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CrossFit Update

It has been awhile since I talked about my recent adventures/goals/training in CrossFit. When I started CrossFit I just wanted to lose weight. I enjoyed learning all the new movements and getting a quick workout in. The more I got into it the more I realized I loved it and wanted to learn how to be good at it. I started at a huge deficit. I was overweight and had literally zero strength. I couldn’t hold myself on the pull up bar for even a nano second. Many of the great CrossFit athletes start off as a previous athlete or at least as an average size person. I had to work hard just to get to the place that some people started from! I say this not as an excuse, but to let you know that anyone can do it! If I could start at 225+ lbs surely you can start wherever you are too!


For a long time I simply followed the box programming, which is done by my husband. I have definitely gotten stronger, and while I am decently strong I’m definitely not as strong as I could/should be. In the last few months I’ve started following strength programming from Catalyst Athletics. The one we are following is an Olympic Lifting focused program. This means there is a lot of lifting and not as much metcons. My goal is to build as much muscle as I can in the next 3 months before my skin removal surgery.


This means I’m spending more time with the barbell. And I kind of love it. I’m also looking to start a gymnastics focused program to help me with pull ups. I’ve got to figure out how to fit that into my schedule. You’d think owning a CrossFit would mean that we just had hours upon hours to work out you’d be wrong… it means hours upon hours of coaching and cleaning and paperwork. Not to mention we still have our work from home day job! So time is precious.

CrossFit is such a journey. I had no idea what I was capable of. I remember being amazing the first time I deadlifted 100lbs… I was so excited I made the coach take my picture.


After that I chased 150, then 200. I felt so strong. I set my sights on a 250lb Deadlift. It has been 230ish for about a year. I’ve worked hard and finally got a chance to max out and hit the 250lb mark!! And of course I didn’t get a picture. Another big goal of mine has been a 225lb back squat. I have worked SO hard for this. Last time I maxed out over 6 months ago I was at 210lbs. This week I maxed out at 230lbs!

There are some times I feel like you are surprised at yourself for doing so well. Monday’s CrossFit Total was not one of those times. I put in the work and it paid off. I’m getting stronger and feeling more confident handling heavier weight. I’m also still slowly burning fat. Most importantly, I’m having fun!


I love being able to have fun, get strong, and set a good example for my daughter. My new goals are to improve my olympic lifts and gymnastics. I will put in the work and I will see the results! Here is just a glimpse of my transformation from when I first started experimenting with lifting several years ago and just last week. It may not seem like much progress week by week, but it does add up over time!


What’s been going on with your training lately?


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