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Happy New Year- 2012 in Review

Happy New Year!! I can’t believe it is 2013. Sometimes I still think the 90’s were 10 years ago. Weird, I know. How did you ring in the New Year? We hung around the house with friends, played monopoly, and watched the ball drop (at 11…) and then at 12 we went out the garage and did a little workout. I practiced my double unders, and got 2! BAM! This is going to be the year of conquering the double under! I will RX a workout with Double Unders! The hubs threw the weights around for a bit but I wasn’t feeling it… it was after 12am after all…

Looking back over 2012 I am super proud of the progress I made. It blows my ever loving mind that at this time last year I had been training for 6+months for the Disney Marathon. And that even after 6 months of outrageous amounts of running… I was still huge. I think I fluctuated around 215 +/- 5lbs for most of my training. Granted I wasn’t focusing on my food as much as my training, but still proof that lifting weights makes such a huge difference. I was around 190 during our November trip to Disney.


While I lost about 25lbs, I feel like I gained a significant amount of muscle too. I can tell my arms, legs, and butt are way smaller and my face thinner. I have accomplished more this year than I ever thought I could. I’m going to try to highlight some of my favorites

Ran the Disney Marathon

Ran a 5k While on Vacation in Texas

Tried New Rules of Lifting for Women (when my love for lifting began!)

Ran the Go! STL Half Marathon

Entered a 60 Day Fat Loss Challenge

Got some Sobering

Results from my DXA Scan

Tried CrossFit for the first time!!

Pushed Past my Mental Block

Was Inspired by the CrossFit Games

Confronted my inferiority complex

Completed my 60 Day Fat Loss Challenge

Was a Finalist in the Promax DOer Contest

Rocked the Color Run

Ran my first 5K with a Stroller

Realized what Healthy Living Has Freed Me From

Got Pretty Muddy In Chicago

Celebrated 5 Years of Marriage

Conquered the Warrior Dash


Got to drive a Tahoe for a week

Ran the Zombie Survival Dash

Hit my first handstand

Realized I’m Not Perfect

Celebrated the Victory

Set at 5K PR

Man, what a year! I’m so thankful that you guys have come along for my journey. I hope you stay around for 2013!

Going into 2013 my focus word is going to be “Intentional”


I will be intentional in my relationships, eating, and training. I will continue to set monthly goals, but as far as yearly goals or resolutions go I just want to make this an intentional and focused year. This is going to be a huge year for us. We have some huge plans and exciting things in the works. I can’t wait to see where 2013 is going to take us! This year I am chasing some scary dreams and taking big risks. Dreaming big is scary. But I am encouraged by this quote I found on a bracelet (that I now wear every day):


Every day, every minute you are making a choice that will either help your dreams come true or won’t. Small choices add up to big results. Another one of my mantras for this year!

How was your New Years Celebration?
Any goals for this year?


12 thoughts on “Happy New Year- 2012 in Review”

  1. Had a great time rocking to the 80s for New Years! Keep up the awesome progress! Running definitely isn’t what can lean people out…I gained some weight when I first began long runs until I learned to fuel right!


  2. Haha, I still feel like the 90’s were ten years ago too. Where does time go?

    My New Years was kind of those Murphy’s Laws kind of days. I threw in the towel and went to bed by 10pm with a massive headache after my 2.5 month old and I had a complete meltdown at my best friends house. Hopefully that’s no indication of how the rest of the night is going to go!

    Sounds like you had a pretty stellar year. 2013 will surely be even better for you!


  3. You look wonderful! Congratulations on all your accomplishments this year.
    Best of luck kickin’ bootie this year, with all your goals!


  4. I also feel like the 90’s were just a few years ago. haha

    I am INCREDIBLY INSPIRED by you, Courtney!! I seriously value your blog so much, even though I am not a faithful commenter. I goals this year are to set little goals, so I can finally lose the weight I keep “trying” to lose. I think I’ve tried to lose weight as a resolution for the past 5 years, and I’ve only gained during that time. I am inspired by you because you set small goals and achieve them for a bigger overall result.

    So here’s to 2013 being the year of weight loss (hopefully at least 10% of my weight) by setting and achieving small, consequetively increasing goals! 🙂


  5. Wow that is a tone of things to accomplish in 2012!! Hats off to you!! You totally see a difference in those picture truly amazing and an inspiration to me. Thanks for being you!


  6. You look amazing, Courtney!! What a difference a year can make! Can you imagine where you will be in six months to a year from now? Keep inspiring, chica!!! 🙂


  7. I always love your blog! It is amazing how far you have come! 2013 is gonna be our year!!! So proud of you lady and I know you will rock your goals!!!! Wish I could make you guys move with me lol


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