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How to Eliminate Excess Hormones from Your Daily Life


Ever since I discovered that I have Estrogen Dominance (aka Hormone Imbalance) I have been researching how to eliminate excess hormones from your daily life. When I first started researching it I was floored at how many chemically derived hormones and chemicals were in everything that we use! It was SO overwhelming.

One of the reasons it is thought that some people have higher estrogen levels than progesterone/testosterone levels is that our lives are flooded with xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are chemicals that have estrogen like effects. Basically the body processes these chemical xenoestrogens as if they are actual estrogens. This increases our estrogen levels and causes them to be out of balance with the other hormones. These xenoestrogens aren’t biodegradable so they end up being stored in our fat cells, which has been linked to increase occurrence of cancers, obesity and other health issues.

Like I said, I was completely overwhelmed when I started realizing that these chemicals are everywhere. We decided to take it one small step at a time. Here are a few things we have done to help reduce the amount of exposure to excess hormones.

1. Buy Organic/Grass-Fed/Hormone Free Meat & Dairy- This was a big one for us since we consume a large amount of protein via meat and dairy. Many mainstream meat products are fed hormones to speed up the growth process. The FDA banned the use of hormones in poultry so it isn’t a problem with turkey and chicken, however, they still use antibiotics. We have been trying different local places to get the best deal on grass fed beef, organic chicken & turkey. As far as Dairy goes, I typically stay away from most dairy anyway. I use almond milk and coconut creamer, but the hubs uses milk in his protein shakes.We have been using the Oberweis Delivery Service to get growth hormone and antibiotic free milk, creamer, and eggs. The only dairy I use regularly is Greek Yogurt, and it is in small quantities and I typically get the Stonyfield Organic Brand.

2. Replace your Teflon Cookware – I used to only use non-stick cookware. It was way easier to clean up! My mom actually bought me a whole set of stainless steel pots and pans and I barely used them because I preferred the non-stick teflon. Turns out teflon is pretty bad for you. I have started using my stainless cookware more (though I still haven’t tossed my teflon pans completely… letting go is hard to do). When heated the chemicals start to break down and release toxic chemicals into the air and your food! Not only will this have an effect on your hormones, but your thyroid function as well. I struggle with Both!
Read this article on Teflon

3. Use Natural Cleaning and Personal Care Products- We often spend so much time and energy focusing on what we put IN our bodies and forget about what we put ON our bodies. Cleaning products like laundry detergent, dish soap, and multi surface cleaners are filled with toxic chemicals that often come in contact with our skin or with our clothes which then come in contact with our skin. Personal care products like shampoo, lotion, and make up also contain high amounts of hormones and toxins and can alter your hormonal balance as well. I’ve recently started using The Honest Company for many of these products. They carry cleaning products as well as personal care and even baby products. They have an awesome bundle package that gives you significant discounts as well!

4. Eliminate as much plastics as possible- I’ll admit this is the hardest for me. I live out of tupperware. I’ve been trying to scooch my way over to the glass food storage world. I know it is way better for you, especially if you reheat food in your plastic tupperware! I’ve also been searching for a good durable glass water bottle to replace my plastic ones. The cost on this is a bit prohibitive. I know it’d be a good investment but I just can’t seem to make myself trash all the plastic tupperware that I have (and use regularly).

These are just a few areas we have been working on. We still aren’t perfect, but now I’m more aware of what goes in and on my body and the effects it can have! I never want to be one of those super crazy nazi moms about things like this. I never considered myself a “granola mom” but I think it is important to at least somewhat understand the possible health implications of the types of products you use. I’ve experienced first hand the way that hormone imbalance can impact your life, so making small changes for the better is totally worth it. I am still experimenting with hormone cream supplements but I hope to be able to get things balanced out in a more natural way. I’ll update more on that soon!

How can you eliminate excess hormones from your daily life?
Is it worth it to you?


5 thoughts on “How to Eliminate Excess Hormones from Your Daily Life”

  1. Really? I didn’t know that about teflon…yikes! I know about the plastic thing but it’s another hard thing to do. My family uses plastic drinking cups!! I have been using a water bottle though as opposed to buying cases of plastic water bottles at the store.


  2. Great article! We love our pyrex glass containers. I have never been a fan of plastics in the microwave. I wish my 6 pack bag had come with glass containers although most pyrex does fit. We also switched pots and pans. We loved our teflon too. We switched to porcelain enamel and love it more! Tried stainless steel, but it drives me nuts when cooking eggs ha ha The Rachel Ray cookware sets are pretty awesome!


  3. Yes, I’ve been slowly changing things also. Costco has been an affordable way to crossover to glass. They have lovely glass water bottles with rubber covers for protection, & a glass food storage set which is less expensive than most places. Also using organic essential oils which we have seen make a difference aleady… Still have a long way to go, ( I use my Teflon frying pan- that’s hard to get rid of) keep it up & sharing what you’re learning. 🙂


  4. What a great post. I don’t know that I associated my cookware/containers with hormones, just the other toxic/chemical reasons to stay away.

    I’ve had my thyroid & FSH checked, but your imbalance post makes me think I should get my actual estrogen/progesterone levels checked as well!


  5. Enjoyed this blog on estrogen dominance, as well as your others too. Not sure what you’ve been reading for the xenoestrogens info, but books by Dr. John Lee are also good; he’s considered a pioneer in the xenoestrogens info field, but from what you’ve written it sounds as though you may have already read some of his stuff. Also, seasoned cast iron cookware is great for non-stick cooking & adds iron to your food you cook in it (beneficial, unless someone has iron sensitivity). For non-plastic water bottles, try flylady.net; she offers double-walled insulated (no condensation drip) stainless steel water bottles in 2 sizes with colored band identifiers; her prices seem reasonable, but I haven’t done a lot of comparison shopping & haven’t ordered one yet due to my own limited budget, but have always seen top rated reviews about them. Have you been happy with the Honest products you’ve been using? I looked at their website and am considering using them. And Courtney, you are being such a wise and good (not a “nazi”) mom for educating yourself and taking measures toward healthier alternatives; your actions are giving Peyton a tremendous advantage for her own health and preventing/addressing any potential health issues. You are such an inspiration and I truly appreciate your courageous, honest and informative blogs. Thanks and keep up the great work!


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