Dirty Girl Mud Run St Louis (Discount Code)

I love mud runs. They are so fun! When I found out that Dirty Girl Mud Run was coming to the St Louis area I knew I wanted to get in on it. They will be in town Saturday September 7th and they have waves going all throughout the day. It is going to be at The Battlegrounds in Wright City, MO.


I traveled to a few events last year (Remember how much fun I had in Chicago? Check out the Video!) but this one is like literally right in my back yard! The thing that I love about mud runs is that it is just so much fun. There is a “No pressure” kind of vibe, totally opposite of the way I get about a road race. Dirty Girl is all about getting a group of friends (or making new friends there!) and having a good time together. It is a 5k, so 3.1 miles. This course will have 12 obstacles spread out over the 3.1 miles.


The obstacles have fun names like “Utopian Tubes” and “PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff)” – None of the obstacles seem too overwhelming, but if they are you can pass by them, no problem.

It really is a fun way to get active and use that general physical preparedness that we talk about in CrossFit lol. Plus, who doesn’t love playing in mud? For those of you who are looking to do your first mud run and are unsure about it, check out this post about some tips for mud runs!

5 Tips for Mud Runs

If you are in the STL area and want to join us use the code DGSTLBLOGGUEST for 20% off! You can register here.

Have you done a mud run? Any tips to share?


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