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Pound the Pavement 5k Recap

We did it! Payton and I completed our first 5k together! It was a blast too. There is something so refreshing about a small no-frills local race. There were maybe 200 people there for both the 5k and 10k. We arrived early and walked around a bit to warm up. Before the race even started she was asking where the finish line was so she could get her trophy… HA!

Wentzville 5k

We started out in the back with a few other strollers. This race was very punctual, 8:00am on the dot and with a quick 3-2-1 go and we were off! I actually started out pretty fast for me and was feeling pretty good considering the 35lb toddler I was pushing!

It was mostly flat with a little bit of a hill towards the end of mile 1. There were plenty of water stations which is rare for a 5k

Payton was excited to help me find the numbers and count them as we went along. She was also in love with the Wentzville Cheerleaders that were along the course cheering us on! Mile 2 seemed to come up pretty fast.

We passed this parking lot on the course. I love how they don’t allow foreign cars. Hilarious.

This was the straight to the finish line, this guy in the middle of the road was bookin it! AND he was wearing dress pants. Imagine how much faster he would have been in running clothes!

We almost missed the mile 3 sign, it was on the side of the road in a bush! Luckily Payton was on the lookout!

Just after mile 3 I let her get out and run through the finish line. She said “But its SO far away mom!” hahah, ohhhh girl. She got so excited at everyone cheering for her though, it was too cute! This was her hooray pose after she finished

We grabbed our water and fruit. She was all about the orange. Then I tried for a good picture of the two of us with my self portait pose… but some other mom had pity on me and took our picture.

I think we came in around 40ish minutes (I totally could have PRd without the stroller… my previous PR was 38 minutes I think) But we had a blast! The Friends of the Wentzville parks did an awesome job with the set up and execution of this race. I’ll for sure do it again!

 How was your weekend? Any races? How do you get your kids involved with fitness?

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5 thoughts on “Pound the Pavement 5k Recap”

  1. You are a rockstar if you can push a stroller and do a 5k in under an hour. If I were you, I’d make my kids push while I rode in it because we’d probably go faster that way 🙂


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