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WIAW #7 – Away From Home!

Hello Friends! I’ve been busy on a business trip to South Dakota but wanted to take some time to check in with you! How’s your week going?  We have been in and out of meetings and brain storming sessions. I actually got a workout in this morning in the hotel gym.I grabbed 2 hard boiled eggs from the breakfast bar at the hotel to hold me over, along with my protein shake. (no picture, use your imagination!)Then we headed to do a group Deep Water interval class. HOLY SMOKES – that was crazy. I will never make jokes about water aerobics again. We wore some awesome aqua jogger belts and did different exercises and tabatas. It was a nice change of environment from the normal workouts. I wish I had some pictures, because it was hilarious. We stopped by The Original Pancake House for brunch after water class. Holy yum, those pancakes looked delish! However, I refrained. I had some great coffee, Fruit with a dab of fresh whipped cream, and a Greek Omelette. It was eggs, spinach and Feta. Oh, Feta. I love Feta. And that whipped cream? Heavenly. For the record, I may have eaten 2/3 of that massive omelette.We set off to the boardroom to do some work, but broke for a coffee break a few hours later. There is a coffee place  called Coffea right across from the hotel we are meeting at. This is seriously one of the things I actually enjoy about South Dakota, lol. I got a Cafe Masala. It has spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom. We made friends with the baristo and he made me a heart in my coffee.It was almost too beautiful to drink. Almost. They also had a coffee Syphon. It was SO cool. It was like a science experiment!We still have some work left for the day, but I think we are heading to a Brazilian Place for dinner. One of those where there are huge pieces of meat they shave off with swords. Exciting!

 What are some good travel habits you have?



1 thought on “WIAW #7 – Away From Home!”

  1. wow! that is some beautiful looking coffee! you’ve definitely had some good eats on your trip! ive never been to a brazilian restaurant, but that sounds really cool! enjoy! spa love!


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