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Coffee Date: WHY?

Whew, what a week. Seriously, something about this week was so draining. I’m glad it is Friday and I’m totally looking forward to a fun weekend. I’m running my first Stroller 5k, WHOO! It is a small local race (less than 200 entries so far) and I love being able to support local events. Also, I’m sure my running partner is going to be the cutest around.

Speaking of the amount of cuteness… Check out her/our featured up on the FitFluential Blog! And my blog is featured on the Top Mommy Blogs site too! Thanks to all who continue voting for me! I’m almost to the first page, so keep it up! (CLICK HERE to vote… just the click from my site to theirs registers as a vote!)

And now on to my rambling about 2 year old WHY’s, hectic mornings and humbling parenting.

As always, linking up with the adorable Alissa from Rags to Stitches!

Any tips for the Why stage? Or for making mornings less hectic? This mama needs help!

ps- don’t forget the SOYJOY Summer Prize Pack Giveaway is still open. Winner will be announced on Monday!


3 thoughts on “Coffee Date: WHY?”

  1. Its so hard to realize and admit that we can’t do it all. I’ve really struggled with that in the last year. But true modesty means recognizing our limitations too. You’re doing a great job mama. Sorry that I have no tips on the Why? stage. I think that would drive me crazy too… Something that I’m trying to do every morning to keep centered and relieve stress is write in my journal. Just getting my thoughts and feelings down on paper helps my heart. Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for coffee date!


  2. Why’s are so hard! The good news is it ends…in like 4 years! The good news is that it transitions from “Why” to more coherent questions. “What happened there?” “Do girls have two butts?” (literally was asked this one yesterday), etc. Hang in there – I just tried to remember that this was my kids minds being shaped into critical thinkers!


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