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Whole30 Results & Afterthoughts



I learned a lot about myself over these past 30 days. I faced temptation and stood strong.

When I started this I didn’t imagine it would be as hard as it was. I thought I ate “pretty clean” and that making adjustments to my eating wouldn’t be that difficult. I don’t eat bread/pasta/tortilla/rice all that much and I honestly don’t miss it, so that wasn’t a big deal. The things I struggled with the most was not “paleo-fying” or recreating favorite old foods. I can deal with no grains, even no dairy or legumes… but no paleo pancakes? no paleo pizza? no paleo cookies? ugh. that was tough. Towards the end of week 4 I started to go a little crazy – wanting things I don’t normally even want just because I couldn’t have them. I got tired of having to analyze every little thing I put in my mouth. It was eye opening how much mindlessly goes in my mouth, but at the same time thinking about it non stop for 30 days kinda made me crazy.

I generally felt good, not bloated or gassy. I did sometimes feel tired, but I think I just didn’t eat enough some days. I slept a ton better, for sure.

it was hard, but it was worth it though.

Now onto my Whole30 Results…

When I weighed in I was at 195.4
Today I was at 187.
Total Loss – 8.4lbs


The left is the start. The right is the finish. 30 days in between.
(please ignore that ugly bruise. 180lb back squat #fail)


I’m very pleased with the results. I knew my stomach was getting smaller but I was surprised at the growth in my arms/shoulders! I actually look like I have muscles!

And lets not forget where I came from… This is my CrossFit Before and After:


I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. I feel really good about it. I’ve worked hard for this. My plan going out is to continue to make healthy food choices. I don’t need dessert every night. I don’t need to splurge every time we go out to eat. We ate out quite a bit these 30 days and I made healthy choices every time. It is doable. I just have to find the balance that works for my body.


26 thoughts on “Whole30 Results & Afterthoughts”

  1. definitely can tell a difference with every progress pic you post!! keep it up!! i find that when i tell myself i “can’t” have a food… even if itz one i don’t eat often, then i definitely end up craving it more!


  2. Awesome results! You should be so proud of yourself!

    I totally just posted, in my blog, about all of my crossfit bumps and bruises. LOL I almost never walk out of my box without a mark on me, somewhere.


  3. You look remarkable! Your arms are more defined, your tummy is flatter and smaller and your waist I even smaller!!! Great job! I still don’t feel like I am 100% committed to do a whole30 but seeing your results really makes me want to try! Well done! You have come such a long way in almost a year!!!


  4. Isn’t it weird when you start to analyze every thing you do? Like I think I eat fairly clean but so often it’s like “oh, just one bite of this..” or “just a piece of that..” definitely adds up!

    You look great, Courtney, and you have been seriously so inspiring to so many people!! Congrats on finishing the Whole30 and breaking the 190 barrier!!


  5. WAY TO GO!!!!!
    You’re really inspiring me to give it a shot. But black coffee and no alcohol is scaring me.


  6. Yay! You did it and you look fantastic! Congratulations! I started the Whole30, thanks to you! I am on day 7 and so far so good…although I had been using some almond milk in my spinach smoothies (I know, not completely Whol30 OK)…yesterday I wanted just a little swig of it on its own and realized that it was sweetened! I grabbed three containers of it at the grocery store and apparently one was the wrong kind. Fail. I am not going to reset though, it was two smoothies, and a complete accident. I am trying to stay away from smoothies now…and ditched the sweetened stuff.

    ANYWAY…Thanks for being such an inspiration!


  7. Just when I thought you couldn’t get anymore AWESOME!!! Girl you are rocking it out!!!! Way to go! So proud of how far you have come on your journey and how much further I know you will go xoxo You inspire me to push myself harder. Oh and your bruise OUCH, but it makes you look like a Bada$$


  8. Great job on sticking to Whole30! I have heard the same thing — that it really does seem to work, but at times it doesn’t seem like you have enough energy and how difficult it is to stick to when eating out and having to always think about every single thing you eat.


    1. I think I lost 10 inches? I forgot to measure. ha. Overall I was just happy to get out of the 190s and not feel so bloated and heavy. Then I went on the trip to Pittsburgh… and ya… I overindulged way too much (it is so much harder to say no on someone else’s dime!) so this week I’m just trying to keep it clean and get back on track… I’d love to see 175 here pretty soon!


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