Victory over the Box and a GIVEAWAY!

Are y’all having a good Saturday? Mine has been really good! I went to CrossFit this morning and after the WOD I decided I was going to conquer the box jump. Remember how I talked about my fear of the box? I even set a goal in September to conquer them, but failed at that. I was just tired of letting the box win.

I have been able to jump up on stacked plates and I knew it was ALL mental. I set up my stacked plates next to the box. I jumped on the plates. They are the SAME height as the box. After a few moments of hesitation I DID IT! and what is the most logical thing to do after you realize you can do a box jump? Ask one of the coaches to take video for you so you can blog about it, obviously!


BAM! I was SOOOOOO excited. It just took a little mental courage to conquer one of my fears. Now, what next?! (oh ya, I did it while wearing a skirt. Who says you can’t be cute AND hardcore? HA!)


To celebrate my victory over the box I’m going to do a giveaway thanks to my friends at Social Media Chimps and YogaEarth! Remember those Keen-Wah Decadenceย Bars I talked about on Wednesday?

Well, my friends, now YOU have the opportunity to win some of your very own! Out of all three I’d say the coconut almond is my favorite out of the three, but the cinnamon cayenne is tasty too! Be sure to enter the giveaway here for your chance to win.


Tell me about a fear you’ve conquered – Let’s have a victory party for all of us! 


17 thoughts on “Victory over the Box and a GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Amazing. I was in crossfit for like 3 weeks before I blew out my shoulder and box jumps were the devil. I hated them! I have no balance so I could not do them. I would fly off in all sorts of crazy directions, crash to the ground, or end up bruised and bloody. The coaches at my box told me I should just step up and down. HA!


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