5 Tips for Healthy Travel

Hey ya’ll! This week has been a whirlwind! We left St Louis on Monday and have been in Sioux Falls all week for business. It was a fun (and productive!) week! Traveling can be a huge obstacle to staying on the healthy path, but it doesn’t have to be. When you are traveling for business most of the time is not your own. We had brainstorming/team building sessions, lunch meetings, coffee dates, and other random activities planned for us. Sometimes It can seem overwhelming to try to stay healthy while traveling, but I have a few tips to share with you.

1. Stay Hydrated

Bring a water bottle that you can reuse and fill it often. Pass on the sugary soda and stick to water.

2. Pre-plan out your workouts

I used the hotel fitness center. Some people like to research running routes. I had a list of CrossFit Travel WODs that I used, along with the treadmill and some planks to work the core.

3. Bring healthy snacks

I brought a few KIND bars, some Promax bars, and almonds. I also brought my GNC protein powder to give me the extra protein I needed in the morning.

4. Choose Healthy Options when eating out

I had regular coffee instead of a latte and fruit instead of scones. Salad instead of a burger. Choose the best of what is available!

5. Allow yourself a few treats

Don’t make yourself feel deprived. Enjoy the special things about the area you’re visiting without feeling too guilty. Having a regular latte as opposed to black coffee is ok. A dessert is ok. Just don’t overindulge. Find balance and moderation.

What are some tips you use for staying fit when traveling?


9 thoughts on “5 Tips for Healthy Travel”

  1. Those are great tips. I always make a Trader Joe’s stop for a meal to go before I fly. They have such great salads and snacks that are cheaper and wayyyyy healthier than the airport food…


  2. Great tips, I always bring my own water bottle to fill and have a bag of snacks. Workouts or races are fun ways to stay active and explore the area.


  3. bringing food with me or finding a grocery store when we land has been the biggest thing over the last few years. with constant work travel I knew that lunches wouldn’t be healthy, but I could control breakfast and dinner by picking up egg whites or salads


  4. Great tips. Staying healthy while travelling is really hard. I went to a conference last year and gained 5 lbs in a weekend! That was when I implemented the “stop eating the bad tasting muffins, baked goods etc that you see everywhere” If I want something like that I need to bake it myself. Then I know what is in it. And, it takes a while before I can eat it!


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