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Sport Journals WodBook Review & Giveaway

I love when I get to share something cool with you guys! I have been looking for a way to keep track of all my workouts, of course I have the blog to look back on but sometimes I don’t remember to blog about it. I’ve used some apps, but then I realized it wasn’t backing up the information so if something happened to my phone. What would I do if I lost track of all my PRs and Max lifts? I started looking for a better solution when I stumbled upon WodBook! They were nice enough to send me a copy to review.


First of all, I love love love that it has SO MUCH information in it. From nutrition information to diagrams of proper form on lifts this is not just a log book… but a huge tool of information! It also includes all the Girl WODs, Hero WODs, Travel WODs, other Benchmarks (like Filthy Fifty!) and even all the workouts from all the CrossFit Games!

I love that it is super portable. I stick a pencil in the binding and keep it in my Fitmark bag with all my other favorite CrossFit gear.


Along with all the information and benchmark WODs they have places to mark your workouts each day. This particular book, the WodBook Double, has 2 tracking spaces per page.


You can measure your Nutrition Quality, Hours of Sleep, Stress, and Mood/Attitude as well as log your strength and WOD. I love that you can measure all the things that may play into your performance during the workout. Maybe last time you did Fran you didn’t sleep well and had a Bad attitude, so you likely didn’t set a PR. The next time you try it with ample sleep and a Good attitude you may just blow that time out of the water.

Overall this has been a great tool for me to use in tracking my WODs and Progress. And I think you’ll like it too! SportJournals sent me one to give to a lucky one of you!

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How do you track your workouts?

I was provided with a WodBook for the purpose of reviewing. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


26 thoughts on “Sport Journals WodBook Review & Giveaway”

  1. Just found your blog and I think you have a great thing going!

    I log all of my workouts in multiple places (yes, weird and time consuming I know).

    I log it all in Dailymile, RunningAhead, and I have many notebooks full of old workouts. I love being able to look back and see how far I have come!


  2. Our gym gives each new member one of these when they join, its a great thing for them to have. I LOVE my wodbook and have been using them for well over a year now. Awesomely perfect for tracking your progress.


  3. If I’m following a weight training program, I just write down my reps & weights on loose paper. If I’m not following any sort of program, I don’t write anything down– that’s exactly why I really need a WodBook!!


  4. I have a notebook I keep track of my miles ran, and the miles on my shoes. I don’t really track other types of workouts.


  5. Hm, never heard of this. I keep track of most things in excel so that I can add up miles and calories burned for the week…cool concept to keep track of mood and other things though!


  6. Currently I use a small journal I picked up at Office Depot. It works, but this one is so awesome with all the labels and bells and whistles!


  7. I think my box must’ve ordered ours from this site since they are almost identical, but I don’t have the double. Wouldn’t be fair for me to enter since I have one, but will definitely share for you! 🙂

    My only beef is no page numbers or table of contents.. and it seems a bit disorganized; but it is great to reference how you progress!


  8. This is so cool! Right now I keep running workouts on Runtastic and GarminConnect. I’m going to start lifting again very soon, so this would be perfect! I used to keep notes of max lifts in a spiral notebook but somehow the pages would end up being used for other notes and I’d forget to transfer the info and it’d get lost 😦


  9. Currently, I track my workouts at the box with Wodify. Does your box have access to that yet? If not, ask! It is awesome!

    When I go to my “normal” gym, I just have a list of exercises and write down weight and reps. Boring! Need something to keep me interested….like this handy, dandy notebook!


  10. I track my workouts in a regular planner but I have been wanting a WOD book for a while now to make tracking my pr’s easier.


  11. This is too cool! I would love to have something like this to track my progress over the next year. The apps are great but I am a sucker for the old school writing things down.


  12. I currently only track my runs with my GPS watch. I don’t track my other cross training activities but I’d love to! And I’d LOVE to try CrossFit!


  13. I don’t have a good workout log tracker… I have about 8 spiral notebooks all around the house/work. I’ve been looking for a good wodbook!


  14. What a fantastic product!

    I currently don’t track my workouts, but after every WOD, I see everyone heading to grab their log books. I’ve been thinking about starting tracking, so this would be perfect!


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