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Coffee Date: On The Road

Good morning, Friends! How’s your week going? Mine has been busy! Are you ready for our coffee date?


If we were having coffee today I would offer to split the creamer with you. There’s only 2 packets in the hotel room! I would tell you I’m so excited for this weekend! We are in Pittsburgh for the Dicks Sporting Goods Marathon weekend.


I am one of their Social Influencers for the weekend. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and twitter (@courtnorm on both) for sneak peaks and happenings throughout the weekend. Check out this swag…


I’m off to the expo, VIP style.

Your turn, If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?


12 thoughts on “Coffee Date: On The Road”

  1. Seriously – can I be as cool as you? Always getting to try cool stuff and go to fun places! How do you do it? Good luck this weekend girl! Can’t wait to back to running and full on CrossFitting 🙂


  2. Count me in as jealous! I’d love to run another half (part of me would LOVE to try another full but then I remember the pain) and to get the swag, too! You go, girl!

    If we were having coffee I’d admit that I’m not really enjoying my coffee since I started drinking again this week. I miss my Spark and think I need to just break down and reorder it. And, this is coming from a former coffee addict.


  3. Hi, Courtney! I’m the one that introduced myself at Sonoma Grille today! What a blast running into someone I just happened upon in the virtual world! I am on my own weight loss journey – just started – and I’ve just lost 13 pounds so far but I’m excited and your blog gives me some inspiration. Good luck this weekend and enjoy my city!


  4. I have followed for a long time but just got back into reading blogs. So excited for your opportunity! How fun! I love race swag, every time I race I grab as much junk as possible. I even take home the hotel soap.


  5. So jealous! Have a blast with Dick’s (how cool is all that swag!) and in Pittsburgh. Carb up – Pittsburgh is made for carb lovers! 🙂


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