Gwynnie Bee Updates!

Thursday! So close to Friday! Yay! You still have time to enter the personalized jewelry giveaway – it ends tonight!! Also- thank you so much for all the love on yesterdays big announcement. It’s something I’ve been dying to share and I’m glad I’m able to talk about it now. I hope you don’t get tired of hearing about it…. because I’m sure there will be lots more talk about it!

I’m still going to be working my main job now, which I work from home. My mornings and evenings will be spent coaching so I am having to force myself to be more efficient at life in general. Also- since I’ll be spending even more time in workout gear, those times that I do doll myself up are going to have to be extra special! Another one of the reasons I love Gwynnie Bee. It helps keep my wardrobe up to date without the hassle of shopping. It also lets me try new styles and sizes without committing to them.

I knew Easter was a few weeks ago – but as it approached I realized I didn’t have any cute dressy clothes that fit right! That week a new package arrived on my doorstep and it was perfect!


Camryn Convertible Skirt Dress

It is a beautiful blue color and so flattering.  It can also be worn as a skirt, but I liked it better as a dress. I added a wide belt with a flower and a cardigan and wore some silver flats. It was perfect (though I was a little chilly… thanks St Louis for your bipolar weather).


Diagonal Striped Cardigan

This one is another one of my favorites. The diagonal stripe is a unique twist to the striped trend going on. It can be dressed up or down and was super comfortable.


Smitten Top in Jade

Guys- this is just beautiful. The Jade color is amazing. The ruching on the side is flattering. The top has a nude panel in it so you don’t have to worry about the bra straps. It’d probably be paired better with black pants or skirt… but I’m so in love with it.

And guess what? Starting TODAY they are going to be having New arrivals every 10 days- instead of 2 weeks. That means more choices for you! (As if deciding what to put in your closest isn’t hard enough already haha…) Some of the pieces I’m eyeing from the last set of new arrivals:


Because who doesn’t want a studded lapel leather jacket?!polkadotdress

And because I love polka dots!

if you sign up for Gwynnie Bee and mention me, “Courtney Norman/Journey of a Dreamer”, you get a free, 30-day trial subscription (up to 3 items at a time)! No risk, no commitment at all. Cancel on or before your 30 days are up and you won’t be charged (Gwynnie Bee will need their clothes back though). New Gwynnie Bee Guests,requestan invite (the site is invite-only at this time), tell them that Journey of a Dreamer referred you, activate your account, browse around and give it a try. The trial is limited to new members only. Sign up now!

Also- for the month of April they are having a contest – if you keep your closet filled with 25+ items you will be entered to win a FREE MONTH of Gwynnie Bee! Awesome, right?

What is your favorite fashion trend? I’m kinda loving the lace obsession lately!

I am a Blog Affiliate for Gwynnie Bee which means if you sign up I get money towards my subscription service – But I’d still tell you about it even if I didn’t… because it rocks. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own!


2 thoughts on “Gwynnie Bee Updates!”

  1. I am ALL over that polka dot dress! I’ve been feeling a lot of navy stripes, ie. the “i’m on a boat” look, polka dots, “hipster-y” type things and neon/lime-green!!!!!! But the actual trend I’m noticing is that none of the things I’m currently loving fashion-wise involves wearing ALL BLACK! 🙂 It’s a new thing for me…apparently I’m starting to be okay with not always blending into the shadows!

    You look AMAZING in your outfits! I really loved your Easter look and that lace top!!!


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