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Racing, Shopping, and a Cute kid.

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Time is flying by! It’s already Thursday afternoon? Geez… It feels like Saturday’s Color Run was just yesterday but it’s almost time for another weekend (YES!) and guess what? I’m doing another 5k this weekend! It is a local 5k put on by the Friends of Wentzville Parks. I’m doing this one with the jogging stroller, watch out! Payton is WAY more excited then me. She keeps asking “Mom, I gonna wwwace with you?”

I love that she loves being active with us. She asks about CrossFit all the time. I’m tempted to get her some WOD Toys…but for now she is fine with going “wunning” I usually take her at least 3 days a week for a Post WOD stroller run. This morning we did 2.5 miles!

This morning I went to my usual 5am CrossFit, but I was more excited than normal because…. I got my shoes!

I ordered some Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0’s and I will say I am not disappointed at all. They are flat and light with a wide toe box. I’m excited to do some more work in them! Gotta #GetAfterIt

All this working out is definitely paying off. It is hard to remember that sometimes when you watch the scale creep slowly. I noticed the other day I kept having to pull my pants up like every 5 minutes. Oh, what? My pants are too big? AWESOME.

These are Size 18s that fit comfortably when I bought them. Not So much now! So I decided to be brave and go shopping. Instead of grabbing all the way to the back of the rack I got to browse a bit. That was nice.

I ended up getting Size 16 shorts from Target that fit comfortably (read: I didn’t have to squeeze and wiggle to get them on!) and I picked up this awesome neon tank in a size L. I used to have to buy XXL to fit in Mossimo shirts from Target. YES!

I felt so proud of myself when I looked in the mirror. I’m not where I need to be, but I’m certainly heading in the right direction!


Anyone else racing this weekend? How do you get your kids involved with fitness?

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4 thoughts on “Racing, Shopping, and a Cute kid.”

  1. I have those shoes, AND that same style of tank top, and I love them. You look fantastic. So proud of all of your hard work.


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