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Hello Strangers! I swear it feels like I am always thinking about new blog posts to start and then I sit down to start them and I get distracted by reading other peoples blogs…. lose myself in the black hole known as pinterest…. remember that I have a few chapters of school books to read…. hear the dryer go off and think I should fold clothes….. found myself lost in pinterest again…. get distracted watching Payton watch Cinderella…. remember I wanted to make coffee…. think I should put away the dishes…. well, I’m sure you get the idea (and yes that all just happened in the last 2 minutes).

But here I am, pressing on. Hooray! So anyway, life has been relatively normal lately. Which always scares me, because it usually means we’re about to hit a speed bump. I decided that I needed a dedicated sewing space so last week I worked on cleaning up our unfinished basement and made a play area for Payt down there too. I don’t know if that means I’ll sew less or more, but either way, i’m so excited about that and plan on doing a little post once I take pictures. We also made a little work out area down there, all I need to do is get a treadmill… hmm.

I’ve also been thrifting quite a bit here and there. I have been realizing more and more how much I adore vintage. I used to not like it at all. I considered myself “modern”. The more I see vintage style the more I like it. I love thrifted fabric because I like to imagine what the person bought it for. obviously someone intended to make something with it… So I have been finding little things here and there. I have scored on some cute up to date clothes and shoes for the kiddo for pretty cheap too. I found her a pair of adorable pumas in good condition for $1! I also got her some cute dresses and PJ’s for $1 each also. I have found that the St Vincent De Paul thift store is the most affordable and have had some of the best finds come from there. Here are a few I photographed awhile ago but haven’t posted yet.


Got all this for under $7!


Vintage notions. 25 cents a piece.

So I found what I thought was a polysatin in yellow and thought it would be perfect to make Payt a Belle dress…. well it turns out it was some kind of lining but there were oodles of it so I figured I’d try anyway and after a few rounds with the seam ripper and using a tutorial from Crafterhours, I came up with a belle-ish dress…

She loves looking pretty. Hard to believe she is going to be 20 months soon…. which sounds so much closer to 24 months. which is 2. WHAT? when did that happen? She talks SO much now, using sentences and the like. She also has a little attitude here and there. She says “no” in a mean voice and as soon as I look at her she says in the most adorable little voice “I sowwwwwy mama” it just melts my heart!

I’ve been staying pretty focused on my training for the Disney Marathon, seeing as its in 102 days! This weekend I have a 15 mile run on tap. Yikes! Be sure to check back and see how I did on that. If I survive.

Also, check out my etsy shop… there are a few things there, but I hope to get up more as soon as I take some decent pictures.


What’s been going on in your corner of the blogosphere?


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