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Out of the Ordinary Day

Hey Guys!

How is your week going so far? Seems like my week has been SO long. How is it only Wednesday? Today is a super special day… It’s my husbands 29th birthday! So we decided to take the day off. Payton had school so after working out this morning we went to breakfast with some friends then headed home to clean up before making the trip out to Sump Coffee… Mid-Week Coffee Date for the win!


Obviously I love coffee, so a new coffee experience is always welcomed. It was a great ambiance. It was really all about the coffee. They buy their beans green and roast them. The flavors are out of this world. It is not a frilly coffee shop. They carry only whole milk and soy milk and have no syrups or cream. Coffee truly is an art to them and I enjoyed it.


After that we went down to the Central West End and found a cool place for lunch. I forgot to take a picture, what kind of blogger am I?! I had a great Chipotle Chicken Salad and lots of chips and salsa. After we picked Payton up we went to get cupcakes. Because every birthday deserves a good cupcake!

When we arrived home I was super excited to see that my text book arrived for my Precision Nutrition Certification Course!!


I have been wanting to do some sort of nutrition certification for a long time now. I’ve looked into lots of different options but when I found this one I knew it was the one. It is not just about nutrition in general, but sports and exercise nutrition. I love that it combines the science and the application. They have a Level 1 and a Level 2 certification. I’m doing the Level 1 now and plan on getting the Level 2 next spring. I’ll share the journey with you along the way, of course.

After sneaking in a little bit of work we decided to go out and celebrate some more. We ended up at the local kids party place. I am not usually a big fan, mostly because lots of small children make me feel stressed… but on a Wednesday evening it was empty! Score!


We played lots of Ski Ball


Chris won the jackpot on Deal or No Deal


And I beat Chris twice in the Sink It game.

It was such a fun spontaneous day! I love spending time with the hubs and kiddo. And I love being able to celebrate another birthday with the man I am lucky to call mine. He is my best friend and biggest supporter. He is my sanity and keeps me grounded. Plus he has a pretty epic beard. I mean, look at it…


Can’t argue with that, can ya? #BeardStrong

Happy Birthday!

How do you celebrate birthdays?
Are you Pro or Anti beard?

Coffee Date

Coffee Date: Birthday Eve!

Hey Friends! I’m SO excited that it is FRIDAY! This week has been a rough one trying to get adjusted back to central time, catch up on a ton of work (regular work and blog work… SO much fun stuff coming your way!!) and trying to get back into a routine with workouts. I’m also excited for the weekend because TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! YEEESS!

Alright – who is ready for some coffee? I’m drinking out of my moose cup. Be jealous.


To recap: I talked about Mexico, my birthday, AND my awesome partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods and the Pittsburgh Half Marathon! Check out the latest in the #runfor Inspirational Video series here.

What do you do to celebrate your birthday?
What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

Linking up with Alissa

Coffee Date

Coffee Date: February Goals

Hey Friends! So excited you stopped by for our Coffee Date. SO much going on right now! I can’t believe it is February already. You know what that means? My BABY turns 3 this month? GAAAAAHHHH.


Whew- I’m back. I had a mommy melt down. Time goes so fast doesn’t it? Are you ready for coffee? Grab a cup and let’s chat.


Here is my little visual reminder of my goals, all valentines themed. I swear making it cute makes it easier to hit your goals. ha.


Your turn… If we were having coffee, what would you tell me? 
Do you have goals for February?

PS- Don’t forget about the Dietbet… it starts Monday!!


Coffee Date: Friday Favorites!

What’s up peeps? (Does anyone say that anymore? Probably not…) So, it’s Friday! Time for your weekly dose of Courtney via VLOG!  Are you ready for a coffee date? Pull up a chair and lets chat!

I’m so excited to chat with you today. You see a couple weeks ago I found this awesome blog, Holly is freaking hilarious. Turns out she lives in my area too. Double SCORE! So when she said her and Emily were hosting a vlog link up I knew I had to get in on that stuff.


So this weeks Coffee Date is extra special. You get to hear me talk about my favorites… Favorite Fast Food… Favorite video that was on TRL… Favorite Workout… ((Please excuse the massively loud dishwasher – it sounds like a freaking monsoon when its running #firstworldproblems))

Your turn! What are your favorites? Make a vlog and link up – or leave them in the comments below.

Have you ever done “Old Time” photos? Do you think I have an accent?