Coffee Date

Coffee Date: Birthday Eve!

Hey Friends! I’m SO excited that it is FRIDAY! This week has been a rough one trying to get adjusted back to central time, catch up on a ton of work (regular work and blog work… SO much fun stuff coming your way!!) and trying to get back into a routine with workouts. I’m also excited for the weekend because TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! YEEESS!

Alright – who is ready for some coffee? I’m drinking out of my moose cup. Be jealous.


To recap: I talked about Mexico, my birthday, AND my awesome partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods and the Pittsburgh Half Marathon! Check out the latest in the #runfor Inspirational Video series here.

What do you do to celebrate your birthday?
What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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13 thoughts on “Coffee Date: Birthday Eve!”

  1. You’re trip sounds awesome! Happy Birthday! Don’t worry about that big 30 number until you get there. I’ll be there in less than a month and really it’s no big deal. You’re only as old as you act and feel. For my 30th my sister has put together a huge wine tour and a night out with my friends! I’m so excited. Normally though we just get a big group together and go to the Japanese Hibatchi grill, my favorite!

    If we were having coffee I’d be complaining about the weather too! I’m so sick of snow, I can’t get warm and its just depressing.

    Happy Friday!


  2. You have the same birthday as my husband!! Have a great one. And congrats on the half, that is fantastic!


  3. First if all, happy (almost) birthday Girly!!! That dinner sounds like its going to be fun! Also can’t wait to hear more about Mexico. And I’m super excited for you and your upcoming races!! I miss it so bad and glad I can live vicariously through you right now! 🙂 hope your bday tomorrow is amazing!!


    1. Thanks Linz! I’m planning on a fun day tomorrow including CrossFit, shopping, and a nice dinner! I’m glad you can live through me, cause I’m going to live through you once that baby gets here!


  4. Happy Birthday!!! Girl, you are YOUNG! Don’t sweat it!! I just turned 29 on the 4th!!! GASP!!! How do you get to go on all these fun trips?! (Ex. Mexico to drive Baja dune buggies!!!!) I hope you have a fabulous birthday weekend celebrating!! The upside of getting older is you get to celebrate longer!


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