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It’s funny how life changes. Not always “haha” kind of funny, but weird kind of funny. For example… the other day Chris and I were talking about getting a deep freezer and I instinctually said “If we did that we could share a pig with someone”…. When would I have ever said that before meeting Chris? Ok, so that one was haha kind of funny because I literally laughed out loud. There were a few spring/summers that Chris grew a few tomato plants and I was less than interested in attempting to help… but this year was different, I wanted my own vegetable garden. I wasn’t sure I could really do it so I just experimented by growing the plants in pots, rather than try to dig a whole garden. I guess it has been about a month (maybe more?) and they are doing so good, I’m so excited!

I know it looks like a cluster of leaves, buuuuut the back row has 2 tomato plants, cucumbers, and cilantro. The front row has jalepenos, green peppers, zuchinni and another tomato plant. Some of the tomatoes and the jalepeno have started to bud. It’s so exciting watching something grow!

Speaking of growing… Payton is growing up so fast! She is nearly 16 months now. She loves helping by throwing her diapers in the trash, she says “Where’d it go?” all the time, loves playing outside (especially if there is a hose involved) and has been fasciated with the potty lately so we went and got her a potty so she can get used to it. I know its probably early, but if she is so intrigued by it I’m all up for her learning to use it instead of play in it, haha.


I’ve been trying to get some of the craft projects I’ve been planning in my head for awhile done. Somehow I always end up sewing for Payton… Well, this time I tried to sew for myself and ended up cutting the fabric too small and ended up making something for Payton anyway…. Funny how that works. Funny how i’ve used the word funny a lot in this post

This is the top I made, black knit with a ruffle and some lace. pretty!

What are some things you find “funny”?


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