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Weekly Workout Recap

This week was rough. After daylight savings time AND traveling to the West Coast and back in the same week we just had the hardest time adjusting back to the central time zone! I was seriously exhausted ALL week long. Those 5am workouts just were not coming naturally… which means this week’s workouts were not happening like I’d like them to. I wanted to hit it hard after being gone last week, but sometimes that just doesn’t work out… and That’s ok! Usually after my 5am CrossFit class I’d come home and run a few miles on the treadmill, but this week I came home, showered, and went back to sleep for an hour! Good news is I finally feel rested!

Monday- Travel Day


We spent the day traveling from San Diego back to St Louis.

Tuesday- Rest Day


Still struggling to get back into the central time zone we took the day to recoup.

Wednesday – CrossFit

Take 20 minutes to find a 2 Rep max for thrusters – New 2RM!! 100#!
AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
10 hand-release push-ups
10 front squats
10 T2B

Thursday – CrossFit & 3.10 miles 

Snatch balance 5 x 2
For 16 minutes :
Even minutes : complete as many snatches 95/65 as possible
Odd minutes : complete 15 heel to heel sit-ups .
Score equals total snatches – Total Score = 47rx

Outside run! My First one in several weeks!


Friday – Rest Day

I instagrammed about setting my alarm for my early morning…


but when I woke up I had a headache and was NOT feeling it. So I went back to sleep.

Saturday – (MY BIRTHDAY!) CrossFit


Work on HSPUs
7 rounds for time of:
7 push press 135/95
7 push-ups
7 Burpees

Time: 15:21

I really enjoyed the WOD and loved recovering with my GNC Orange Cream Lean 25 Shake. I received the product to review – full review coming next week!

I need to do a full birthday recap too! It was SUCH a blast!

Sunday – 10 Dreadmill Miles

Since we woke up to a freaking blizzard that meant I would have to do my long run on the treadmill. Oh dear.


I turned on Lifetime movie network and just tried to pound it out. I stopped and got off a few times to give my mind a break. 10miler

I almost stopped at 7.5, by my friend Emily reminded me “not to phone it in” and that I had a few miles left in me. So the second 5 miles took quite a bit longer than the first, but I got em done!

Now that I finished that long run I get to “taper” for the GO! STL Half – before really jumping into the training for the Pittsburgh Half!

I feel great about what I did this week, especially with all the travel and birthday celebrations. I’m ready to hit next week hard!

How was your workout week? How to do you handle with adjusting back to a schedule after travel?


12 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap”

  1. Just now realized you live in St. Louis! First blogger I ever came across that lives in the same state as I do! You did get a lot more snow than me…
    Great job on getting back in to the workouts.


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