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fifteen and four


5am comes early any day, but it feels even earlier on long run days. Having already run 13 miles a few weeks ago I was pretty confident in my run. I had done a pretty intense workout earlier in the week that left me pretty sore, plus I had a blister, and I was just praying that those things wouldn’t bother me. I chomped down my peanut butter toast, got my hydration belt ready and watched some videos of previous Disney marathon videos on youtube to motivate me. I stepped outside and tried to shake of the chill of the early morning and stretched. The first mile was a little rough as my muscles were still tight and it was pretty chilly (and dark). I felt great through miles 3, 4 and 5. I actually felt pretty decent up to mile 12-13…. My legs were pretty tired at that point. The last 2 miles were SO hard. I almost cried, but I didn’t. At that point I felt it would dumb to quit so I pushed through…. at a lot slower pace, but I finished.

I am so proud of myself (is it bad to say that?) Not just because I finished, but because of how well I recovered. On my 13 miler I struggled in the recovery. After this week’s run I soaked in a cold bath and stretched it out pretty well and felt only minor soreness. I’m grateful because it was also Chris and I’s 4th wedding anniversary so we wanted to do something to celebrate. We ended up going to REI to look at running gear and he bought me a Northface jacket. We walked around the mall also, and I had no problem doing so. The day after I felt surprisingly normal with just a few blisters and some minor chafing burns on my arms and sides.

Next long run is going to be 17 miles… eeeeeek! Good thing I get a “recovery” week this week before that long run.

97 days until the marathon. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is a process and I’ve come so far already. I just need to trust in the process. I’m so thankful to have an amazing husband who encourages and believes in me. I’m blessed to have been married to him for these past 4 years and look forward to many more!


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  1. I am glad you mention things like blisters and chaffing. Makes me feel a lot less alone in this world of trying to force your body to do physically strenuous things…. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂


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