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September Goals

Happy Labor Day! This week I’m traveling for work so my posts are going to be up whenever I can get to them. Right now I’m sitting at the airport waiting for our flight to board. I had a protein shake before we left the house, but I was feeling kinda hungry (plus we needed coffee) so we hopped in the Starbucks line. $12, a latte, a brewed coffee and 8oz of fresh fruit later… Seriously though, $4.50 for 8oz of fresh fruit? Ouch. Recently I’ve been shying away from the latte route at starbucks… I think the milk upsets my stomach. So today I got a tall brewed coffee with a splash of half and half and some cinnamon.

Today I wanted to talk to you a little about my goals. I have had some vague goals for sometime… lose X amount of pounds, run a race in a certain time, finish a race… but I realized I need something more concrete to work towards. Each month at the beginning of the month I’m going to post a few goals I am going to work towards. This gives me something specific to work towards and the blog is my way of tracking that progress. I’ll update throughout the month as I get closer to reaching the goals and then recap it all at the end of the month.

Now for some updates and my September Goals

Weight Loss – As of now I’ve been around 191-192. I ended July at 197. My goal for August was to get out of the 190s… I was close! I have been lifting heavier at CrossFit so I think that there is some muscle exchange to be counted in that number. While my weight isn’t exactly where I wanted it to be, I am SO proud of the 23lbs I’ve lost since June 1, and the 50+ lbs that I’ve lost since being pregnant. Right now I can say that this is the lowest weight I can remember being in my adult life. When I did Weight Watchers in 2008 I got to 195. My senior year in High School I was also 195. I am falling out of most all of my pants and had to buy some in smaller sizes.

All that to say My goal for September is to get to 185lbs. It is around 6-8lbs for the Month. Obviously I know the scale doesn’t tell all- so this goal is taken with a grain of salt. It is exciting for me to be setting a weight like 185 as a “small realistic goal” because for so long I thought that was unattainable. And 185 is so close to 175… which is closer to 150, which is a number I never dreamt I’d see on the scale. And now It seems achieveable!

Running– Since starting CrossFit back in June my running kinda took a back seat. While I might not get out and do tons of long runs, I still want to keep my mileage consistent and focus on speed. Just the other day I ran 5k in my fastest time yet: 37:27. It wasn’t an actual race so I don’t know that it could count as a PR.

Last month I ran the Color Run and the Pound the Pavement 5k, but neither were as fast as I’d like. I feel like I need some work on my form. The past few weeks I have been running 2ish miles after CrossFit with the Jogging Stroller and Payton. It is a great way to start our day together and I feel like running after lifting helps with my fat burn. This month I have the Pretty Muddy Mudrun in Chicago and the Warrior Dash here in St Louis.

My Running Goal for September is to log 40 miles. That’s 10 a week. That is just 2 miles a day for 5 days. I’m using DailyMile to keep track of my miles, if you are on there you should friend me and keep me accountable.

CrossFit– It is no secret that CrossFit has become a huge part of my life and my fitness story. I have come from thinking the 35lb barbell was heavy to lifting 155lbs in my Deadlift and Back Squat. There are SO many goals that I am working towards with CrossFit. This month I was able to complete my first WOD RX (Workout of the Day, As Prescribed), which means I didn’t have to modify the weights or movements.

Me after my first RX WOD

For September, My CrossFit goal is to work on the box jump. I’ve written about this before and have been working on it. I have been able to land a handful of box jumps, but not consistently. The other day I did a few jumps onto plates stacked up nearly as tall as the box, so that is progress.

Reading– I have wanted to do more reading lately and after seeing a ton of buzz about The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, I downloaded it on to my Kindle. I have read the first chapter and love it so far. This month I want to finish this book (easy enough, right? Haha)

So, there ya have it. My goals for September.

Do you have any goals you are working towards this month?


12 thoughts on “September Goals”

  1. I haven’t really set any goals for myself this summer other than to train safely and smart for my first marathon at the beginning of 2013. I should probably get some goals set besides that for the Fall/Winter. Love your goals, it’s always good to write stuff down to keep accountable.


    1. When I was training for my marathon last year I got kinda burnt out pushing for a goal that seemed so far away. Setting smaller/shorter term goals helps me keep my motivation up.


  2. I really am inspired by you and the goals you’ve set. My goal this month is to get my IBS pain under control. I have an appointment with the specialist this week, so hopefully I’ll get some answers. You rock girl, just so you know! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Shaina! Dealing with an issue like IBS is no fun! Hopefully you have a dr that is working with you to help find the best solutions. That is an awesome goal to work on!!


  3. Girl, you are so freaking inspiring! You have no idea! I have recently gotten the official approval from my RE doctor to start exercising as much as I feel comfortable doing, plus a prescription that is now helping me manage my insulin resistance symptoms, which means MORE ENERGY!! Seriously. More energy is huge! haha

    I think because of this blog post I will also try and set some mileage goals. My RE told me to focus on exercising and eating and not weigh myself everyday like I used to, but I don’t want to set a weight goal just yet. I think I may try and do 40 miles in September as well, but most of the beginning may just be walking/fast walking until I get my body more accustomed to moving again. haha 🙂

    You’re the bomb! 🙂


  4. Hiya, I just came across your blog. I’m in St. Louis, it’s so good to find a fellow MO blogger.

    I also have Hashimotos, and Addisons as well, along with several other health issues, and it is SO much harder to get motivated, gather up the energy, and work on losing weight. I’m still at the beginning of my journey, but so far I’m down 8 pounds and up to two miles (walking) several days a week.

    I just wanted to say that I’m getting a lot of inspiration from you and if you’re ever over here in the city, maybe we could hook up!


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