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WIAW #5 {and a Giveaway!}

I feel like Wednesday should have it’s own song. Rebecca Black should get on that. Since it’s Wednesday it’s time to link up with Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday!

 Last weeks post had a lot of talk about Protein Powder since that has been one of my summer staples. Once again my day starts with some protein, monster pump and Aminos before my 5am CrossFit WOD.

My new favorite breakfast! Oatless Oats! Seriously, I cannot get enough of this. Add in this delicious Earth Balance Coconut and Peanut Spread. It is the best think ever.

My mid morning snack – a Berry SOYJOY bar! I was sent an awesome Summer the SOYJOY way package that I have been enjoying as I sample their different flavors. And guess what else? You’ll have to read down to the bottom to see… hehe…

This lunch was SO delicious! I realized that I prefer White Tuna for sure. Add in some Veganaise (who am I ?!), mustard and pickles on top of mixed greens and fresh picked tomatoes and it is seriously good. Oh wait- can’t forget the Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips. Another one of my summer staples!

Have you ever had a dinner oops? I pulled out some meat from the freezer that I thought would make good fajitas. Turns out it was stew meat. Which apparently doesn’t work well for fajitas. So, oops. We had our loyalty cards for 54th Street filled up so we decided to claim our free meal!

I may have consumed a few too many chips with crack gringo dip. Seriously, what do they put in that stuff? Wait… I really don’t want to know.

I got a side salad with low cal ranch on the side (instead of fries. that practically makes me a superhero). Little Dreamer took care of eating all the croutons for me.

Since I had eaten more chips than I wanted to I skipped on the bun and just ate my grilled chicken breast with sprouts. I heart sprouts!

So- back to the SOYJOY! The lovely people at SOYJOY want YOU to be able to enjoy the rest of Summer the SOYJOY way so they sent me an awesome gift pack to give away to you! It includes: 1 of each of the awesome 7 SOYJOY flavors, a Recipe Card with a yummy smoothie recipe, a SOYJOY blanket, a pair of SOYJOY sunglasses (which Little Dreamer promptly stole from the box they sent me…) and a SOYJOY cooler. SOYJOY encourages you to grab some friends, a few SOYJOYs, and spend a day the “SOYJOY Way” with this summer essentials kit! SOYJOY’s real fruit, like pineapple, strawberry, blueberry and banana, plus the fact that it won’t melt or crumble in your beach bag, make SOYJOY the perfect go-to summer snack.

And we can’t forget to mention SOYJOY is perfectly portioned with 130-140 calories per bar. The combination of all-natural ingredients including ground whole soybeans and real fruit provides sustained energy for an afternoon at the beach, by the pool, or a wherever your summer takes you!

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24 thoughts on “WIAW #5 {and a Giveaway!}”

  1. LOVE your blog!
    My favorite summer tradition is definitely going on vacation with my family. It’s the only time we all get to spend time together for a long period of time (since I don’t live at home) and it’s always an amazing time!


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