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Coffee Date: On The Road

Good morning, Friends! How’s your week going? Mine has been busy! Are you ready for our coffee date?


If we were having coffee today I would offer to split the creamer with you. There’s only 2 packets in the hotel room! I would tell you I’m so excited for this weekend! We are in Pittsburgh for the Dicks Sporting Goods Marathon weekend.


I am one of their Social Influencers for the weekend. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and twitter (@courtnorm on both) for sneak peaks and happenings throughout the weekend. Check out this swag…


I’m off to the expo, VIP style.

Your turn, If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?

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Coffee Date: Currently

Hey Friends, happy Friday! It’s been a crazy few days over here!

I’m currently in Mexico. We started off by flying to San Diego, which is absolutely beautiful! Then we took a bus across the boarder and drove into Ensenada to start our 2 day driving adventure. We are driving Baja Desert Buggies across Baja before heading back to San Diego for a day and then back to St Louis.


I am currently really excited about our adventure. To be honest I was hesitant about it because I’ve never driven a manual car. Like ever. I’d say I did pretty good, only stalled it out like 5 times. Ha.

So this one is short and sweet since wifi in Mexico is tricky. Hope you all are having a great week!

Have you ever driven a race car? Ever surprised yourself by doing something you weren’t sure you could do?


Coffee Date: Friday Favorites!

What’s up peeps? (Does anyone say that anymore? Probably not…) So, it’s Friday! Time for your weekly dose of Courtney via VLOG!  Are you ready for a coffee date? Pull up a chair and lets chat!

I’m so excited to chat with you today. You see a couple weeks ago I found this awesome blog, Holly is freaking hilarious. Turns out she lives in my area too. Double SCORE! So when she said her and Emily were hosting a vlog link up I knew I had to get in on that stuff.


So this weeks Coffee Date is extra special. You get to hear me talk about my favorites… Favorite Fast Food… Favorite video that was on TRL… Favorite Workout… ((Please excuse the massively loud dishwasher – it sounds like a freaking monsoon when its running #firstworldproblems))

Your turn! What are your favorites? Make a vlog and link up – or leave them in the comments below.

Have you ever done “Old Time” photos? Do you think I have an accent?


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Coffee Date: WHY?

Whew, what a week. Seriously, something about this week was so draining. I’m glad it is Friday and I’m totally looking forward to a fun weekend. I’m running my first Stroller 5k, WHOO! It is a small local race (less than 200 entries so far) and I love being able to support local events. Also, I’m sure my running partner is going to be the cutest around.

Speaking of the amount of cuteness… Check out her/our featured up on the FitFluential Blog! And my blog is featured on the Top Mommy Blogs site too! Thanks to all who continue voting for me! I’m almost to the first page, so keep it up! (CLICK HERE to vote… just the click from my site to theirs registers as a vote!)

And now on to my rambling about 2 year old WHY’s, hectic mornings and humbling parenting.

As always, linking up with the adorable Alissa from Rags to Stitches!

Any tips for the Why stage? Or for making mornings less hectic? This mama needs help!

ps- don’t forget the SOYJOY Summer Prize Pack Giveaway is still open. Winner will be announced on Monday!

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Coffee Date: 30 Second Challenge

I love Fridays. Especially after long weeks. I’m ready for the weekend for sure. I also love Fridays because I get to link up for a Coffee Date with Alissa from Rags to Stitches!

Today her challenge was to tell as much about yourself as you can in 30 seconds… I did that and then I continued to ramble. Oops.

Here ya go…


So, after I recorded this I checked on my status… and you guys are SO awesome… guess what?!I’m the number 1 blog for health and fitness on TopMommyBlogs!Thank you so much to everyone who has been voting! I’d love to stay at the top, so if you have a second just click the banner below. The click counts as a vote!Visit Top Mommy Blogs To Vote For MeAlso, don’t forget about our link up tomorrow for your Saturday Funnies! Come here to link up a post that made you laugh. Because we all need more humor in our lives!If we were meeting for coffee, what would you tell me about yourself?