most irritating way possible)

I have seen amazing progress so I will press on another week!


I have no plans of going crazy on day 31 and beyond… but I will for sure add in some things that I’ve been missing. Like dessert. and Paleo Pancakes.

How Did Your Week Go? Link up if you’re doing Whole30!

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16 thoughts on “Whole 30 April: Week 3 Recap (Link Up!)”

  1. This week was easier for me because I think I was distracted. I have really learned that stress plays a huge part in my diet. If I’m stressed I automatically turned to food for comfort. Even if it’s just a banana. It’s crazy! Stick with it girl! We don’t have that much longer! You are looking amazing 🙂


  2. Dudette…a picture is a worth a thousand words!! Stick with it!

    today is day 15 for me. I’m rockin’ it 🙂 Other than missing beer, I think this is going to be the Whole365 for me 🙂


  3. New to your blog, HI! You look amazing! Great job! Also, wanted to say thanks for the Gwynnie Bee recommendation. I signed up for a trial…and so excited to try it out!


  4. WOW! You can see a huge difference in your starting pic and today! Congrats!!!
    I did my first Whole30 back in September, and that’s what has kept me going on a paleo lifestyle. I plan to do another Whole30 sometime in the near future, but the first one definitely has shown me what my body does NOT like and what it can tolerate. (Cow dairy I tend to struggle with. My body deals pretty well with goat’s milk dairy, though. And when I did the reintroduction phase of Whole30, I felt miserable after eating a bowl of pasta. Grains are no bueno.)
    Keep up the great work!!


  5. Your progress is AH-MAZING! Week 3 was really hard for me too – I was just sick of eating so much (which turned out wasn’t enough) and all those veggies were kind of killing my stomach. My sleep & energy though were awesome. You’re almost done – woohoo!


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