Weight Loss

overcoming my irrational fear.

for some reason cloudy days inspire me to write. it seems like a reminder to be introspective. although sometimes cloudy days make me want to crawl back in bed too. weird how that works.

anyway, things are kinda starting to find their way to a new “normal” around normanland. With preparing for hosting a baby shower and taking a trip to texas over memorial weekend I about drove myself crazy and lost all semblance of any kind of routine. The last few days I’ve been starting to get up and go to the gym early (like 5am early). It hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be to get back into it, at least the getting to the gym part. Around the beginning of the year I was doing great on my plan to become a runner. I actually ran like 6 miles one time. ha. Then I hurt my foot. and went on vacation to disney. and had payton’s birthday…. and I could think of a million other excuses but I’ll spare you. My obsession with running was kinda replaced with my obsession for crafting. I would still go to the gym and do cardio on one of the other machines. Then a few months ago I hopped on the treadmill early one morning determined to run my fastest mile. My shoelaces came untied and I tripped and fell but somehow caught the hand rails. I laid on my stomach for a few seconds with the belt going underneath me until I realized I had to let go. All of this in the crowded early morning gym. It bruised my ego more than my body, but I quickly developed an aversion to the treadmill and while I have tried running on it a few times since I would still have visions of myself falling off. Stupid and irrational, yes. I’m just being real here!

So, today I decided to do it.

gym treadmill

I went to the empty corner of the gym and hopped on, turned up the speed and incline and took off (relatively speaking).
and I conquered the treadmill. no images of me flying off the machine. just running. and you know what? it felt great. I never imagined myself as a runner, but I’ve been keeping up with Jasmine at eat.move.write. and her journey to become a runner and it inspired me. She has written about the things running teaches you, and its so true. It is WAY more mental than physical. It’s hard. But I’m ready to be more committed. So here is to a lot more dates between me and mr. treadmill. Yeeehaw!


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