Coffee Date

Coffee Date: Am I _____ Enough?


Good Morning Friends, Happy Friday! Gosh I’m glad it’s Friday. This has been one loooooong week with so many ups and downs. If we were having coffee I’d be excited to break away from the chaos to chat with you. I’d be drinking my coffee with canned coconut milk. I think I’ve perfected the best cup of coffee I can have on the whole30. What would you be drinking?

If we were having coffee I would thank you for your response to last weeks coffee date. It was so comforting to know that I’m not the only one who struggles with friendship. I mentioned last week that I thought maybe I wasn’t enough…. Or maybe I was too much. That idea has weighed on my mind all week. Am I not outgoing enough? Am I too honest? One of you commented that finding true friends means they will love you no matter what. And I “know” that but I can’t help but think something is wrong with me. I’m working on that. There are some things I know I need to work on, as I’m not perfect… But I’m also working on stopping the self blame with this friendship issue.

If we were having coffee I would tell you this week the “enough” monster struck again. When we got the final approval to open our CrossFit I was immediately struck with the thought “am I good enough?” – I know that I am smart enough. I have studied and passed all the requirements. But would people look at me and think that I’m not fit enough? I started to doubt myself.

If we were having coffee I would tell you I am proud of how far I’ve come on my journey. I know that I’m not finished, but I don’t know that I ever will be.

And I know that I am enough. Even if I forget sometimes.

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?


26 thoughts on “Coffee Date: Am I _____ Enough?”

  1. I’d be drinking my coffee black! Not sure why I haven’t tried it with coconut milk yet. I need to seriously stock up on that stuff!

    You are enough and true friends will like you with the goods and the bads. Happy Friday 🙂


  2. I’d tell you that this has been a long week for me but I’m feeling good. I’m back in the gym and I think that helps! I think it’s totally normal to have those doubts especially if you are doing something major like that. You’ve got to push past it though girl! 🙂


  3. I’d tell you, I have finally felt my injury is on the mend and it’s about time. Someone said this above, but I 2nd it. True friends will love you through both the good and bad!


  4. In my first week of Crossfit one of the coaches told me something that sticks with me today. That say you go into class and you see a 200lb woman; some people may be judgmental about that. But what you don’t know is that 200lb woman used to be 300lbs; and she has been coming 5x a week and is able to lift like the men do and is faster and stronger than so many other people at the gym.
    I never thought about it that way, so now when I see people at the gym I always try and think of where they came from or where they were before.
    So with you, yes on the surface maybe you don’t feel as confident as some others, but YOU KNOW where you came from! And I’m excited to have been following your blog for some time watching you transform. You are going to do awesome. I am sooo freaking excited for you and totally envious.. amazing things are coming for you girl!


    1. Such a good reminder. It is so easy to focus on how far we have to go instead of how far we’ve come. This is a HUGE undertaking but I’m having so much fun with it!


  5. That I am thankful to have a husband who not only says he supports my journey, but shows me he does. I would also say how proud I am of you and Mr. Dreamer! You both inspire us and you are AWESOME!!!!


  6. I’d tell you that you could be speaking for me! Sometimes I feel like my insecurities try to take over my life. I am considering a new venture (similar to yours, but totally different), and I question “what if people don’t like me, what if they think this is silly, what if they won’t me because I’m me”. Then, I would tell you that I am sick of living by fear, and I am working really hard to work past that. Then, I would thank-you for our coffee date, because it is wonderful to finally have someone who “understands” me.


    1. So glad i’m not alone! its nice to know that other people in the world “get” us. Wish we could meet up for coffee for real! Thanks for stopping by!


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